Harley’s Crew | Book Club Wks 23-26: Harley & Ivy meet Betty and Veronica 1-6

What would you do first if you woke up one day w/ Poison Ivy’s powers? Or woke up as the Joker? Or had to go back to high school?

Harley & Ivy meet Betty and Veronica 1-6

This month we’re going to Riverdale for some parties, car chases, shoot outs, mallets, magic, body swaps, and free college tuition!

Wks: 23 & 24: We’ll take the first week (1/18–/24) to read Issues 1-3 and then discuss during the second week (1/25–1/31).

Wks 25 & 26: (2/1-2/7) to read Issues 4-6, and then discuss during week two (2/8–2/14). :black_heart::white_heart::heart:

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Just started reading this and one thing I feel like I can say right now is that I NEED MORE PEACH-HEAD HENRY AND GIGGLES MAGEE IN MY LIFE.


So excited to read this! I love Archie Comics! :purple_heart:


I haven’t read a lot of the original stuff, but I have read and liked the more modern stuff they’ve done in the past few years, especially Afterlife With Archie, Mark Waid’s Archie and Adam Hughes’ Betty & Veronica.


Yes, also Sabrina!


Oh yeah, I’ve read a little of Chilling Adventures but haven’t read all of it. So sad that both that and Afterlife got so delayed. Like, at this point I think we’re more likely to Frank Miller and Jim Lee’s Dark Knight: Boy Wonder than those series conclude.


Archie Comics has pretty much gotten me through life since 1/6/21. They are lighthearted and easy to read.

World of Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest 1 was a great read!


So finishing 1-3, and it’s a pretty fun start. Loved the initial set-up of H&I coming to Riverdale, though I wasn’t sure how that was going to last for six issues. Then we got some Freaky Friday shenanigans and it makes things even more interesting. It was cool to see Harley and Ivy having a chance to sort of live out a second childhood – or in Ivy’s case, have more of one than she did the first time around.

Loved the cameos we saw of other characters like Zatanna, Sabrina and Catwoman.

Now I just have to wait to read the next issues. :smiley:


Me too! :eyes: It was one of my favorite things immediately when I first read it.


Footage from the aftermath of my one and only trip to Riverdale:


Didn’t Archie publish Simpsons comics back in the day? That makes it even funnier. :laughing:


As far as I know, the Simpsons were only ever published in Bongo Comics. But, this episode was aired about a year after Bongo was founded, so… maybe starting a friendly rivalry???


Hey everybody! We’ve got a crossover w/ Birds of Prey planned for the next 2 weeks, so we’re gonna go ahead and wrap up Harley & Ivy meet Betty and Veronica 4-6 real quick right here!

Harley & Ivy meet Betty and Veronica 4-6

We’ll take the first week (2/1-2/7) to read, and then discuss during week two (2/8–2/14). :black_heart::white_heart::heart:


I just finished reading it and it had some comical meta moments. I’d love to see Cheryl Blossom crossover to DC… she’d be deadly with super powers.


Hey @ctrl.flirt.del! Thanx for coming by! :raised_hands: Definitely a fun/weird mini, lol. Glad you found something to enjoy, agree and… :eyes: don’t be a stranger! :purple_heart: Take care.


Do we chat about the book on this thread?


Yes, please! :purple_heart:


Great! Like many others, I am a fan of Poison Ivy and Betty and Veronica since childhood. I’ve recently been more into Harley Quinn. So this mashup had my name written all over it.

The art work was decent. There was some lifelessness in the eyes in some frames, but overall, I felt it was lusciously colored. I wasn’t a fan of the break in frames going back and forth with story arcs.

The plot was clever. I like the Freaky Friday switch. As far as the switch goes, it seems Betty took to it the most as she changed her demeanor the most. Not that she isn’t kick-ass, but she is the nicer of the four characters.

The start of the Riverdale scene, I was immediately seeing they were going for the Betty vs Veronica angle to the extreme. I like storylines where they are more friends/frenemies than outright dislike for each other. The Lodges were not painted in a good light and lacked redeeming qualities. I would have preferred Veronica to ride the line like Harley Quinn does in some storylines. Is she good? Is she bad? Neither… she is delightfully unapologetic for her ways.

The meta moments that stood out for me was Archie reading a Pureheart comic book. That confused me. I was also confused by The Joker showing up at the party. It appears he switched with Reggie? Or perhaps I read that part incorrectly.

Also, when Poison Ivy puts Smithers into a trance, my first thought was…why didn’t she just do that with Hiram?

Finally, what I loved was Sabrina being in awe of Zatanna. That was fun!

Some questions I have:

  1. Do you think this was the Riverdale universe or Gotham universe?
  2. Does this experience make Veronica and Betty better friends?
  3. Which DC character would be a better alternative to Archie in terms of the girls’ obsession?

(side note: I’m totally hunting for the Dan Parent cover variant. He’s my favorite. He even drew my engagement “photo”… ha)


We’re definitely going to get along then! lol :green_heart: :0_poison_ivy_tas: :poison_eyebrowhqtas:

Oh yes, definitely. :joy: Come by my Variant thread sometime @ctrl.flirt.del!

That’s AWESOME you have engagement artwork, btw!! :star_struck: They have it listed here for under $4


And I think Riverdale Universe, it should make them better friends, and…alternative to Archie? :thinking: I don’t know. That’s a great question!


I LOVE that HQ variant! It’s not in stock on MCS though. I’ll ask my local places.

As for who the Riverdale girls might fawn over… maybe Nightwing? Or Wally? Going off of some of the humorous exaggerations of Superman, it would be hilarious if he could never impress him no matter how cool his powers are.

Now my head is spinning on some more crossovers they can do. I have the Batman '66 crossover… Hmm, The Flash vs Jughead in an eating contest. Lex Luthor as the uncle of the Blossom twins. Black Canary joins Josie and the Pussycats. haha… we could go on.