Harley’s Crew | Book Club 28 | New 52 10th Anniversary: Harley Quinn 0-2

Just some random thoughts on the New 52 Harley.

This was one of the two series that my girlfriend and I bonded over early in our relationship (the other being Azzarello’s New 52 Wonder Woman). That series has really informed the way I look at Harley and how much I enjoy her character. Most of the other places I frequent on the interwebs all have a huge distain for her which I’ve never understood. But then again, this series really changed her character for the better and I feel like the average comic fan still sees her as the B:TAS version and nothing more. It’s like, she’s changed a lot in 25 years and even more in the last 10 years.

Nicole and I were lucky enough to meet Jimmy and Amanda at the local comic-con and spent quite a bit of time at their booth. We bought multiple prints and Nicole got her Harley comics signed in addition to a Wonder Woman print and a couple of Harley ones. I got a Catwoman print and then while Amanda was the more popular of the two, I got to talk to Jimmy a long time and he gave me a great Jonah Hex sketch. They’re great people and it was such a pleasure to meet them. Even after meeting Jason Mamoa at our last convention in 2019, that one still remains the best one we’ve ever been to.


I’m a romantic at heart, so allow me to say “Awww.” That’s sweet. :blush:

I love how comics can bring people together in the best ways. :hugs: