Harley’s Crew | Book Club 28 | New 52 Anniversary: Harley Quinn 0-2

Hey everybody!
This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the New 52, so we’re going to take a quick look at the run that changed everything for our lady, Harley: :0_harley_quinn: Conner & Palmiotti’s 2011 series!

The entire run is open for discussion, but we’ll mainly be focussed on :face_with_monocle: the beginning:

:rotating_light: We’ve also got another issue of HQAS: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour available in our DCUI library. Our discussion can be found :arrow_right: HERE. :harleyquinn_hqas: :poisonivy_hqas: All are welcome- Stop by when you get a chance!

:books: This activity will be running all month long!

You know the drill: We’ll take the first 2 weeks to read (9/6–9/19), then discuss during weeks 3 & 4 (9/20–9/30): Did you enjoy them? Have you read them before? What did you think of the dialogue, plot or artwork? Anything about the the reading you’d like to discuss—Drop your thoughts below when you’re ready. :diamonds::black_heart: See ya soon!

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:boom: HQ #0 Director’s Cut


Alright! Another attendee for the New 52 10th Anniversary Party!
:partying_face: :tada: :superman: :0_harley_quinn:

Yes, I know the above Harley emoji is Rebirth-based, but it’s derived from Amanda Conner art, so…close enough. :wink:

wishes we had legit New 52 Harley emoji, especially of her Suicide Squad design


Yeah. It’s the closest pic we’ve got, and unfortunately my emoji makin’ days are a thing of the past for now.

SN: I wish her hair was always blonde, black and red. :black_heart::white_heart::heart:


I definitely recommend giving that a read at some point, gives a really cool behind the scenes look at the making of the story.

It’s funny you picked one of the pages that mention the contest, because that actually had some controversy at the time because the page was supposed to be used as a contest for a fan or new artist to draw as part of the story. But people at the time thought that DC was making light of suicide and thought it offensive. The fact that they announced this on the same week as International Suicide Awareness Day didn’t help much either.

They did choose a winner as mentioned, but for the book’s release they ended up changing the contents of the page.


Agreed Queen @Razzzcat- the pink and blue is fun but our girl looks her best with the blonde, black and red.


Woo-Hoo! Roller skatin’ Harls! :00_harley_quinn:


I wish she was a mix of redhead and brunette.

Of course, I’m biased as those are my top two favorite types of women, hair-wise.

IDK how well red and brunette would pair, but I’m eager to see, all the same. :slight_smile:


@DC89 :star_struck: :black_heart::white_heart::heart:

:raised_hands: :harley_delicioushqtas:

SN: I was so glad they included roller derby in BOP.


I know some people don’t like her super white skin, but I kinda like it (just like I prefer Ivy when she’s GREEN :0_poison_ivy_bombshells:) and I feel like the blonde roots go well. But, as a darkie, I gotta root for my fellow brunettes, so… :dancer:t2:

Agree. Definitely interesting to get a little behind-the-scenes l​:eyes:k.


I’d root for them too, along with redh-

suddenly sees the below image that he, up until now, had not seen but is very glad to have encountered


upon multiple views, his eyes roll back into his skull, a smile crosses his face and he says “The tongue.”, then lands on the ground with a thud, unconscious, but happy all the same


Oh man, I just realized – today on September 11, 1992, Joker’s Favor, the first episode of B:TAS that introduced Harley Quinn, debuted! Our girl’s turning 29 years old today! :cake: :smiley:


IKR? Loved watching Harls do her thing at the roller derby. :smiley: :00_harley_quinn:


Groovy! I’ll have to get a viewing in before the clock strikes midnight. Thanks for the 411. :harley_hv_1:

@DC89 Harley in the roller derby was one of my favorite scenes of BOP.