Harley’s Crew | Book Club Wks 13 & 14: Harley Quinn: Black+White+Red 4-6

Hey everybody!
A few more issues have arrived here at DCU, (#6 lands this week) so we’re going to catch up w/ one more round! :black_heart::white_heart::heart:

Harley Quinn Black + White + Red (2020) 4-6

As always, we’ll take the first week (11/9 to 11/15) to read, and then discuss the book during the second week (11/16 to 11/22).

You know the drill: What did you love? What did NOT? What do you hope to see? Even if you’ve already read it—sharing is caring! See ya soon.

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Looking forward to rereading these awesome stories! :smiley:

Also, like last time, I do want to do another PSA: for issue 6 (which isn’t on the service YET, it will be on November 11th), it is a prologue to the recently started mini series “White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn,” which takes place after the events of the series Batman: Curse of the White Knight. So if you haven’t read it yet, you will get some fairly big spoilers, way bigger than what we saw in issue 1 with Harleen.


I’m loving this series. The diversity of stories is awesome. I’ll leave it there for now.


@Jay_Kay always looking out! :purple_heart: You’re awesome. I disagree a bit tho. I wouldn’t call it major spoilers. We’ve all seen the White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn covers, so we know she’s got kids and GCPD badge.

I actually didn’t care much for it (Curse of the White Knight), Great art, but felt like the same Bat-note, so I haven’t finished it—went straight into Black+White+Red and didn’t feel like it ruined anything. :woman_shrugging:t2: Unless one is particular about reading all the tie-ins…I’m not always that way. Obviously. :smile:


Heh, see, I was thinking more of how we find out that Bruce Wayne ends up being arrested at the end of Curse.


I know it’s a different story, so I won’t dwell too long, but gotta say: I was underwhelmed w/ that. Felt predictable. Therefore not major, imo. These books stand alone, and are about Harley. We get caught up w/o needing Batman’s story.


@Jay_Kay @Razzzcat

I had no context for any of that when I read B+W+R #6. I just figured it was a stand-alone story set in an alternate universe or something. It’s really good to know, though, because it made me realize two things today: 1) I haven’t read a modern Batman story in over 7 years. 2) I should really read the issue descriptions of these rather than just blowing through the reading on my smartphone while tweaking out on my morning cup of coffee.


That’s the way I see it too. An anthology series like this is always a good “jumping on” point, for newer readers, so thats the best way to approach it if you aren’t able to read ALL the things. :eyes: Did you enjoy this round?


@Razzzcat I did enjoy the reading! I’ll post my full reaction soon.


Me too. :purple_heart: See ya soon. :smile:


Issue 4: Very fun story, which is sort of surprising for me personally, because I feel like focusing on music in a silent medium like comics can be more miss than hit. The raps/burns were funny, and the twist of Joker’s “mixtape” was very satisfying. The art here was also so well done, very expressive and dynamic, necessary for a story that’s less action heavy.

Issue 5: For Riley Rossmo’s first forey into writing, this was pretty good. It definitely has a “making up a kid’s story on the fly” vibe and it feels authentic to the character. Also, Harley in a variant of the Starfleet skirt uniform was fun.

Issue 6: Another good one – this feels like it could have easily been an episode of B:TAS. This is I believe the first comic work from Katana Collins, who is Sean Murphy’s wife, and an accomplished prose romance writer, and while Sean seemingly co-plotted it, her script is strong and keeps to the same mood as White Knight. The art is also amazing – I love how they kept the red theme by making the linework red, which makes it stand out even from the other issues of this series.


Okay, I know I said I was sleepy during the Watch-A-Long, but I got my second wind. Here are my thoughts on B+W+R #4-6. There were some cool ideas in these issues and, also, some interesting ships for Harley. Let’s get to it.

Issue #4: In my last post, I said that I was a sucker for ideas from the past being reimagined in new and interesting ways. This was a great example of that:
Gotham MCs
(Boujee Bane is my favorite)
I like the idea that Gotham’s underground rap scene is inspired by super-crime. That’s good use of the collective universe and a great way to modernize old concepts. Also, is anyone really surprised that Joker’s rap tape is whack? Stay in your lane, clown-shoes…

Issue #5: Two words: Starro Burger
Starro Burger
Again, a great way to think of an old comic book concept a bit differently. And, yeah, I am Team Veggie with @Razzzcat, but Starro burgers are not a bad idea. The supply of mind-control starfish seems endless, so it’s probably better for the environment than beef, anyway… probably better for you too… if you can fight the urge to obey Starro.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong here, but is there an implied pairing of Harley and Plastic Man in this story?
Harley Plas
If so, I approve. Don’t get me wrong Harlivy fans, I’m not saying that Harley and Plas belong together, but I like the ship for at least this one issue. Harley and Plastic Man have a lot in common. They both have criminal pasts (Plas as “Eel” O’Brian) and they share a madcap sense of humor. Mostly, I like it because I’m a big fan of Jack Cole’s Golden Age Plastic Man stories. I’ve read a lot of Golden Age superhero material. Cole’s Plastic Man was unique for its humor and cartoon-like violence.

(from Police Comics #20)
I appreciate you, Plas…

Issue #6: This also had a different kind of pairing for Harley Quinn (if I’m reading into it right): Harley and the Batriarchy (thanks, again, @Mae)… or Harlarchy… Anyway, yeah, it was weird watching Harley write Batman a Valentine’s Day Card (and not have it attached to a bomb or something). I think I remember a B:TAS episode, though, where there’s a slight implication of this romance. I think it’s “Harley’s Holiday.” So, there’s at least some precedent. I don’t approve of this ship the same way I do with Plasley. I don’t think it’s meant to be between Harley and Bruce.

I liked seeing Harley outclass Robin, and I also enjoyed how this story referenced Batman '89 in quite a few ways (the art heist, “you wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses,” and Jack Napier). The thing I liked the most, though, was Matteo Scalera’s art. It really humanized Harley in a way I haven’t seen before.
Harley Mail Box

Anyway, that’s what I took from issues #4-6. This has been a fun series so far! I look forward to more as DCU releases them!


Hmm, now that you mention it, I can kind of see it. Certainly a better fit than other recent attempts like, say, Booster Gold.

Yeah, it’s a part of this different universe in White Knight/Curse of the White Knight. In fact, I believe they do reference that episode of BTAS in those comics at one point. It’s definitely the most unorthodox of the Harley pairings I’ve seen, but I think for that universe it works.

Also, if you haven’t read those books, I highly recommend them. Of course, Curse isn’t on here yet, but White Knight is, and we even did a book club entry for it over at WOB.



I did not know they tried to pair Harley with Booster Gold… Yeah, I don’t see it. I can only see Booster with Ted Kord (I’m kinda joking/kinda not…).

I’ve been considering giving White Knight a read after you mentioned issue #6 of B+W+R is set in the same universe. I’ll let you know if I do!


I agree with you on both. I enjoyed the art a lot and I felt conflicted on the V-card, but then I started thinking, it doesn’t have to mean anything romantic, it’s just a respect thing a friendship thing. Someone who she’s come to care about and want to have something to make them feel good. Also the kids wrote him cards too so… I don’t know where Ivy is in this universe but she could be off on a save the planet thing and will show up in later issues of the White Knight presents series that just started (new issue next week, yay).


Unfortunately they did. :neutral_face: It was…no. Just NO. They’ve tried to pair her up w/ all sortsa people and most of the time it’s kinda, meh (or :nauseated_face: patronizing), but I agree w/ Plastic Man. I’m still Team Ivy :wilted_flower:, but at least this one makes more sense. So I guess that’s something— dont want it in canon, but I’m all right w/ the implication.
I’m definitely NOT on board w/ the Valentine thing in issue 6. I know this is in a different universe, so I’ll play along, (maybe that means I’m conflicted like @ejdias.95910 :thinking:) but…Bats belongs w/ Selina and that’s just all there is to it. :black_heart:

And I loved the Starro Burgers! :raised_hands:


You may be on to something there, and I also don’t know enough about the White Knight universe yet to be able to say if the card was romantic or platonic. … That red envelope, tho…

But, yeah, I’m with @Razzzcat that Batriarchy and Catwoman is the true Bat-ship, Ivy is the one for Harley, and Starro Burgers will save us all.

As for Plas… at least he always has Woozy Winks.

(From Police Comics #13)


After reading :black_heart: :white_heart: :heart: #4,#5,#6, I enjoyed what they brought to the table. #4 showed what else Harley could do with her knowledge and practice of psychology, she could win a rap battle lol! I don’t know why I didn’t think of ever seeing her rap, I have seen her sing in the comics lol. I enjoyed watching her rap. #5 shows that you could really see her doing all those things if she sets her mind to it. I know it was just a story she was telling but I could see her doing those things she talked about whether it does end up working out or not. Starro burgers for example, I could see her running it even if it happens to not work out in the end. #6 gave me the connection I always thought she’d have with Bruce after she was no longer with the Joker, a mutual respect for one another and that they would actually be good pals, if not acquaintances.

Can’t wait for the next issue of :black_heart: :white_heart: :heart:


That’s sweet. I love Woozy. I didn’t think there were many comics I wasn’t aware of but I’ve never heard of police comics. I’ll have to investigate.


Yeah, it was from the tail end of Sam Humphres’ run. I think it was meant to be runover from their time together in Heroes in Crisis, but…yeah. At the very least, I think we can all agree that this isn’t the worst guy we’ve seen Harley date.

And yeah, please do! :smiley:

Yeah, ultimately I’m the same, but I’m more willing to forgive different pairings in adaptations/other media – like for example how it seemed like they were aiming to pair Batman with Wonder Woman in the DCEU.