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Every crew needs a little down time to relax or express themselves, right? RIGHT. This thread is dedicated to all crew selections.

Themes/Challenges will be based on various monthly club activities, so keep your eyes peeled. :eyes:


The objectives are simple…

:diamonds: Crew Playlist/Portfolio:*
The standing challenge put to the club is this: Entries should come w/ at least a tiny reason why it was chosen. NO sniping, y’all! Doctor Quinzel’s orders!

**Fan Art Guidelines which include not creating new storylines or characters, not soliciting for compensation or payment, and will follow the standards of the Community Guidelines *

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Crew! Now let’s play DJ! :tada:
Adding this one because, c’mon, everyone knows by now: I’m Team Ivy, and you know Ivy would be at a Harley party…plus, I :green_heart: it.

(Going out to my avatar twins :wilted_flower: @bribriibri @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell too)

This one’s for the Cobb Squad The dance and singalong factor is :ok_hand: perfetto. (Video has a misprint, btw—it’s called “Hey-Sa-Lo-Ney” for whoever’s interested.) Plz enjoy :clinking_glasses::dancer:t2:

Now paging our magical resident DJ @Mae :sunglasses:

My glob, gurl! I can’t compete with something so audaciously awesome as “Supernature”. Lemme think :thinking:

I mean if we’re starting a Harley party and we’re introducing ourselves, I can offer these two fun poppy tunes, to set the mood and start the tushies moving and I feel like the lyrics fit:


okay so it’s totally not cheating for both songs to be from the BOP soundtrack, right? i mean, i do just listen to it casually :joy: both of these song feel super Harley to me, and are my go to songs when I need some Harley in my life.

this one has some language in it, i can change it if i need to :joy:

thanks for this thread, it’s super cool!!

@Mae Wait—MAAaAAaEe! (One of these days I’ll get it) you always come thru! :dancer:t2:

@TheKateKane that’s not cheating—it’s a great soundtrack! :sweat_smile: we can’t ignore it! You both picked 2 of my favorite tracks, btw. I also love the Pat Benatar cover :purple_heart:

Now paging @Vroom…yo. I like ALL the musics—Whatcha got for us?


I joined like a good boy, so I’m a regulation crew member :heart:

I’m selecting a song reflecting early Harley vibes, since we’re just starting out: Johnny Feelgood by Liz Phair:

For a more current Harley mood (because growth is good and she is full of growth!), I think of Don’t Call me Babe, by Shampoo:

Just give me a love tap if I messed up anything—I’m new :smiley:


:no_mouth::thinking:Hmmm… I choose…
Watch “Ava Max - My Way [Official Music Video]” on YouTube

I think this fits Harley in many areas. Certainly at first when ahe defies what others deem correct and appropriate by trying to reach through to the Joker. While we know she essentially allowed him to manipulate her, I still think the song fits her thought process/feelings. And it most definitely fits her later on as her character develops and grows.
Watch “I’m Not Sorry - SMASH Cast” on YouTube

I would say this one right off the bat works with Harley when all is said and done. She is who she is. She has come through her transformation. From a woman burying her feelings and desires, to a woman manipulated by a man who she thought helped to free her from those restraints, and then to a woman who comes into her own. Who understands the relationship she had was unhealthy and is trying to find a way to balance all that she has been with who she wants to be.

:woman_facepalming:t2: Oy vey. I’m not good at brief.


Harley wouldn’t have founded her crew if she hadn’t gotten rid of the Joker. :joker_ewhqtas:

She still likes to smash sh1t, though. :harleyquinn_hqas:

Riot. Nice :clap:


@Razzzcat, I could whip up some house/trance, Beastie Boys and classical a bit later if you like.

Sound like a plan, man?


@Vroom :fist:t3: Drop it :sunglasses:
Ps. @NovellPaladin you can go on as long as you like. You don’t have to be brief. :purple_heart: The point is you came to the party!
Pps. Hi @Miss.Face-Peeley-Pants :wave: wanna add anything? :partying_face:


Hope you don’t mind if I jump in here, I have two suggestions for this.

  1. Killer Queen by Queen - I don’t know if it’s just me and my love for Queen, but I can totally imagine Harley walking around Gotham, with the perfect egg sandwich made by Sal, and this song just plays as she walks (kinda like a movie scene I guess). Hopefully she won’t run into any GCPD officers, but all the average and everyday peeps will see her and instantly make no mistake, it’s Harley Quinn, a Killer Queen with a PhD!

  2. Experiment On Me by Halsey - this is also on the BoP soundtrack (a masterpiece btw) but I have more to my reasoning than just that. In an interview, Halsey, who’s real name is Ashley, said that she loved comic books and that Harley Quinn is her favorite character. She actually almost chose to call herself Harley because of her whenever she got into the music industry, but she ultimately decided to go with Halsey instead. The fact that she did get to be on the BoP soundtrack is neat when you think about it knowing this fun fact, and her song stands out on the album because of the rock and metal blends that she and Bring Me the Horizon put into it. To me it makes sense, this wasn’t just a simple “here popular artist on the radio, make song for movie”. Halsey actually knows Harley, thus I think Experiment On Me fits her perfectly because it was written and produced that way.

(Sorry this was a bit too elaborate, I’ve just kept the whole Halsey info to myself for AWHILE now)


:hushed:i love Halsey and i had no clue about any of that!! thank you so much for sharing!!!


Not too elaborate at all! It’s what I was looking for—I was just being lazy when I posted mine because it was late and I needed to go to bed! :joy: just like right now.
I promise I will elaborate on my choices! :face_with_monocle: Because I absolutely CAN. Thank you @TheWifeOfJasonTodd great job—Great choices too. :facepunch:t3:


@TheKateKane I watched this interview on YouTube last year, or back whenever Nightmare was released. I don’t remember who the interview was with, but she had bright red hair, Batwoman and Ivy kinda red. I was shocked when I heard those words come out of her mouth, I had to replay it like, 3 times. :blush:


Mmmkay, so a two (“That’s two!” to partially quote Two-Face from Batman Forever) song limit and something that’s indicative of Ms. Quinzel. What to choose…:thinking:

Harley likes to move to the groove (Fun Fact: that’s the title of a track on the Batman Beyond soundtrack), so this could be up her alley:

When she feels like committing a wee bit o’ sabotage (especially if we’re talking about post-Joker Harls and her having a chance to **** in Mistah J’s punchbowl)…

Since I mentioned it above, I feel I should include it (this’ll be #2.5):

I really wanted to add some Rob Zombie, but, I shall save that for another time. :sunglasses:


I’ve been watching Batman Beyond (I know I know, I’m late to the Batman Beyond party) and it’s so good! I didn’t even think about there being an official OST to it, but hey, the more you know on a fine Thursday morning with coffee :coffee:.


Oh, there’s a soundtrack of the mighty, musical badassery that is Batman Beyond’s music.

Here’s a playlist for ya, @TheWifeOfJasonTodd:

I heartily recommend everything on it of course, but in particular track 18, “Joker Chase”, as that’s a real adrenaline-pumper.

As always, when one listens to this soundtrack, it’s best to follow Bruce Timm’s advice from its CD liner notes: “Play it LOUD!”


Thank you :blush: throws you a batarang of love