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We’re back folks of the @JSABookClub for our second November session and this time around I thought we would turn our attention to a series that came out fairly recently: Stargirl:The Lost Children. So hold on to your hats folks because Courtney and Emiko are about to embark on quite the journey. Just what happened to all the kid sidekicks from the Golden Age and why have they seemingly been forgotten? Who needs a friend who they can be themselves (even their hero selves) around more: Emiko or Courtney? Is there a new team on the horizon? Let’s find out but before we get to that though we must have the


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What to Read


  1. Did you enjoy this little adventure?

  2. What about the interactions between Emiko and Court?

  3. Who was your favorite sidekick here?

  4. I’d really love to see a team book with all these sidekicks. How about you?



  • For January 2024: All Star Squadron

  • For February: Justice Society Of America


I will say more later. I recently reread Spring break Special. I noticed in it Stargirl did not know about somebody from The Golden Age, and in issue 1, Emiko acted shocked about her not knowing something from then. I guess it was decided between issues to make Star nerdier (got to appeal to comic book fans).

Ladybug. I just love her costume.


I love her costume too.

I also like Salem and Time Master but my favorite was The Boom aka Judy Garrick.


I really liked this, it had a charm reminiscent of some of the classic stories.

I think Salem was my favorite.

I hope to see more of the sidekicks soon.


this book brought secret back to continuity and for that i am grateful


Issue 1

Such a great opening. I know Johns is a big fan of Robinson’s The Golden Age, so I presume he intentionally gives Dynaman a more heroic storyline here for that reason.

I find it interesting Barbara was redesigned to look like the show but not Pat.

Issue 2

I like that the ship has 2 red quivers and 1 green. One spare for each and Emiko’s current one.

I remember with all the focus on Red Arrow’s back story I was wondering if she would be the real protagonists (did not happen).

I do love the egg theme. It fits the perpetually young issues Childminder has. Reading this for the first time I spent a while trying to figure out who the villain would be, and I concluded Extant was the most logical.

Issue 3

There is a Peter Pan theming. They stay young and hide on Hangman’s treehouse with an immortal obsessed with staying young chasing them down.

As a Baba Yaga fan I was really excited for Childminer’s design to finally be revealed.

I would not trust Salem with the cooking. I am not turning into a toad.

Rex needed to do better at watching his stuff.

Based on their reactions to Stargirl it has been a while since they picked up somebody new, but them calling Corky “new Boy” shows that is false. He was so secretive with them about actual. Judy’s line is some dark foreshadowing for the issues they are having in the current Jay Garrick series.

I will do the next three issues later.


Issue 4

Suh a great cover, from the cover within a cover, using Cosmo as a lamp, and her eyes being wide open.

It was smoothing to see Tyler again after all these years.

Issue 5

I can see from Salem’s words she views herself as very close to Dr. Fate. I guess she viewed him as her father.

She is fine with being called Green Skinned but not a hag. I guess green skin represents power. I really am interested in her story.

Issue 6

Corky denied he was a lost child when he was actually more lost than all of them.

I just know somebody is going to try and eat that egg.

Any questions I missed?

Yes to 1, 2, and 4.

Stargirl and Red Arrow have a simple wholesomeness to it. No big fights, as they save it for their enemies.