[New to DCU] The State of Rebirth in 2018 (AKA New 22)

In 2016, rebirth launch with 32 titles. However right now, DC has shrunk themselves to 22 rebirth comics not including New Age of Heroes,

The series are broken up into 3 families which each have an event to support themselves. The following is DIRECTLY from my Rebirth reading order which will have a link at the bottom of this.

Justice League: The Snyder Era
(Event: Justice League: No Justice)

  1. Justice League (#1-): Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom vs. The Justice League for 30+ issues straight
  2. Justice League Dark (#1-): Magic is dying and its up to the Justice League Dark to save it.
  3. Justice League Odyssey(#1-): The Ghost Sector has been released and a ragtag crew is seemingly connected to the sector.
  4. Titans(#23-32): The Source Walls destruction is releasing energy which is causing people to mutate into Emergents.
  5. Teen Titans(#20-): Damian Wayne goes rogue with a bunch of teens who are also edgy.
  6. Green Arrow(#41-50): The Green Arrow has been trusted with an important box and plays a quiet role for the Justice League.
  7. The Flash(See Flash War below): The speed force is no longer alone. New forces are at work too.
  8. Wonder Woman(#51-): Wonder Woman learns more about her past and why she is magical.
  9. Aquaman(See Sink Atlantis): Aquaman is lost and wants to get home. However, the sea is more mysterious and wondrous than Arthur was prepared for.
  10. Deathstroke(#36-): Deathstroke doesn’t really join until Terminus Agenda and even still is kind of isolated.
  11. Hawkman(#-): Hawkman is kinda by his lonesome but will join the Justice League Family after #17

Batman Family: The King Era
(Event: Batman: The Wedding)

12. Batman (#48-): King let's Batman falls apart psychologically
13. Nightwing (#44-): Nightwing takes a notably darker tone as Benjamin Percy takes over
14. Batgirl (#25-): Batgirl gets a new look and a more grotesque look.
15. Detective Comics (#984-): Batman brings back the Outsiders before Tomasi takes over.
16. Red Hood Outlaw (#26-): Jason Todd goes solo
17. Catwoman(#1-): Catwoman's journey after the Wedding

Superman Family: The Bendis Era
Event: Man of Steel
18. Superman (#1-): Superman faces challenges both mentally and physically that he can’t punch his way out of including Rogal Zar’s return.
19. Action Comics (#1001-): Fires are appearing as a secret force pushes Superman toward the Detective side.
20. Supergirl(#1-): Supergirl goes to Space to figure out the story of Rogal Zar.

Alternate Realities

21. Harley Quinn(#46-): Harley Quinn becomes a female fury.
22. Batman Beyond(#25-): More of the same

Titles coming later (October 2019-Today)

Justice League Family:
The Batman Who Laughs(#1-): An Important miniseries which teases his bigger plans.

Batman Family:
Batman and the Outsiders(#1-): The outsiders get their own title.

Superman Family:
Event Leviathan(#1-6): Someone is preparing to do something massive. The world’s greatest detectives must get together to find out.
Lois Lane(#1-12): Lois Lane is on the search to discover a massive conspiracy
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen(#1-12): Jimmy Olsen is off on a wild adventure.

Else (in DC’s Universe but unconnected)
Green Lantern: Morrison rights a bizarre buddy cop story.
Martian Manhunter

Wonder Comics: (A weird mix of the different families)
Dial H for Hero
Wonder Twins
Young Justice

Sandman: (A separate family DCU may not get)
The Dreaming:
House of Whispers:
Books of Magic:

Not Released Yet:
Birds of Prey:
Legion of Superheroes (Title Unannounced):
Metal Men:
Batman/Superman(#1-): The Batman who Laughs is ready to cause chaos!
Flash Forward:
Gotham City Monsters:
Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy:
Inferior Five:

Every Comic in the New 22 is being more connected. Even Harley Quinn which takes place in an alternate reality/future is somewhat connected. This phase for example has one GIANT event called Year of the Villain where every one of these titles has a story. The biggest titles you should read are: Justice League, Batman, and Action Comics for the best understanding of what is going on with the shortest number of titles.

(Your Friendly Neighborhood Reporter)

The New 22…the times they are a changin

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As DC’s output continues to shrink there’s a BIG "I told you so!’ out there. Do you think “dark” Dan has gotten the message yet?

Well the New 22 never actually happened in name. The titles in the DC Universe just shrunk a little while imprints increased. Wonder comics isnt part of the new 22. Also if you look at the present, there are more than 22 titles. It was a temporary simplification so the universe could center around Justice League and have a more clear direction. New 22 is a name that’s floated around rumour sites but I perfer Rebirth Phase 2. It really feels like a different DC from Rebirth.

This is really about the Kicking off of a new place to read and a new jump on point. Every title got rebooted, cancelled, or had a major shift in Summer of 2019. If you look there are 16 titles now which weren’t at the start of Phase 2. 9 More are coming while 4 have been cancelled. With imprints, DC has 44 different titles but it was about shrinking it down to become more accessible before expanding back out. The expansions being MORE meaningful.

Also the New 22 rumours came AFTER this shift. I just like the name New 22 (Rebirth Phase 2 is better) But BOTH are unnofficial titles.