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Merry Christmas Eve Fan Club! I’ve updated our Incident Report with one K.O. for Lex from tonight’s Lexmas Episode! Tomorrow we will add S1 E11 Hug!


Updated! And what a doozy! Hug should have been called concussed!

Lana is our first victim after falling off her horse.
Kyle Tippet gets knocked out twice! Once from a sick super shove by Clark. And again when the doctor puts him out to patch up the gunshot wound to the shoulder.
Lex is our fourth and final victim when Clark feels like he’s taken quite enough bullets today, thank you very much, and tosses him into some tires.

Our one car goes down in a ball of flames when Lex is compelled by Bob to murder Kyle and his little Kent too and locks them in his car and covers it with gasoline, you know where this is going right? :fire:


Updated with :cloud_with_lightning: S1 E12 Leech!

😵‍💫 knockouts: Eric loses it!

  1. School Jock
  2. Clark

:sv_crash: crashed cars:

  1. One flipped in the school lot by Eric
  2. Clark lands on the roof and squishes it
  3. Cop car in the lawn
  4. Cop car in the roof :joy:

We’ve got 2 knockouts to count this week!

Chloe is our first victim from falling out a 3rd story window of the Luthor Mansion.

Our second is one of our gang members right off The Wall of Weird!


We’re up to date @SmallvilleFanClub, with episode 14, Zero! :man_dancing:

We have 2 knockouts and although Lex’s car was tampered with, it was not totaled!

Last episode, Lex tasered a guy into napsville. This episode it’s Lex who gets the sparky nap!

Our second K.O. is a tricky one since we are first led to believe the Talon contractor was attacked and knocked out, however we later learn this was all a set up! Don’t worry though, Clark sets our unconscious counter straight by super shoving Roy Rothman, contractor by day, villain by night, into a steel beam in the club!


I hope you’re having a happier Saturday than our Smallvillians this episode! And please do not drive like, literally any of them, but especially Jonathan!

We had 1 crashed car :sv_crash: and 4 knockouts!! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Dr. Beels crashes his car and is knocked out cold.
Jonathan passes out after some great driving.
Lana passes out after taking a dip.
Clark casually gives his friends Lex and Pete brain damage!


Ok episode 17 is done and dusted!

Just one knockout by Mr. Whitney Fordman so he couldn’t witness all the crazy superpowers happening!

I also just realized I never came back here and logged the episode 16 stuff so hold tight @SmallvilleFanClub, I’ll be right back with those!


Ok, last episode (16 Stray) we didn’t have any totaled cars but 3 :face_with_spiral_eyes: knockouts!

Ryan was our first when Martha totally runs him over in her car.

Lex is the second when he’s pushed out of a moving limo.

And Ryan’s evil adopted father when Clark throws a bowling ball into his chest. We’re not marking that as a death even though it totally would have killed him because Clark doesn’t kill. Obviously. (seriously though, no way this dude survived so head cannon that one)


We’re up to 75 knockouts!

2 more this episode. One by bee stings, one by exploding shed!

Bee well, and see ya’ll Monday for our V-Day double feature!


1 knockout of Ms. Sullivan this episode! She wasn’t very lucky and was hit by a telekinetic horseshoe!

We’ve only got 2 more episodes left @SmallvilleFanClub!

Catch ya next Saturday!


The report is updated @SmallvilleFanClub!

We had 3 knockouts this episode! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

  1. Lana of course after a gas line explodes!

  2. Then Chloe as another easy guess when she is buried alive by her kidnapper but saved just in time by Clark!

  3. Officer Watts is knocked out by the kidnapper, revealed to be his twisted partner who is manufacturing heroic circumstances for himself in the most poorly thought out way imaginable. Eh, nobody said bad guys were smart :rofl:

Things are getting stressful in Smallville! The sleazy reporter Roger Nixon has witnessed Clark using his powers and you all know what that means! He’s either gotta die, or become a confidante to Clark, and something tells me he’s not on the redemption arc train…

Next week is the mind ‘blowing’ season finale! Don’t get ‘swept away’ by other commitments! This is one you’ll need to ‘twist’ your schedule around! :tornado:

ok, I’m done I swear :bowing_woman:


Congratulations @SmallvilleFanClub! We’ve made it through 21 episodes of Season 1! :partying_face:

We end the season with 2 totaled cars! :sv_crash:

The first is the Kent’s blue truck that goes up in flames (more like a fireball) when slimy reporter Roger Nixon decides that’s the best way to get proof of Clark’s invulnerability.

The second is Lana’s truck that gets sucked up in the tornado (with her in it!!) right before the credits roll! :scream:

Will Lana survive the tornado or is she going to end up like MOS Jon Kent?
Will Clark’s secret be exposed?
Is Jonathan Kent going to beat the snot out of Nixon?
Is Lex going to leave his dad to die?

Find out next week with the launch of Season 2!


In Season 2 episode 1, Vortex, I think we have 4 knockout, Lana, Martha Kent, Jonathan Kent and Roger Nixon. Lana’s car was already counted for in the last episode.:slightly_smiling_face:
As for the Pink RV, guess that count since a Tornado drop it on Kent and Nixon, and Clark later lift that up. I’ll let @Bar-El decide on that.


Fabulous summary! Thanks! I’ll update the counts as soon as I can :smiley:


We’ve updated our Incident Report for Season 2, Episode 3, Duplicity!

We had 1 wrecked car by the Smallville locksmith flipping into the cornfield with Clark’s spaceship now found!

The locksmith (Ray Wallace) was then overdosed on morphine by Dr. Hamilton, so we will count it as a K.O. and subsequent death shortly after.

Pete is the second K.O. by Dr. Hamilton.

And Dr. Hamilton got his just desserts with a K.O. by Pete!

See you all with your class rings next week @SmallvilleFanClub, for episode 4, Red! Just double check yours has a genuine stone and not some ripoff meteor rock. Although I would think that is pretty rad!


Ok @SmallvilleFanClub we are up to date with entries from Season 2 Episodes 4 Red and 5 Nocturne!

Check out the break downs at the top of the thread! Looks like Lex and Lana need helmets! :rescue_worker_helmet:


I’m binging em. I’m almost done with season 1…Hopefully I’ll catch up soon…!!!


Updated with one knockout this week!