Superman Returns

Sitting watching Superman Returns, I just wish someone Would make a Superman movie and let it be it’s own thing, And way I. Th film where Clark Kent Finally has a chance with a second time wish too bring his Father Jonathan Kent Back, It. Storyline that Perry White and Jimmy Olsen, finally knows Clark true identity, unless In the next story line they will have that in the knew tv show coming this fall too the CW.

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Ya I know that but mostly I have been watching all of the Superman movies accept Superman 3 tho. But the only one I have digital with everything on it. Including the special features, is Man Of Steel (Superman) the other 5 I can not not fine digital along with the Special features and all the deleted scenes, Along with The Green Lantern, Remember like I said one here be for, I like the Green Lantern extended cut better the the theatrical cut. and No offense one Marvel DVD Feature , I hope you know which film I mean, I will give you a hint, He was on a tv show back in the 80 s called Knight Rider, and the 90 s baywatch, but look at the future now The Rock is going too be in Black Adam, but the rock was in a baywtach movie a few years ago,. I just watch the Dc Daily show just now.