[New to DCU] Rebirth Reading Order Rebirth Phase 2 Explanation

The DC Summer of Events signals a big shift in all of DC’s Titles. Every single series gets full rebooted, soft rebooted, gets a jump on point, cancelled, or you are named Batman Beyond…. The Summer of Events is actually 5 different events which set the stage for Phase 2. FYI, this is my name for this era. However, DC doesn’t have a name for it. This phase takes a darker but more together tone. Each Event is in bold and All spin offs of the event are viewable in Part 9. Every event here YOU SHOULD READ that’s why this part is so small. There’s also a lot of writing in this section sorry!! Each event will be explained. This era shows a bigger desire to connect the titles and is making sure that EVERY title is important in some regard. If you want SOME continuity going in, consider reading Dark Nights Metal.

JUSTICE LEAGUE PHASE 2: The SNYDER ERA (EVENT: Justice League: No Justice)

Justice League: No Justice is the follow up to Dark Knights Metal. This event leads to a Justice League more focused on being event comic like. It makes an effort to make sure every team title is enjoyable and important. This era fixes the biggest problem Justice League phase 1 had with a bigger focus on one big conflict that gets bigger rather than a monster of the week approach which the titles were all guilty of. The other big change is that the Flash/Titans Family from Phase one joins the Justice League family of titles because of the scope and scale of Justice League. Green Arrow also joins but is an outside force.

The Phase 2 Comics of Phase 2 are

Justice League (#1-): Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom vs. The Justice League for 30+ issues straight

Justice League Dark (#1-): Magic is dying and its up to the Justice League Dark to save it.

Justice League Odyssey(#1-): The Ghost Sector has been released and a ragtag crew is seemingly connected to the sector.

Titans(#23-32): The Source Walls destruction is releasing energy which is causing people to mutate into Emergent.

Teen Titans(#20-): Damian Wayne goes rogue with a bunch of teens who are also edgy.

Green Arrow(#41-50): The Green Arrow has been trusted with an important box and plays a quiet role for the Justice League.

The Flash(See Flash War below): The speed force is no longer alone. New forces are at work too.

Wonder Woman(#51-): Wonder Woman learns more about her past and why she is magical.

Aquaman(See Sink Atlantis): Aquaman is lost and wants to get home. However, the sea is more mysterious and wondrous than Arthur was prepared for.

Deathstroke(#36-): Deathstroke doesn’t really join until Terminus Agenda and even still is kind of isolated.

Hawkman(#-): Hawkman is kinda by his lonesome but will join the Justice League Family after #17

Later Additions:

The Batman Who Laughs(#1-): An Important miniseries which teases his bigger plans.

Batman/Superman(#1-): The Batman who Laughs is ready to cause chaos!


Batman’s Wedding signals the best jumping on point for Batman’s Family of titles. After Batman’s Wedding, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Detective Comics get new creative teams, Red Hood goes solo, and Batwoman, Birds of Prey, and Trinity end, and Batman has a jump on point. This era brings back the connectedness that Phase 1 was missing. Tom King’s Batman becomes the most important of the Batman Family in this era while Tynion’s Detective Comics was the most important last time.

The comics of Batman Phase 2 are

Batman (#48-): King let’s Batman falls apart psychologically

Nightwing (#44-): Nightwing takes a notably darker tone as Benjamin Percy takes over

Batgirl (#25-): Batgirl gets a new look and a more grotesque look.

Detective Comics (#984-): Batman brings back the Outsiders before Tomasi takes over.

Red Hood Outlaw (#26-): Jason Todd goes solo

Catwoman(#1-): Catwoman’s journey after the Wedding

Added Later:

Batman and the Outsiders(#1-): The outsiders get their own title.


Man of Steel is a great jump on point which focuses on a more human take on Superman. Not so much a family-human but helpless-human. Superman is put is scenarios he can’t really punch his way out of. The Bendis era is also simpler to follow with one mini series which kicks off into three titles.

The titles of Phase 2 are

Superman (#1-): Superman faces challenges both mentally and physically that he can’t punch his way out of including Rogal Zar’s return.

Action Comics (#1001-): Fires are appearing as a secret force pushes Superman toward the Detective side.

Supergirl(#1-): Supergirl goes to Space to figure out the story of Rogal Zar.

Later additions:

Event Leviathan(#1-6): Someone is preparing to do something massive. The worlds greatest detectives must get together to find out.

Lois Lane(#1-12): Lois Lane is on the search to discover a massive conspiracy

Jimmy Olsen(#1-12): Jimmy Olsen is off on a wild adventure.

The other two events!

EVENT: Flash War

Though Flash joins the Justice League Family, he more notably get’s there in a different way. His own event comic. Flash war pits Wally and Flash against each other and kicks off Phase 2 of Williamson’s The Flash.

EVENT: Sink Atlantis

Before the Aquaman title also joins the Justice League Family through the event Drowned Earth, Aquaman has ANOTHER event. Yeah…. This event also serves as a jump on point for the final issues of Suicide Squad.

Other Titles:

New Age of Heroes, and some miniseries occur in isolation. The exception is The Terrifics which do join the bigger picture eventually. Harley Quinn is the only other title which does join with the bigger picture but mostly takes place in a unique reality. Otherwise, there is the case of Wonder Comics which is a toss up. (Arrives in January) as well as The Green Lantern which becomes one title that operates independently.

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