[New to DCU] Book Club Week 1 Primer: Guide to Justice League: No Justice

Hello everyone! Welcome to the [New to DCU] Book Club Primers. Each week, we will read 1 recent arc that just arrived on DCU. This week it’s Justice League: No Justice and the discussion is available here!!! Of course this is also about accessibility so here is everything you need to know.

  1. Dark Nights Metal: Dark Nights Metal which is sort of the end of Rebirth Phase 1 (more on that here and here). Basically, Batman discovered the Dark Multiverse and then proceed to attempt to stop 7 dark batman’s from ending the multiverse. In the process of winning, the source wall is destroyed.

  2. What is the Source Wall? The source wall is the edge of the universe. Now that it’s destroyed, it turns out it’s not the end, but rather a wall protecting everyone in side. Now powerful forces can invade the multiverse.

  3. Lex is a good guy? Yes and no. In Rebirth Phase 1, he made an effort to take on the legacy of Superman and be good.

  4. Anything else? The end of Dark Nights Metal teased the return of the Hall of Justice.

That’s it!!! Like I said easy. Of course if you want to know who’s who? DC created a great area for that already!!

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