Wonder Squad | Book Club 5 | Spotlight: Donna Troy & Yara Flor

:wondersquadron2: Greetings, Squadron! Welcome to our last Spotlight for the Summer!

As you can see, this month our esteemed #Wonderlings of choice are the one and only Donna Troy, and a new addition to the fam, Yara Flor—BONUS: We’ve teamed up with our neighbors over at :00_teen_titans: Titans Together for this one! :tada:

Who is Wonder Girl: New Titans 50-54

Rise of Troia: Titans 18-19

Future State: Wonder Woman 1-2

Wonder Girl 1

:boom: This activity will be running ALL month long! Read one, read them all—the choice is yours!

:wondersquadron1: Reading begins: Right now! (8/1)

:wondersquadron1: Discussion begins: As soon as you like! We just ask that you please try to blur spoilers. Did you enjoy it? Have you read it before? What did you think of the dialogue, plot or artwork? Anything at all about the reading you’d like to discuss—drop your thoughts below when you’re ready. :purple_heart: See ya soon!

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I was reading Titans Rebirth not too long ago, so I’ll start by saying :woman_judge:t2: This meeting of the Donna Troy Appeciation Society is now called to order…:wave: Hi Donna! :purple_heart:


Hey, Yara. :wink:

sees Donna in the corner

Hey, Donna. :sunglasses:


Woot, Donna!

When I started pulling monthly books for the first time, she was dating Kyle Rayner, so I’ve always been a big fan.


It’d be nice if this gives Yara some much-needed spotlight.

People say they’re fans of hers, but…I don’t see many people talking about her around these parts…other than by certain Gotham-born Kryptonians who absolutely love Donna, but also like Yara a ton, as well.

C’mon folks, try something new and check out Yara. She’s not taking anything away from Donna, and in fact, Yara has teamed-up with her twice.

Speaking of Yara, whether you’re reading Dark Crisis now or later, here’s a couple sweet upcoming variants she takes the spotlight in:

Dark Crisis #4, by Terry and Rachel Dodson.

Dark Crisis #5, by Ivan Reis (paging @moro, as well as @Razzzcat, because look who’s charging into battle with their bat on the bottom left :hugs:).

Whether you’re Team Donna or Team Yara (Why be either? They’re both great! :clark_hv_4:), you must agree that those covers present the current Wonder Girl in mighty, ass-kicking glory.


Reis on art :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the tag, Vroomy!

I’ll chime in on Yara, since the readings are recent enough in my head. I think Joelle Jones does a wonderful job of fleshing her out, both in writing and visually. She’s a character I liked almost instantaneously, what with her quick wit and fiery personality. I do think they made a couple mistakes with her though (apologies if this extends beyond the current reading assignment; I’m bad at book clubs):

- Tying her series into Trial of the Amazons so early on. It really hamstrung what should have been a book about her coming into her own.

- Giving her very little time with Diana, an issue I also have with Jace Fox. For characters that are supposed to be the next in line for two of the biggest names in DC, they don’t share a whole lot with them aside from the codenames and outfits.


“No prob, Bob.” I always support Yara :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and like to spread the joy as I can.

…and Donna, too. I mean, I’ve bought more action figures of Donna Troy than Yara Flor (easy to do when Yara has none, and her only plastic representation is a Pop) and read and watched more schtuff with Donna (again, Yara has zero on-screen representation, so, its easy to do for Donna), so I AM a huge Donna fan, make no mistake.

I…just became a big fan of Yara as well. :slight_smile:

Circling back to Donna, she was one of my absolute favorite things about the Rebirth volume of Titans, which was my #1 favorite team book of the Rebirth era (yes, I liked it even more than Jim Lee’s run on Suicide Squad) and…its likely one of my all-time fav Titans-related titles, right up there with Geoff Johns’ run on Teen Titans (which starred another Wonder Girl, Cassie Sandsmark, who is also wicked-rad).


saw this Who Would Win? Wonder Girl vs. Supergirl and it reminded me of these spotlights.

I liked future state with Yara and I remember Titans being decent. Donna doesn’t get a chance to appear in many other comics, does she. that’s too bad


It is too bad, as Donna kicks ass.

Speaking of Ms. Troy, have you read this recent Titans series:

Its quite good, and features the mainstays from the Titans TV series.


I haven’t. mostly in here because I’m working my way through trial of the amazons finally


I see. Good stuff, that Trial of the Amazons (especially the Wonder Girl mini).


There’s a thread for that if you want to stop by. :purple_heart:

Or for this :open_book:


I really have little knowledge of Donna outside team settings and there it is actually highly limited since when I think of the 1960s Teen Titans books I read as a kid and the stuff I’ve read since, Donna always feels like a member of the group with minimal personality of her own - or anything to really identify her as “donna” in any real way - at least to my recollection. I don’t think I’ve ever read a Wonder Woman issue that featured her interacting with Diana or anyone else, and I have a bit more feel for Cassie as Wonder Girl. Donna was also probably hurt by the existence of Cassie, which honestly did just confuse things.

Now, Yara I think was a great addition and they have done a good job giving her some unique characteristics, but I suspect that helps with her being a modern character versus someone from the 1960s or even the 1990s.