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Welcome to the official headquarters of the Acquired Taste Book Club! We have a handy link for you to click on and everything! Click the link! Get the snazzy Question flare! Acquire the taste! And check if your favorite DC acquisition has a Captain!

In case you weren’t following along with the original topic over in Comic Books, this is a club dedicated to characters acquired by DC from other companies. Don’t know who they are? Have a gander below!

QUALITY COMICS (Acquired 1956)

Black Condor, Blackhawk Squadron, Captain Triumph, Doll Man, Firebrand, the Human Bomb, Max Mercury, the Phantom Lady, Plastic Man, the Ray, the Red Bee, Uncle Sam


Bulletgirl, Bulletman, Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Captain Midnight, Mary Marvel, Spy Smasher

CHARLTON COMICS (Acquired 1983)

Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Judomaster, Nightshade, the Peacemaker, the Question


The Authority, Gen13, Planetary, StormWatch, WildC.A.T.s

We’ll be rotating through these four companies on a weekly basis. Head into your profile, visit Preferences > Notifications > Tags, and stick the #acquired-taste tag into the “Watching First Post” box to receive notifications when a new installment of the club drops.

For questions, comments, concerns, criticism, or effusive praise of my magnificence, DM me @BatJamags. Actually, the latter should be done frequently and highly publicly, but I won’t be offended if you also tell me how great I am privately.

And actually there’ll be plenty of time for Questions in the actual book clubs, but only during Charlton weeks.

Most Recent Assignment: [Acquired Taste Book Club] Charlton Champions! Birds of Prey (1999-) Guest Starring Blue Beetle (02/07/2020-02/14/2020)

Future Assignments

Team 7 (2012-) #0-8
Plastic Man (2003-) #1-7


Say… where did you read all those older marvel tales?

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Hello then, Warner Bros. Let DC digitize them all! It is commanded!


Sounds fun, Golden Age comics are what first introduced me to DC comics! so reading some of their older acquisitions should be fun!

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