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Checkmate: The final pieces on the board are swept to the side as this battle of wits comes to a close. Only one of these two contenders could come out on top, always a few steps ahead.

Who were you holding out hope for, and why? Sound off in the comments below!

Round of 2 Results

Brainiac 68% :medal_sports:
Ra’s al Ghul 32%

Round of 4 Result

Brainiac 74% :medal_sports:
Talia al Ghul 26%

Ra’s al Ghul 72% :medal_sports:
Lady Shiva 28%

Round of 8 Results

Vandal Savage 28%
Brainiac 72% :medal_sports:

Bane 48%
Talia al Ghul 52% :medal_sports:

The Riddler 19%
Ra’s al Ghul 81% :medal_sports:

Amanda Waller 44%
Lady Shiva 56% :medal_sports:

Round of 16 Results

Vandal Savage 82% :medal_sports:
Ocean Master 18%

Maxwell Lord 6%
Brainiac 94% :medal_sports:

Bane 84% :medal_sports:
Brother Blood 16%

Talia al Ghul 25% :medal_sports: lazaruspit_logo_v3_200206

Deathstroke 75%

Dr. Sivana 48%
The Riddler 52% :medal_sports:

Mister Mind 16%
Ra’s al Ghul 84% :medal_sports:

Amanda Waller 68%
Black Mask 32%

Lady Shiva 53%
Ozymandias 47%

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My picks for the round of 16 for Luthor’s Masterminds

Vandal Savage over Ocean Master: Vandal has done his research on this entire bracket. Orm is easy to play mental games with, much to Vandal’s delight. Hydrokinesis and weather manipulation are may be good for going up against mortals, but, there’s the rub. VS isn’t mortal. Orm, quite literally, can’t kill him.

Brainiac vs Maxwell Lord: What’s Max got but the ability to mind control others, and Brainiac’s circuits don’t roll like that. Lord is cunning and that is a weakness Brainiac has that can be exploited, but he goes into this match virtually powerless against his opponent.

Brother Blood over Bane: Bane is not the sharpest tool in this shed of Masterminds. So what keeps Bane from breaking Brother Blood like he once did the Bat? His hypnotic abilities. If anybody in this bracket is the most susceptible to hypnotism, it’s Bane. This is literally a mind over muscle match-up.

Deathstroke over over Talia Al Ghul. They were both trained under Ra’s. Talia has the psychological edge here. She knows how to pushed Slade’s buttons. (Which is something Vandal will be observing quite closely…shhh…don’t tell the refs.) Yet, Deathstroke’s enhanced abilities save his bacon get and him out of this very tight scrape.

Riddler over Dr. Sivana: This might be the biggest natural upset of the tournament. The proverbial 12 beats a 5 we historically see. The Riddler always has to prove he’s the smartest man in the room. Sivana just isn’t quite as driven if the big red cheese ain’t involved. It’s a game of 20 questions before Riddler the realizes that the smart move is just to strike Sivana with his cane and match over.

Ra’s Al Ghul over Mr. Mind: It’s debatable who is the smarter of these two. Ra’s is a great strategist and tactician. Mr. Mind is a creature that feeds off supernatural power. Ra’s knows the calculation to win and it’s all about cold steel in the hands of a cold blooded assassin. Ra’s swordsmanship comes through.

Amanda Waller over Black Mask: She’s just as, if not more, lethal with a gun than Black Mask. Waller’s rep proceeds her and Black Mask knows it. Black Mask isn’t afraid of the other crime bosses in Gotham…Waller would eat them breakfast if it served her purpose. This may be the first TKO in the the tournament because if Black Mask is smart, he just doesn’t even show up.

Lady Shiva over Ozymandias: Sorry Ozy, I appreciate your vast intellect and quite good martial arts skills. However, Lady Shiva is a killing machine. It comes down to a simple equation, Lady Shiva is a lethal as you smart. In this match-up, lethal wins over brilliant intellect.

I think Black Mask and Ozymandias may both give their respective matches a no-show and go have a really nice meal instead.



A nice article as usual…BUT (ya knew that was coming) I’ll take issue with 2 of your predictions. We call this the Madhouse for a reason.

How do you make a white lab coat wearing geezer roll on the ground?
Answer: Just hit I’m with your cane. E. Nygma is smart enough to know the answer to this riddle.

Bane is #1 seed Virginia to Brother Blood’s “chump” #16 seed University of Maryland Baltimore County. They said a 16 seed could never beat 1 seed… “It’s not even close.” Then Virginia got bounced out in the first round to the “chump”. Lightning strikes in the first round of this bracket. The “chump” wins, finally proving…maybe they aren’t the “chump” everybody always thought they were.


Brother Blood could surprise us, true. He might have prepped a spell for this occasion. But Bane just got through an 85 issue run establishing him as the biggest badass in Gotham. He’s gonna clean up.

As for Riddler: were that he could be so straightforward about anything. Riddler’s compulsions to couch everything he does in an enigma is going to end up with him zapped into jelly or something by whatever weird gadget Sivana brought with him.


I disagree, I think a lot of people are gonna overlook Ozy’s wealth and intelligence. The guy’s not an idiot, he’s not gonna come into this fight unprepared and without researching his opponent. With all that money, he can bring in a big gun and rip fifty holes into Lady Shiva before she has a chance to get up close and use those martial arts skills on him.


I agree here. It’s basically a middle-aged man vs. an old man, lol. Ed would totally take this opportunity to mess with Sivana on a mental level, and establishing a certain mental intimidation factor in front of the other opponents, before coming in for the victory.


And you think Shiva can’t come into this fight knowing via espionage what he’s bringing and be prepared. If the proverbial question is who would win Ozy or Batman, I think the odds fall squarely on Batman’s side. Lady Shiva has beaten Batman. It’s no dis on Ozy, but LS is just to lethal an opponent for him.


Brother Blood over Bane? I see a bunch of people have commented about this match up but I just got to jump in here and say that people overlook Bane all the time! I think he is going to clean up! Brainiac and Deathstroke might be the only ones in this bracket that can beat him. #teambane


I admit, it’s an upset. But tournaments are all about the fun of the occasional upset. And Vandal Savage has more death, cunning and ruthlessness in is left pinky than Bane has in his entire body including all the venom.

I think Bane could take down Brother Blood. From what I know, Brother Blood is a cult leader who hired Deathstroke to kill the Titans. If this version of Brother Blood is similar to Arrow’s, then Bane will clobber him, especially if it’s like the Dark Knight Rises Bane.

The Riddler prides himself on intellect, but he cannot fight for his life. If Dr. Sivana is mostly considered Shazam’s arch-nemesis, then he would have both abilities and intellect to render Riddler kayoed.

Black Mask has a similar style as Amanda Waller. While Waller can access government coordination as well as chain super-villains to her use, Black Mask can pay for super-villains to do his work and, in some versions, is able to mind control through his mask. Plus, he is ruthless enough to carve a mask out of his dead father’s coffin, I think he could take her.

While Ozymandias may be smart enough to get Dr. Manhattan to accept his plan, Lady Shiva trained Batman, is a martial arts grandmaster, assassin, and the mother of Cassandra Cain a.k.a. Orphan. I think she can take him.

The rest seem to have consensus.


Bane vs Blood is the only one I’m not too certain about. Shiva vs Ozymandius is also 50/50 for me, but with Veidt’s vast intelligence, even if he couldn’t physically outmatch Shiva, he could outsmart her, even plan 10-20 steps ahead and beat her without even touching her. At first I thought Waller was just going to eat it, but then I remembered, Waller served with Team 7. Even if she’s put on a few(ha) pounds in her later years, a soldier doesn’t forget their training, and at the end of the day, Roman’s just a thug with a gun and mask.


Savage v Orm- I’m voting for Savage. I feel orm isn’t the first Atlantan he’s felt with in his long life so he probably has a way to defeat them.

Brainiac v Lord- no contest Bainiac wins.

Bane v Blood- Bane is winning. Bane may be underestimated as a mastermind but he has a mind to match that brawn. My favorite iterations are when he has a plot to match his strength such as in Kings run.

Deathstroke v Talia- Deathstroke wins. A very close and intense battle but his powers will put him on top.

Riddler v Sivana- Riddler wins. I’ll feel he can outsmart him.

Mind v Ra’s- Ra’s wins. It a worm I know he smart but in the end of the day it’s a very smart worm vs a sort of immortal leader of the world head assassin group.

Mask v Waller- Mask wins. I went with favoritism on this one. Even though his chances may seem slim but who know the squad has messed with the wall before so who says he can’t.

Shiva v Ozy- Sheeva. Don’t know much about Ozy so I went with who I knew. Also Sheeva is on of the top assassins so she could win.


I have no doubt that Shiva would take Ozy. Sure, they like to call him the smartest man in the world, by this is the guy who thought slapping NY with a giant squid was gonna save the world. I’m giving it to Shiva for being more ruthless AND intelligent.


This is also often about what incarnations of these characters we get. I love Bane in HQ Animated but Brother Blood could take that version of Bane, even Riddler and Sivana in a sheer physical matchup could take that version of Bane.

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But if there was an HQ Animated version of Brother Blood…I bet that Bane could take him.


HQ Animated Bane vs TT Animated Brother Blood with Cyborg “upgrades”.

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I’ve got Shiva going all the way to the finals, and then losing to Brainiac.


I don’t have Brainiac getting past Savage. Vandal plays the long game and has uploaded a virus to brainiac way back when, just in case he might need it someday.

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Here’s My 2 Cents:

I feel like y’alls are forgetting that Bane literally found out who the bat was before losing his memory. Bane is a smart guy. He’s no meathead. He knows how to study up on his opponent, given they tell him who he’s fighting. Even if they didn’t and he doesn’t know he’ll still prep, ya feel me? Don’t forget he’s chemical and tech savvy, because He basically studied and made his own venom, and his regulator. I feel Bane Over Brother Blood. Plus Brother Blood loses to children. BB PICKS ON TEENAGERS AND LOSES.

Now, I’ve never heard of Lady Shiva, but I agree with y’alls on that one. Lady Shiva would dominate against Ozy. Only because in the movie Watchmen, He weakens himself by buying, foam at the mouth, heart slowing drugs that basically kill him for a few minutes. Which He then gets up dizzy and tries to shoot someone in the back. He misses and gets into a shootout which kills him. He makes super convoluted plans that he bases off his opponent, yeah, but he doesn’t always think them fully through. Now, From what I’ve read on Lady Shiva, She’s trained in Martial Arts. Inferring from her bracket, that’s about it. Now, from what I know that’s a one up on Ozy, a sheltered rich smart boy. If He were to go in on hand to hand combat, all he’ll have will be speed. 'Cause I think hat was his power in the movie. Lady Shiva, being as smart as she is, will wait for him to attack. Ozy, will probably underestimate her, and attack. That’s when she’ll counter attack and drop him.

I feel like, and hear me out on this, Sinois would win against Waller. That’s only because in the movie she barely does anything except bark commands and miss shots. I’m more of watch person so I don’t know anything about her other than that. But I did the same thing with Ozy so…

Vandal would dominate in my opinion.
Riddler, just because I know him better than Dr. Sivana.
Brainiac, because I’ve never heard of Max and Brainiac’s made of only good dna
Ra’s, because I genuinely feel like he’d win in a fight against Mr. Mind.

And I think That’s everything. Sorry if it seems rude at all I wasn’t trying to be. I’m open to any discussion and information.


If we’re going off movies, though, that’s all Black Mask did, too! I would actually take movie Amanda Walker over movie Sionis.