The Speed Force: Nanaue's Independence Day 5k Beach Fun Run, July 01-31, 2021

For The Speed Force’s inaugural event, we’re traveling to scenic Hawai’i for a beach run:

Nanaue’s Independence Day 5k Beach Fun Run

That’s right; short and sweet, and maybe even barefoot! Any time between now and the end of the month, log yourself a 5k and tell us about it! Sign up here to get your printable bib, then when you have completed your 5k, report back right here! Then watch your inbox for some sweet finisher digital swag.

  • To sign up: Just reply with an “I’m in” or similar.

Bike equivalent: 15 miles


Bib Username Finish Date Time
1994 @Row.Harper 06-Jul-2021 47:00 :medal_sports:
1995 @SteveTrevor2.0 09-Jul-2021 37:15.5 :medal_sports:
1996 @keath 28-Jul-2021 36:00 :medal_sports:
How it worked

How it works

  • You can walk, run, crawl, or leap from the salty depths with ferocious fervor. Whichever means of locomotion works best for you, right now. Just be safe out there in the “real world” and watch out for all the usual hazards; vehicles, animals, shady government agents with an penchant for inserting bombs inside people, and so forth.
  • You don’t need to run on an actual beach. If you’ve got one handy (and like running on sand), go for it! Otherwise, just think beachy thoughts and you’re always on the beach in spirit.
  • Don’t have a safe place to run, or the weather is not agreeing with your goals? No problem; log your miles on a treadmill.
  • You can do the full 5k in one outing, or break it up in to several shorter runs or walks. Just keep track of your time and report back on each segment so the crowd can cheer you along!
  • Using a GPS tracking app or device? Awesome! You can post a screenshot as your report, or type it in manually. Just please don’t post any GPS maps to maintain your location privacy with the Community.
  • Optional Cosplay BONUS: Run in costume? Or are you an actual shark person? Share photos!
  • Optional Creative Writing BONUS: Give us a race report of your course! Did you run the downtown Hilo route from Kulani Prison along Bayfront Park to the Kamehameha statue finish line, or one of the other options? Spot any surfers? Any black ops neo-military operations that seemed to be on some sort of suicide mission? Were there fireworks?
  • Optional Fan Art BONUS: Didn’t get a selfie crossing the finish line? Maybe you can draw yourself, in all your patriotic beach run splendor, high fiving a fish? Embellishment encouraged.
Don't forget to grab some nom noms after the race!


Participant list

Participant list

Bib Username Hometown
1994 @Row.Harper Opal City :stargirl:
1995 @SteveTrevor2.0 Gateway City :00_wonder_woman_gold:
1996 @keath Boise :brazil:
1997 @casasstrophe Nanda Parbat :ghost:

I’m in!



Awesomeness! First one in gets the Pole Position bib number: King Shark first appeared in Superboy #0, released 16 August 1994 (cover date October 1994).

Though the image used in the event banner is from Superboy #12, which admittedly doesn’t take place in Hawai’i, but looks cooler against the flag.


Sounds fun. Sign me up.


I’ll wear my shark costume but not for the whole 5k because its more of a winter costume ironically


That seems more than fair. Maybe you can do a post-race costumed cool down.

(I now want a real world race to do a gear check swap, where you donate some clean dry clothes at the start line and get your bag back at the finish with a ridiculous costume to change in to.)


Met up with my running partner for our weekly Sunday run. Didn’t tell her it was a 5k Beach Fun Run because 1) She is competitive -and- a lot faster than me when she gets riled up, and 2) Because trying to explain to her that we were running in Hawaii on a beach for a virtual 5k because of The Speed Force is not a conversation I wanted to have with her.

Also, we actually ran 15k because I’m not good with math and they are her trails; her rules.

I did mention this club and race after the run, but had to inform her that she is at least a foot shorter than Wonder Woman so I would have to select a different hero for her to be. Anyone know any 5’1” tall female superheroes?


Ok, I’m heading to the gym now and I’m going to try and do the 15k on the exercise bike. I don’t think I’ve ever done that much in one sitting so I’ll see how far I get. :woman_shrugging:

Update: I did it! Took me roughly 47 minutes and it was definitely the longest I’ve ever done on an exercise bike. But it was nice!


Awesome! Nothing like a PR (Personal Record) for time and distance! Congrats!


That’s awesome @Row.Harper !! So glad the challenge pushed you to reach a new accomplishment!

@SteveTrevor2.0 - do you have a time on any 5k split you want to record as your “official” time? I probably won’t start posting “results” until we have a few more participants, or mid-month, whichever comes first, but it’ll be good get the numbers in the thread.

Also, your description of your running partner and method of … this thread sharing … had me literally laughing out loud. We’ve all been there. (Right?)

I think some portrayals of Bumblebee usually have her pretty short. But Fandom has her listed as 5’7" … not sure where they get these numbers from (maybe an old Who’s Who?), but at exactly 5’1" we have Mademoiselle Marie, Jet (who admittedly hasn’t shown up in the merged DC/WS universe, including The Wild Storm), and everyone’s favorite train wreck of a hero villain superpowered individual, Tara Markov!


I’m probably gonna go with Tara Markov if only because of the hilarious quote by George Perez in the wikipedia article: Terra (character) - Wikipedia.
I’ll send my running partner the link and tell her the character reminds me of her.

I didn’t take split times but I will probably hit a 5k Thursday so I’ll post “official” results then.


That’s some confidence in your relationship!

It still irks me that Pérez thinks an apparent eleven year old sleeping with a grown man makes her a s-word-I-can’t-post-here-t and not him an absolute creep. (Which I’ve always felt is kind of core to Slade’s character, but rarely paid as much attention until Priest’s run.)

Fair enough! I ought to get off my butt and go for a few…


Starting to run first thing in the morning again. Seems better than trying to slog after work.


With warm up and cool down! Aren’t you fancy! Nicely done!


Warm up and cool down have become less and less an optional thing the past few years. :laughing: