DC History Club

The DC History Club welcomes you aboard!

The DC History Club (DC HC) is dedicated to taking a deep dive into the more than 75 years of creators, characters, events, and themes that make up the deep, rich history of DC Comics to discovery the story beyond the stories; how the outside world impacted DC and how DC changed our broader culture.

Whether it’s the inspiration for a writer, the lasting impact of a character, or how DC treated the important issues of the day, the DC HC is the place to talk about it. The club is designed so you can participate a number of different ways. Each month you will select the topic in a member exclusive poll. If your into researching these issues you can help your fellow members with gathering reliable and credible sources and posting them in an interactive wiki post. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to dig yourself, just dive straight into the sources your fellow DC HC members have uncovered. You can also engage in a discussion of what the club has discovered about DC comics, movies and television shows in questions posed by the club leader or suggested by fellow members. Finally, each month will include “Vote and Defend” with polls and discussions centered on that month’s topic. This club is designed for every level interest and time available.

Everyone is welcome, but you will need be Level 1 to add to wikis.

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Feel free to contact me, @MSGTV for help joining

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@msgtv I’m in.


This’ll be epoch! (you see what I did there?)


Had to join in on this one!!


If the DC History Club will have an Essential.Viewing section

I propose

Secret Origins the History of DC comics, which covers the beginning of what will become DC to Neil Gaiman and the other British Writers.


I loved History class in school. I adore DC history. Like James Coburn’s Flint, I’m in.


Good to have you Warlord

@harley.333 clever word play will fit right in


@PrincessAmethyst we’ve got royalty now!


@TurokSonOfStone1950 polling history book of the month? I like it

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@Vroom I saw more of Flint and whoever Dean’s Bond rip-off was more than I saw Bond when I was little. Come in in


@msgtv @Vroom Dean was Matt Helm. See, I’m helping with history already. Or is this trivia? :grinning:


@TravisMorgan One person’s history is another’s trivia. :wink:

@msgtv One of my first introductions to James Bond was the James Bond Jr. cartoon. Thank goodness I’m inquisitive and came across the real Bond.

Huh? JB jr?

Yep, it was a thing. A short lived thing.

Show opening:

The main JBJ action figure from the JBJ toyline by Hasbro.

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Looking forward to this club. Comic history has long been endlessly fascinating to me. One of the things I like to do it read all the comics from a specific month and year. We rarely read them in context. That’s why I hope we get a search by date feature.


I’m in as well.


This group has a lot of heavy weight talent.

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Just throw up a poll and you can see where they go.

Looking forward to it !