The Modern Age Superman Club Week 2: Up, Up, and Away!

It’s One Year Later after the events of Infinite Crisis, and the DC Universe is vastly different than it once was. Where does Superman fit into the puzzle? Take flight into the “Up, Up, and Away!” arc by writers Kurt Busiek and Geoff Johns to find out!

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  • With the release of Superman #650, The Adventures of Superman ongoing series was no more, as it’s last issue was #649 (not yet available in digital). With that, the title resumed release under it’s original branding of “Superman”. Did you enjoy seeing the original volume of Superman regain it’s original title, or were you missing The Adventures of Superman on the stands?

  • Writer Kurt Busiek begins his run on the Superman title with this story (with able assists by Geoff Johns). Have you read Busiek’s extremely underrated work on the Superman series (be it this arc or any of those that followed), or is this your first time delving into his adventures of Superman?

  • What’d you think of this story, and if you’ve read any of the other One Year Later stories, where would you place it within that hierarchy?

  • Between Superman and Action Comics, artists Terry and Rachel Dodson crafted some swell covers for this story. Do have a favorite?

  • Anything else that comes to mind as you celebrate the 15th anniversary of this tale.

That’s the adventure for this week, Superfans! Have fun and enjoy! :superman: :superman_hv_4:


You might say that I have read a few of his Superman stories. I have read Up, Up, and Away! not too long ago. This was a great time for Superman stories as his weakness was people not believing it really was him. This lingers over the next story arc or 2 in both Action and Superman.

Personally, I think Busiek is one of the few writers that understands and loves DC’s rich history. Geoff Johns is also on that list so when you get the two of them together you are in for a great time.

This is my favorite cover:

I also enjoyed the Wonder Woman 1 Year Later story. In retrospect it was awkward but a lot of fun and Superman’s was a lot better. I do think 52 was pivotal for my enjoyment of these books coming out. We were able to see what happened during that year that the heroes were missing.


I vaguely remember reading this story a long while back, but not much about it. Looking forward to rereading it again.

Outside of that, the only other Superman work by Busiek I’ve read is his Elseworld-ish book Secret Identity, which is easily one of the best Superman stories ever.


“Who is Wonder Woman?” from Wonder Woman, volume 3 was great. I loved it as it came out and enjoy it all the same, today. Those Dodsons, they are wonderful, indeed.

Allan Heinberg (writer of the above story, for any unaware) is a pretty good writer in his own right. He also contributed to the first live-action Wonder Woman movie.

SN: His Marvel writing was rad as well. Young Avengers v1 is the best title to ever bear “Young Avengers” on its covers.


I’m looking forward to the re-read as well. I read the story as it came out, but haven’t re-read it in full since then. Time to ring in the 15th anny with the whole shebang! :clinking_glasses:

You’ll be seeing a lot of Mr. Busiek’s Superman work in the coming weeks and months. :slight_smile:

hears @darkstarz say “Yes!” in the background


I was not collecting comics when this series came out, so I didn’t know that there was a change in the title.
I believe this is my first time reading Kurt Busiek.
I enjoyed this story a lot. I loved the interactions between Superman and Lois. They are my favorite DC couple. Good to see Lex fail yet again in his schemes. Also, Superman’s love for the soft pretzel was an awesome touch.


One thing I will say about this is that it’s honestly a little annoying for someone like me who hasn’t read a lot of this era – like the bouncing back and forth of not just different volumes, but renames of volumes and renumberings, it makes the .1 or .INH stuff over at Marvel look almost understandable in comparison! :sweat_smile:


The Triangle Era is something that could make you cry in a corner for days in trying to figure out.

Thankfully, we have a few lists for the Triangle Era on DCUI.


Are you ready for my thoughts on this one because I’ve got so many feels! :heart_eyes: :exploding_head: :partying_face: :star_struck:

This is definitely a new favorite of mine!!! Just so much to LOVE!!! I was just wishing for a story with more of Clark, more of his inner thoughts and wham, this is it! I am so pumped right now I’m about to go get this and add it to my print collection!

The Dodson’s covers are :kissing_heart::fire:

I deciphered the Kryptonese because it’s one of my favorite things to do!

“Dreadnough class craft designated ‘Doomsday’. Under command of Admiralty Officer Dru-Zod.”

“Awaiting authorization voiceprint.”

“Override accepted.”

“Welcome, Commander.”

“Resistance has ended. Malak is pacified.”

“Prepare landing parties. Scan undeveloped areas for potential slave labor.”

“Yes great Dru-Zod.”

“At once great Dru-Zod.”

Ok, ready for the screenshots?

Thought this was clever, the “Authorized Personnel” sign looks like it says Luthor when Clark is investigating the subway tunnels.

GL makes a G!

Blue boot miss-color?

Love all his outfits but this “Planet Hollywood” and comic call back was fun!

When Jimmy sees Superman for the first time and he finally smiles :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This reminded me of when all the cities etc were cheering for their healthcare workers during the pandemic

Hey it’s just like my office! Aw we haven’t been together like that in a year and a half :weary:

OMG so cute, another panel that brought the feels :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is so cool! Supes down on the street really being part of the community, not just swooping in and out. Truly earning their trust and respect. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

YES!!! Wooohoooo! :partying_face: EPIC!

Everything about this ending, gorgeous, epic, pockets, wholesome. YEAAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!

Phew! Well I think I need to either lie down or go for a run because I am on a high note now!


Going from “Superman” to “The Adventures of Superman” back to “Superman” after 19 years of “The Adventures of Superman” is, for me at least, easier to decipher and understand than all of the decimal point “jumping-on points” that Marvel had a creative ****-on for about a decade or so ago. :wink:

@scoop001 After I read Superman #650 upon its original release, I gained a whole new appreciation for soft pretzels.

Granted, I don’t put mustard on mine (I dip 'em in nacho cheese when the opportunity avails me) but that aspect aside, I like 'em all the same as Clark does. :clark_hv_4:

Whew! It’s always nice when a story you select hits the mark with someone else, and likely fuels that someone’s addiction to a property even further! :grin: :partying_face:

As for your blue boot mis-color, you are correct! You are now the proud owner of an official No-Prize!

hands over said prize to @Bar-El, ready to explain what a No-Prize is, should she be unaware

Its a Triangle Era thing. :slight_smile:

Also, I dug your “These two.” moment. It definitely gave me the feels as well.

Wait until you see next week’s selection. You’re going to flip! Well, probably jump, at minimum. :wink:


Wow! I am racking up these prizes! Better get a trunk to keep them in! I’m off to go get a soft pretzel to celebrate :pretzel:


Could you grab one for me too, please?

pulls out a fiver

That should be enough to cover one, plus a container of nacho cheese to dip it in, yeah?

sees FDR, from Seinfeld, wheel his hot dog/pretzel/what have you cart into position down below

Go to FDR’s cart, @Bar-El! Before George gets there and starts asking him stupid questions. :grin:

FDR: “Are you going to buy anything?”

George: “Mmm, no.”


Forgot to put my thoughts down on this story, so…

Overall, fun story – I like the idea of it mostly being a Clark Kent story, and how he adapts to be a normal person after being Superman for so long. It really reminds me of just how important the Clark Kent identity is for Superman. It was also really satisfying to see Superman depowered fighting and kicking Lex Luthor’s ass – you just know Clark’s been wanting to do that for years.

The only thing I really didn’t like? How Clark was shown wearing his high school letterman’s jacket to work. No. No. No. Steve Lombard does that, guys who are trying to relive their glory days in high school because the hate their current state of life, not Clark Kent.


And when it gets predictably ruined I thought, that’s why you leave it in the box in the back of your closet CLARK!!! Also, in Smallville, Clark keeps it in the trunk in his loft like a normal person lol


Is that what happened? I remember he stopped wearing it but I couldn’t remember why. Whoever did that was doing the Source’s work.


You are not the only fan of Supe’s cape pocket!
This video applies to both classic and modern eras of Superman. However, the topic of his cape pocket was brought up here.


Only Earth’s greatest hero could have a cape pocket, stick food in it and not have the pocket and/or food get messy.

Good job, Superman! :metal:t2:


Omg I love Casually Comics and this episode is everything! Thank you for posting! Once again something random has filled in comic lore for me!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just make sure you read the comics as well. Don’t let YouTube take that fun away from yas! :slight_smile:


Oh yes I’m creating quite the library lol

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