[Superman Fan Club] Silver Age 3/23/24 Weekly Reading "Superman's Lost Century ACTION (1938-) #370 (12/1968)

[Superman Fan Club] (Year 3 Month 10) and Silver Age Superman & Superman Family Fans at large, it’s time to TAKE ACTION (Comics that is)!

The curated all Action (Comics) selection this time around, 3/22/24:

ACTION COMICS (1938-) #370 (December 1968)

(Link to comic blurred to prevent spoilers)

True story! Not Imaginary! Superman’s Lost Century on his way to Earth as a baby!!!

Also a Supergirl story resides within!

Please let us know your thoughts about this classic Silver Age tale. Feel free always to post favorite panels / scenes etc from these exciting, entertaining and imaginative tales.

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That’s a whole lotta green on that cover!


Must have had a good deal on the color :laughing:


So concerning ACTION COMICS (1938-) #370 (December 1968):

While I was indeed an avid comic book reader in 1968 while in eighth grade, I do not recall owning or reading this one at the time.

I actually liked this tale upon reading it this month. Unlike so many of a fine Silver Age stories about Superman around the same time, this one, we are told, actually occurred in continuity.

If this story had been approved and published today we would have also had a multitude of tie in series, issues that would have been connected to this unique world where Superman grew up on, loved, married, had kids and lived on until old age.

The unique solution at the end reminds me of two current story lines. Superman: Lost has a kind of similar ending that also allows Superman to grow old on another world while also being here now, still healthy young and vital. The other current series that has a similar twist is with Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange and the centuries old General Strange who’s supposed to also be Doctor Strange somehow after a five century mystical war.

So a really good story, nicely written and drawn.

As far as the Supergirl back feature , that’s more cute, nostalgic, forgettable than anything I want to punctificate much on here LOL. I don’t regret reading it, but it’s definitely silly fluff.

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