🌎 Happy Earth Day, DC Community! 🌎

:earth_americas: Happy Earth Day! :earth_americas:

Here at the DC Community, we take every opportunity to celebrate the unique and diverse members we have. Today, we take the time to celebrate the planet that we all call home.

DC Comics has a long history of characters whose mission is to protect The Green and this beautiful planet. Of course, we can only be talking about Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing.

In the spirit of Earth Day, some of our Clubs are handing out Exclusive wallpapers of our favorite protectors of The Green!

To collect all of them, make sure you are members of:

House of Horror
Harley’s Crew
Birds of Prey
DC History Club
World of Bats

Once you’ve collected all of your gorgeous wallpapers, make sure to check out the Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day From Poison Ivy and let us know what you are doing to help protect our Mother Earth!

Of course, no Earth Day would be complete without some awesome t-shirts to wear!

After a long day of helping to save our planet, cozy up on your couch with some great episodes of Ivy in Harley Quinn followed by Swamp Thing!

What other ways will you celebrate Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below! :earth_americas:


:earth_americas:Happy Earth Day :earth_americas:


Happy Earth Day everyone! I always associate the holiday with this guy:


Every day should be Earth Day!


Huh, while P.I. is looking as lovely as ever, I missed my chance to litter. Better luck next year. (I detest littering, but I also detest an “Earth day”.) Carry on.


I suppose I’m celebrating Earth Day by using aromatherapy with Eucalyptus oil, and I have the urge to dig up my Crystal Bible to read up on crystals again, my inner teen witch is calling.


You’re absolutely right about that! We need more people who think like this in the world :sob: Taking care of our Earth should always be a priority for us. NOT once a year, dangit… but rather every second of every hour of every day of our relatively short lives upon this beautiful planet we have desecrated :frowning:


This should be something we observe 365 days a year (where else are we gonna go live?) but, its easy to take for granted or forget, so I’m glad there’s a reminder. :earth_americas::green_heart:
(So are they.:point_down:Look how happy they are!!)

Happy Earth Day, Earthlings!


Happy Earth Day! I have a religious upbringing but I support the Green Alliance as much as I can. I also think Wonder Woman and Aqua Man have a bigger role in the Pro Earth camp, as well as Lex Luthor!


Happy earth day :earth_africa:


Happy belated Earth Day (never too late).

Superman For Earth is one of my favorite Earth Day reads. Unfortunately it’s not on DC Universe Infinite, but you can get a copy on eBay pretty cheap.

“Superman learns of the many challenges and complexities of trying to clean up Earth’s environment. In the end he finds his words may have more effect than his actions.”


Cool beans


Hey @thehendrenfour.33733, welcome to the community and I’m glad you enjoyed some of what the DC Community had to offer this past Earth Day! We have a lot of fans of the green here.

Please don’t hesitate to let the moderator team know if you need anything. :smiley:

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