:renegade_robins: Robin Rises Event Part Two: May 2021 :renegade_robins:

Hello again members of the Damian Wayne branch of the @RenegadeRobinsClub and welcome to the second session of the Robin Rises Event.

This months session will deal with the aftermath of the events shown in Batman, Inc volume 2. How does Batman (and by extension the rest of the Bat Family) deal with the loss of one of their own? What is going through Batman’s mind as he attempts to restore his son back to life? To what lengths will be go in order to see that become a reality? All these questions and more will be answered so lets get going!

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* Batman & Robin #18-23


* Batgirl #18
* Red Hood and the Outlaws #18
* Worlds’ Finest #10 (You may also want to read Worlds’ Finest #6-7 as background on Damian’s encounter with Helena Wayne of Earth 2)
* Nightwing #18
* Teen Titans #18
* Batman #18


* Batman & Robin 29-32

As with the previous session I will be posting discussion questions every week on Sundays starting with May 2. Feel free to chime in as well.

And that’s all for this session. Tune in next month when we.conclude this event


First question for the month.

Bruce seems to be acting even worse than he did when Jason was killed. Do you think his actions are going just a little to far or do they seem justified to you?

For myself I think Bruce went off the deep end here and took things way to far. He may have felt justified in taking the actions he did but I don’t think he was personally.

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Oh, yes, it’s too far. The Requiem arc is just downright ridiculous. Abducting a superhero and pulling him apart just to reverse-engineer his creation? Ghastly. Tricking Jason into going to the site of his own death? Abhorrent. Running a VR simulation and reliving the trauma over and over again? Gross. What was Tomasi thinking?

And while I’m griping, why did the story set up Carrie Kelley and then do nothing with her?!

Pretty much all of it was pretty gross and extremely over the top IMHO. To be honest this is exactly when I dropped Batman and Robin for good. I held out until #20 and after what Bruce did to Jason in that issue I was out. This reading was the first time I’ve actually managed to get through it.

I’m trying to remember what was said at the time. Wasn’t something to do with that Miller didn’t want her used? Honestly whatever the reason I was disappointed when she vanished because I was actually enjoying her character.

If I had a dollar for all the times that’s happened…

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Considering that Carrie Kelley is my favorite character from DKR (shock of shocks: I favor the Robin in the story! :stuck_out_tongue: ), it’s really frustrating. Like, clear that stuff with Miller beforehand or don’t use her at all, right?

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Mine too. I’ve always liked the idea of a female Robin, which is why I thought it was cool both with regard to Carrie and when Stephanie Brown was briefly Robin. I still would love to see one even now.

A lot of problems could be solved if writers would just ask creators if they can use their characters me thinks.

I really did want to see what they had planned n for her.

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We should make some sort of club to celebrate these Robins. :stuck_out_tongue: