🎶 Mixtape Monday: Meta Madhouse Music - The Cheetah Beasts 🎶

Hello again, DC Family!

Kudos to all of you for last week’s playlist, which, we can confirm, was so exquisite a set of songs, that even the most intelligent man on earth and his impressive team heartily approved! To get a feel for what pleases their sophisticated sensibilities, check out the list below! :wink:

Overall Team Themes/No Character Pairing
“Everybody Wants to Rule the World," by Lorde
“The Red Capes Are Coming," by Hans Zimmer (from Batman v Superman)

Click the arrow to see everyone's song, listed by character!

Lex Luthor
“Stars,” by Russell Crow (from Les Misérables)
“Everything Counts,” by Depeche Mode
“The Red Capes Are Coming," by Hans Zimmer (from Batman v Superman)

Vandal Savage
“Unfinished Symphony No. 8, D.759,” by Franz Schubert

Ocean Master
“Under the Sea,” by Samuel E. Wright (from The Little Mermaid)
“Be Prepared,” by Jeremy Irons, Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin, and Jim Cummings (from The Lion King)

Maxwell Lord
“Final Act,” by David Arnold & Michael Price (from Sherlock)
“Scrooge,” by The Muppet Townspeople (from The Muppet Christmas Carol)
“Everything Counts,” by Depeche Mode

Main Title Theme by Ramin Djawadi (from Westworld)

“Grievous speaks to Lord Sidious,” by John Williams
“I’ll Make a Man Outta You,” by Donny Osmond (from Mulan)
“Hearts on Fire,” by John Cafferty (from Rocky IV)
“The Sweetest Perfection,” by Depeche Mode

Brother Blood
“Cold Blood,” by Demon Hunter

Talia Al Ghul
“I Dreamed a Dream,” by Anna Hathaway (from Les Misérables)
“I Never Even Told You,” by Tia Carrere (from Batman: Mask of the Phantasm)
“Maneater,” by Hall & Oates

“Deer Dance,” System of a Down

Dr. Sivana
“Weird Science,” by Oingo Boingo

The Riddler
“Hello Zepp,” by Charlie Clouser (from SAW)
“The Riddler,” by Frank Gorshin

Mr. Mind
“The Flying Sequence / Can You Read My Mind?” by John Williams, feat. Margot Kidder (from Superman)

Ras Al Ghul
“Bring Me to Life,” by Evanescence
“The Message,” Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
“Breathe Into Me," by Red

Amanda Waller
Main Theme by Abel Korzeniowski (from Penny Dreadful)

Black Mask
“Mask,” by Living Sacrifice

Lady Shiva
“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” by Santa Esmeralda (from Kill Bill)

“Lacrimosa,” by Mozart
“Santa Monica (Watch The World Die),” by Everclear

This Week’s Theme:
Meta Madhouse Music - The Cheetah Beasts

This week’s theme touches on The Cheetah’s dream team of Beasts, and as a leader who’s willing to go the distance to get and accomplish what she wants in training and finding a protege worth representing the group, no expense can be spared when it comes to finding a worthwhile playlist for them, either! Who do you think will make it to the end of the week to claim the crown as victor? :crown:

Let us know with your song of choice below, and we’ll do our best to guess their identity!

Ready to choose your character? Here's the list of their encyclopedia pages!

The Cheetah
King Shark
Killer Croc
Bronze Tiger
Professor Pyg
Earth 3 Owlman
Dex Starr
Gorilla Grodd
Black Manta

While lyrics must abide to Forum Guidelines, the songs can be anything, of any genre, as long as it meets each week’s theme!

:headphones: Curious what Mixtape Monday is? :headphones:
Every week, we’ll post the title of our latest Mixtape, and you post a track of your choice in the comments below! We’ll follow up next Mixtape Monday with the full list of tunes collected from the week before. And if our “What’s the Last Song You Heard?” thread is any indication, you all have superb taste in tunes!


Hmm, as thanks for everyone doing such a wonderful job covering the spectrum of characters over the past few weeks, going to do similar, covering a few this week:

But to begin, my choice for the team’s overall theme is:
“Animal I Have Become,” by Three Days Grace

(Though I’ll apply it to The Cheetah’s desire to find balance, as well).

Followed up with these character-specific songs:

“Bat Country,” by Avenged Sevenfold

…which is for Man-Bat

Main Theme (From Jaws) by John Williams

…which is for King Shark

“Born on the Bayou,” by The Diamond Light (from Swamp People):

…which is for Killer Croc. He gets a twofer with the other theme song for it (by Brian Deming) because I like that show so much, lol. Side note that the video up there features the show, Shelby Der Swamp Man, as well.

And last, but not least:
“Watch the World Burn,” by Trivium

…which is for Firefly

hides as crowd boos and throws a dirty look my way for the sheer amount of Captain Obvious going on with my picks this week …I’m sorry! :frowning: It’s one of those weeks, my friends. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay! I like this bracket because I like catwoman :cat2: and all the cute animals

Cat Man - by together pangea

For catwoman :heart_eyes_cat:

and also : This Fire by Franz Ferdinand because it was stuck in my head the other day and it fits firefly! :fire:

But I hope catwoman wins


CCR-Run Through the Jungle -(Grodd)
Primus-Tommy the Cat-(Catwoman)
Survivor-Eye of the Tiger-(Bronze Tiger)
Queen-Killer Queen-(Killer Croc, just title & a few lines, plus I love it)


Given that beasts is the theme, this tune is by the Beastie Boys and that many of these characters have spent some degree of time in space, why not?

Also, this:


Team Theme:
Guns N’ Roses - “Welcome To The Jungle”

Rupert Gregson-Williams - “The Black Manta”

obviously for Black Manta, bouncing off my comment for Luthor’s theme last week, this is another great, recognizable theme, hearing this in a movie theater was something else

Frank Sinatra - “Blue Moon”

I was wanting to do something for Penguin, but wanted to try and stay away from some of his TV/movie themes. He seems like a “classy” villain, and he runs the Iceberg Lounge. This seems like something that he’d want playing. (Personal fun fact: while I am a metal-head, and I can throw down to some “heavy” stuff, I absolutely LOVE this type of music, swing/jazz/big band from the 30’s-50’s)

Ted Nugent - “Cat Scratch Fever”

Dex Starr? This is one character I’m not too familiar with, but for some reason I remembered this song.

If I think of any other songs I’ll post later…


For the whole group:


Shame & Fortune-Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Catwoman)
My perogative- Bobby Brown (King Shark) After HQ Sn1, I just feel like he was def a New Edition fan​:wink:
Vide Noir- Lord Huron (Man-Bat)
Jungle man- RHCP (Grodd)
Strange times- Black Keys (Manta)
Cat Claw- The Kills (Cheetah)
We are the Ones- The Coup (Croc)
Fire-Arthur Brown (Firefly)
Black/White- The Raveonettes (Penguin)
Weird Science- Oingo Boingo (Pyg)

Everyone else: Scary Monsters & Super Creeps-Bowie


I figured this would work for Flamingo considering his brainwashing.
(Language Warning)

This one’s for Catwoman.

Black Manta’s main motivation is revenge, so…

This one just gives me Penguin vibes.

And here’s a lighthearted one for Cheetah.

Another Muse song for Owlman.

And this was the best song I could find for King Shark.


Here’s my two pick, the first is for The Penguin ‘Learn to be Lonely’ from 2004 The Phantom of the opera by Minnie Driver.

The second is for Firefly, ‘Standing outside the fire’ by Garth Brooks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sadly this site won’t let me add links to the video.:confused:

Videos Added - MissInkBlot edit to the rescue! :wink:


@seitan - Lol, you sound like I did when I first started choosing songs… had to stop myself from using the kitten emojis in this, and tomorrow’s post! :wink: Gotta admit, that cover for the “Cat Man” video’s terrifying, but that song’s amazing! It’s the sort of song I can imagine playing as backdrop to a scene featuring Catwoman, for sure! Hadn’t heard that one by Franz Ferdinand, but completely agree about it fitting Firefly well. Only FF could make the mental conflict of symbolic internal smoldering so catchy, and with quite the entertaining video to match! Reminds me a little of the artwork from David Firth’s stuff, actually. :thinking:

@capo-mage - Ooh, “Run Through the Jungle” gives the exact amount of gritty that I got when reading up on Grodd… love how much is communicated through the lead singer’s voice there! It’s been forever since I last listened to Primus, but you’ve definitely reminded me of why I started listening to them to begin with with that song. Aw, man, I watched the music video for it, and then went to watch one of the live performance videos, it was so good. :stuck_out_tongue: And to round out your list with “Eye of the Tiger” and “Killer Queen” earns it the chef kiss! Your songs are great in that they seem to touch on individual attributes for characters in some ways, while doing a good job of representing the overall feel that a character gives off (similar to how I mentioned with Grodd). Wonderful job this week! :slight_smile:

@Vroom - You’ll always get a “yes, please!” from me for The Beastie Boys. How I love both the music video and the song for that. :wink: Considering the state of this battle, the equally formidable natures of their opposing teams, etc. choosing “Intergalactic” is a great choice, as well!

As for “Superbeast,” I’m not familiar with Rob Zombie’s work (outside of my remembering seeing his name associated with stuff like The Devil’s Rejects in the past), so I came to the listening of that blind, but was certainly won over by the end! Both the the song’s, “I’m the superbeast,” and the video’s imagery instill a good level of fear (similar what you feel when going to “Halloween Horror Nights” or the mental note of warning one gets from a “Beware: Guard Dog on Duty” sign, to stick with the beast motif), and I was brought back to my old GWAR and Lordi days, so it was a win/win! :stuck_out_tongue:

@LDFM - How’d I forget, “Welcome to the Jungle” when that’s such a must-have on a list like this?? Thank you for adding that gem for us! Can’t say I blame you for reacting so favorably to “The Black Manta,” either. With something like that, you can’t help but feel that if the scene it was being played for didn’t grip you well enough, the song certainly will, causing a cold sweat to start as you think about how scary the ocean actually is when thought about long enough. :flushed: I like the choice for Dex Starr - was unfamiliar with him, too, but that song comes off as appropriately intimidating to me! :wink: You did an A+ job capturing the connotation of “sophistication” with the Sinatra choice. Definitely something I think Penguin would approve of, and doubly wonderful to hear you’d approve of it as well!

Touching on that, I love how varied the music tastes have been in this community - it’s an excellent mix of both acoustic and electric guitar, along with everything ranging from Motown and opera to electronic and symphonic delight! It’s great hearing your choices and more about your interests! :slight_smile:

@ralphsix - Ahh, I adore that as a group song, especially in how it showcases the different vices that one would associate with an “animal/beast nature,” and how it’s dualistic in a way, by speaking of a lust for life, but also alluding to other… ahem, “varieties” of such with the followup lyrics. :stuck_out_tongue: The focus of such being found in the blood is also cool in that it reminds me of the internal battle some of the characters have in finding balance between that and their human side, versus how other characters on the team handle the presence of theirs. A short, but sweet submission of memorable quality! :slight_smile:

@Razzzcat - That’s quite the list you have shared there, and a wide variety of characters made happy, to boot! I quite like the tribute to all the scary monsters present in our team this week, folding into it the idea their being something to run away from (certainly, they’d heartily agree!).

“Cat Claw,” “Black/White,” and the happy resurfacing of “Weird Science” were great matches for their characters, and it was a joy being introduced to new songs like “Fire,” “Vide Noir”, and the like! With bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, I’ve only heard a few of their songs such as, “Maps,” so branching out to their other music was fun, as was my venture into “The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.” :wink: Because of how upbeat they are, what surprised me most were probably “We Are The Ones,” and “My Prerogative,” I think, but I can see both Killer Croc and King Shark vibing out well to those (at a minimum, I will be! lol). And if KS isn’t a New Edition fan, then shame on him because that song’s fantastic. :wink:

@UnLagunas - Ahh, while I was kind of tempted to give him something from the soundtrack for Dexter or Silence of the Lambs, Flamingo was a difficult one for me when I went through choosing songs, so I’m glad that you found one for him (and thank you for the language warning)! I love how much that song’s giving me Marilyn Manson vibes in certain parts, and how it, at least for me, leaves a lingering feeling of some level of instability I think is appropriate for, well, someone who eats faces. :thinking: That aside, considering some of what it seems like The Cheetah has to deal with internally, I like that you went lighthearted with her choice! And the Sly Cooper soundtrack is so good… it manages to both make me think tuxedo and top hat and the concept of: “legitimate business front hiding criminal interests.” I’m sometimes still amazed by how some of the old video game soundtracks are so well done, able to convey an awful lot in atmosphere in such small soundbites. :slight_smile:

Speaking of which, I haven’t heard Persona music in a long time, so I was happy to hear that! It, “Survival,” and “The Mariner’s Revenge Song” were superb (along with how good Persona’s music always is, I adore the grandeur of the second one, and maritime feel of the last one, especially!). Your best choice for King Shark is right up my alley, by the way, as I was considering going with something Pirates of the Caribbean for him, so I can relate. :wink: Since you found so many songs, were there any characters that gave you the easiest time in finding their match?

@Lincolnfan78 - Aww, no problem, I added the videos for you! I’m glad you got to choose something for the Penguin, especially from something as fitting as The Phantom of the Opera! For one, the checkerboard color scheme’s such a perfect match, but adding to it, that song’s certainly appropriate when considering what his childhood was like. Poignant and powerful. As for Firefly, I like how the video for “Standing Outside the Fire” seems to go really well with how anti-social that character is, and how the lyrics could be seen as taking on an interesting alternative perspective on his fascination with fire on both a physical and symbolic level. Very interesting take on your chosen characters this week! :slight_smile:


Um…you thought about a lot more than I did. :cat:


Thanks @MissInkBlot. That’s awesome that u watched the video & live performance of Primus. Les Claypool is an oddity, in that he plays lead base (almost Jetrho Tull like to lead a band with a bass) & how he plays bass. Fogerty just made Rock Hall this year too. I actually forgot that, when I picked run through the jungle.


@Pollster - That’s okay! It’s a song well worth applying to the: “so nice, it had to be added twice” rule! :wink: And thank you for your kind compliments! I hope you enjoy the choices given this week… the selection’s a doozy. :crazy_face: But most of all, I hope you like the new theme, since we’re taking a temporary break from all things Meta Madhouse.

@ralphsix - Aww, thanks for making me think more, at least, though… I can’t decide if that’s a blessing… or a curse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Either way, it’s a reflection of how highly I think of all of your tastes in music, so 'tis a win all around! :hugs:

@capo-mage - You’re welcome! :slight_smile: Maybe that’s what attracted me to their music then - oddities always draw me in. :stuck_out_tongue: Your being willing to share what you know about music leaves me just as thankful, by the way, since while I’ve always been an avid listener of all things music, I’ve only recently started getting into learning more about the bands that create them. Details like those you shared are the sort I file away for interesting connections to apply later, so I appreciate your giving me my TIL (“Today I learned”) moment for the day! :slight_smile:

Noticed a few characters didn’t have songs, so sharing a few more to finish us up!

“Dexter Main Title,” by Rolfe Kent (from Dexter)

This one’s for Flamingo (just adding to supplement yours due to the language warning, @UnLagunas).

“Poem," by U.S. Girls

Chose this for Magpie to relate to her being lost to her addiction to trinkets and baubles.

“Salt in the Wound," by Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus

Chose this for Orca to symbolize the struggles she went through, having to experiment on herself, her disability, and the way she resorts to crime in her own Robin Hood-like way.

“Magnetic,” by Earth, Wind & Fire

This is an upbeat one because I love Zebra Man’s pic on the encyclopedia - that smile makes me think a song like this could cause some toe-tapping for him. :slight_smile: (anyone who’s seen the likes of Undercover Brother or Pitch Perfect 3 knows even villains can’t stop their toes from tapping! lol). :laughing:

Annnd, here’s the thread for this week’s Mixtape Monday!


@MissInkBlot All chosen just because the songs tangentially match the Villain.

Penguin Lyle Lovett - Penguins

Grodd The Kinks - Ape Man

Firefly The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire

Flamingo The Violent Fems - Flamingo Baby

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Hello, again!
I’m glad you enjoyed some of the songs! I opted to cover as many characters as I could, so I’m happy that your happy, @MissInkBlot!
When it comes to mix tapes (especially ones for a battle royale), I usually like something that’ll make me wanna move, so I tend to pick strong harmonies or beats w/ lyrics I can relate to in some way. “Maps” is a beautiful song btw—The YYYs are great. Same for The Coup. Both 2 of my faves from the aughts. And yes, “My Perogative” is too fun to ignore. :dancer:t2::grin:

Ps. Would also like to add
Demolition Man- Grace Jones (Bronze Tiger)
Running up that Hill- Placebo version, rather than the original Kate Bush, I think. (Owl man)
St James Infirmary- Louis Armstrong. (Dex Starr) My kitties like jazz, & this one feels right.


Ahhh, new songs! Thanks, @Pollster, @TravisMorgan, and @Razzzcat! I’ll add them!

All good, @Pollster, double posts are welcome, and since I quite like that song by Owl City, your redemption arc is considered both well done and complete, with my being a fan of that tune making up for your not being so. :stuck_out_tongue: “Let 'Em Burn” makes me immediately think Marilyn Manson or “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” with that intro, but then eases into something entirely different, and I love it. I can’t quite put into words how at the moment, but the lead singer’s voice has a really intriguing effect, especially when it comes to the chorus. Sort of causes and effervescent effect… like the feeling the bubbles from a soda gives you when you drink one, but on the inside lol Wow! That’s a pleasant surprise. :slight_smile: Thank you for adding it!

@TravisMorgan - Ohh, that’s quite the list! What’s so cool about it is that while the titles are, indeed, obviously appropriate, their songs actually are, too, which is an effect I always attempt, but end up failing miserably at. :stuck_out_tongue: Just the sound of “Penguins” makes me actually think of him, while a song like “Ape Man,” has me considering Grodd from a different perspective (something less surface, and delving more into the character’s full background), but still think of him all the same - not because of the title, but because of the sound of it. Such is true with Firefly’s and Flamingo’s picks, too, and while I don’t know how you did it, by golly, you did it with excellence! I’m happy to be able to add your picks to the list, and thank you for taking the time to share them with us! :slight_smile:

@Razzzcat - Hello, hello! I’m glad your picks have you moving as much as they do me. Always, with the toe tapping, and the head nodding, it’s hard to stay still, so based on your previous post, if you do consider this your weekly class meeting, do know you’re getting high marks across the board! :wink:

Addressing “Running Up That Hill” first because of how hard it hit me emotionally. The mixture of the lead singer’s voice, and the atmospheric, free-flowing quality of the accompanying music is pretty ethereal, and has something of a disembodying effect on me (do you experience similar?). An intriguing choice for Owlman… that song brings to mind characters the likes of Tate Langdon (from American Horror Story), so seeing it chosen for Owlman makes me want to learn even more about his background. :thinking: “Demolition Man” is sublime, as well… wow, what a choice! I can see the Bronze Tiger liking that - there’s something solid and heavy to the beat that matches him really well. Ah, I’m with you on cats liking jazz… they have a swagger to them, from the way they walk, and balance across the equivalence of tight ropes, to the way their tails move with such fluid flashes of flourish. Like the sophistication of jazz in motion (a la The AristoCats“Everybody Wants to Be a Cat”)! I approve. Thank you for the new adds! :partying_face:


Greetings, @MissInkBlot !
Thanx for the grade! Keeps my DC GPA up! :grin:
So. “Running up that Hill” is one of those songs I love with all my heart no matter what version I hear (I have about a dozen covers of it—all beautiful) but THIS version rattles my soul in a special way. So, yes! I get that same ethereal feeling. Owl Man makes me kinda sad or some reason, and the song just popped into my head. …maybe I just wanted to hear it?? Could be, but Tate is a great comparison!
(Ps. AHS=great show.)
And yes: kitties got swagger! Mine are sassy and suave, and they get extra social and cuddly when I break out the ragtime, swing or Latin jazz… they loves them some Monk, Miles & Amy Winehouse too. :blush: Aw, cats are the best! Meow.
Take care.