Harley’s Crew | Book Club 40 | Spotlight: Poison Ivy

:diamonds: Hey there, everybody! It’s Pride Month so we have a very special spotlight planned focusing on none other than our favorite steely red-headed botanist, and vigilant custodian of our lady Harley’s heart, :rose: Dr. Isley!

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Batman 181 (1966) (First Appearance)

Poison Ivy 1 (2022)

Swamp Thing 1-4 (2021)

Suicide Squad 32-39 (1989): Apokolips Now

:00_dc_pride_poci: DC Pride Anthology 2023

:books: This activity will be running all month long! Read one, read them all—the choice is yours!

:rose: Reading begins: Right now!

:rose: Discussion begins: Whenever you’re ready! You know the drill: Have you read them before? Which story was your favorite? What did you think of the dialogue, plot or artwork? How awesome and/or intimidating is our favorite forest witch? Anything about the the reading you’d like to discuss—Drop your thoughts below when you’re ready. :green_heart: See ya soon!

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Ps. We need some mood music up in here y’all. This one’s for you, Ivy. :dancer:t2::green_heart:


#IvyIsCanonLesbian :00_dc_pride:


Yoooooo track is perfect :ear: :ivy_kiss:



Hey there! Glad you like it—you can totally drop one too, if you’re feelin’ like it. :dancer:t2:


I do want to mention that this is technically part one of that story. Part two is a couple issues later in Batman #183, the one that has one of the most iconic wacky silver age covers:


Poison Ivy #1 and the first 4 issues of The Swamp Thing are top tier material. Ivy’s own debut issue teases the visual beauty of the book as well as the doom that she wants to spread across the world. As for The Swamp Thing, I loved seeing this metaphorical conflict of Ivy be played out in a very literal way. Historically, she has shown no love for mankind as a whole. But her relationship with Harley shows that she isn’t as cold as a lot of people view her as which no doubt must conflict her when it comes to pulling the metaphorical trigger on her desires to have The Green rule the entire world.

Batman 181…it’s just a silly story. Her whole deal is she wants to be seen as the number 1 female criminal - and that’s it. I’m actually kind of impressed that Ivy has evolved into such a complex character if THIS was what she was originally like. As for the Suicide Squad story, it’s certainly good. I just don’t really think of it much as a Poison Ivy story


@EDT Agree :100: This Swamp Thing and Ivy’s solo series are both great reads, and excellent examples of why I’m such a big fan of hers (plus I’m just always happy to see her w/ Swampy :nerd_face: #GoTeamGreen :earth_americas:).

Ivy has long been a bottomless well of untapped potential, in my book—SO much more nuance to play with, than just some one dimensional temptress (:yawning_face:). I especially love when she has to reconcile with her fear and struggle to accept her capacity to love—that moral gray area it creates. She can be and has been quite heroic when the situation calls for it. Aka: I’m happy with what they’ve been doing with her overall, and :crossed_fingers:HOPE to see this version of her come to the big screen soon (particularly w/ Margot Robbie P&TY, WB!!)!! :00_harlivy:

And now, I’m just going to leave these here so we can all marvel at how ridiculously adorable they are :star_struck: (and how fffking fantastic their hair and outfits look thru the whole series A+++ panels)


Ps. As for her first appearance: There’s definitely a lot of silly stories in this era in general, so it’s not my Ivy, thats for sure. I do enjoy how sassy she is tho. :full_moon_with_face: No one side-eyes quite like she can, after all. Look at her go! (not from her first appearance, btw)


We did this Spotlight a couple years ago, if anyone is curious:

(:thought_balloon: wonders if @Ultrasonic got this far on Suicide Squad?)

Also, while I’m here… :nerd_face:
I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating:
Some of my earliest memories are of me and Wonder Woman, so she’ll always be my #1, but Ivy is up there, like the opposite side of the coin. Yes, they resolve situations in :eyes: sharply contrasting ways, we’ll say :laughing: BUT :rose: I’ve always gravitated toward Ivy for a lot of the same reasons I gravitate to Diana.

Maybe it’s because I was once a little girl reading and watching these two, and I’ve grown with them—seeing myself and what my family taught me that womanhood and leadership means in them, so my perspective is specific (and possibly odd?? :upside_down_face:), but IMO, they have a whole lot in common when it comes to their sense of responsibility, justice and protecting what they consider vulnerable. :balance_scale: It’s about balancing the scales.

Diana loves big and therefore, is heroic in a big way. Ivy loves in what she thinks is a small way, yet is heroic in what she believes is a big way, and that’s just super interesting to me, always has been. (:triumph: Not unlike saving Harley from that gross Clown-man. That’s heroic all by itself, y’all :woman_judge:t2:) :green_heart: Okay. Tiny nerd-rant OVER.




I’m going to have dreams of those panels



That’s just too darn nice.

Here’s a song.


:100: :star: Their story in the Pride anthology was sweet.


Thanx! Every year theirs is the first story I read and every year I think it’s the most adorable! I’m like a broken record w/ these two, but OH WELL. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Facts are facts. They’re my fave comic couple, always will be.

The rest of the anthology was good, tho I’m still bummed Diana is mysteriously MIA in the DC Pride festivities, but… :woman_shrugging:t2: baby steps, I guess? :00_dc_pride_bs: :00_wonder_woman_gold:


I can see that, like how on hqtas wonder woman is the only person ivy is afraid of, probably because she’ss a more disciplined version of her lol

this is cheesy and on the nose but that 60 s comic made me think of it!

in the pride book harley & ivy’s story is always my favorite too and tim, nubia’s was good, and I like the alan scott community center


:laughing: That’s a great way of putting it. Oh, and NEVER apologize for tunage. :notes: :dancer:t2: It’s a catchy one, too. I dig it—points!


Went for one more. This :00_swamp_thing: is dope so far. :goat:


Ah, i was going to read that one finally, i missed some when i was trying to read fear state which wasn‘t worth it, two books in and this one is already better lol! Hope you like it


This might be anohter dumb quesiton lol but i was wondering @Razzzcat do you know if ivy has always been from Seattle? /where do you look to find info like for those profiles, i’m not having a lot of luck https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/books/new-comic-book-series-poison-ivy-introduces-seattle-to-the-dc-universe/?amp=1