DC History Club: Primate Peril, Gorillas, Monkeys and Chimps, Oh My?!

In the long and storied history of the DC History Club, we have never tackled a subject of greater importance or relevance to the fate of the make-believe world that we all spend far too much time worrying about. I’m of course talking about the existential threat posed to the DC Universe by primates. Non-human primates that is. Gorillas, chimpanzees, gibbons, monkeys, lemurs and more, all have spent 80 years attacking innocent people, punching superheroes, climbing random buildings and are otherwise engaging in destruction. These furry felons have robbed our banks, stolen our diamonds, and messed with our minds. Join us as we take a cursory and not particularly well-researched look at our knuckle-dragging cousins.

Primate History Challenge: Choose any of the issues identified below, read about these attacking aboreal apes (and monkeys) and tell us about them.
Post an image so we know which of these fur combing, bug eating mences to be aware of.

Suggested Incredibly Important Discussion Topics To Discuss:

  1. Tell us of your “favorite” non-human primate character. Bonus points for correctly identifying their species and criminal MO.
  2. Can any of these characters be trusted? Just because you have the power to turn yourself into a gorilla or have some top tier detective skills doesn’t mean we should trust you.
  3. Giganta was a gorilla at one time. Just think about that?
  4. Bushbabies are primates. Should we worry about those giant eyed critters?
  5. If you were a genius gorilla, why would you rob a bank?

Primate Fact Flinging: Fling some primate facts, for real primates or comic ones, at your fellow reader and see what sticks.



  1. Who is the most importantest, historically grande DCU primate?
  • Grodd
  • Titano
  • Detective Chimp
  • Ultra Humanite
  • Jimmy Olsen

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  1. Who is the most primate friendly superhero?
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Jimmy Olsen

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  1. What is the best DCU Ape power?
  • Kryptonite Vision
  • X-Ray Lazer Vision
  • Deduction Skills
  • Mind Control
  • Organizing Criminal Enterprises
  • Jimmy Olsen

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  1. What’s the most interesting settings for ape stories?
  • Courtrooms
  • Space/Alien Planets
  • Laboratories
  • Jungles
  • Jewelry Stores

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Stop monkeying around and take this prodigious primate primer quiz.

  1. What comic series did Detective Chimp debut in?
  • Action Comics
  • Detective Comics
  • Rex the Wonder Dog
  • Jimmy Olsen

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  1. In what decade did Gorilla Grodd make his first appearance?
  • 1940s
  • 1950s
  • 1960s
  • Jimmy Olsen

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  1. What is Bizarro Ape’s proper name?
  • Kookie Super Ape
  • Cookie Super Ape
  • Super Kookie Ape
  • Jimmy Olsen

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  1. If Batman doesn’t hold this gorilla over his head, the bomb the gorilla strapped to his own chest will explode, what’s that gorilla’s name?
  • Karmak
  • Kookie
  • Colosso
  • Jimmy Olsen

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  1. Gorillas with wings are common menace. In addition to attacking the United States Air Force in Strange Adventures, they fought this crime fighting duo twice in the 1960s.
  • Who are Batman & Robin?
  • Who are Hawkman and Hawkgirl?
  • Who are Superman and Jimmy Olsen
  • Jimmy Olsen

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  1. What species does Aquaman turn into during DC Super Friends #5?
  • Proboscis Monkey
  • Gorilla
  • Chimpanzee
  • Jimmy Olsen

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  1. In Action Comics #854 a Kryptonite radiated monkey grows enormous and attacks Metropolis. What superpowered costumed hero talks the monkey down instead of just punching him?
  • Superman
  • Superboy
  • Wonder Woman
  • Jimmy Olsen

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  1. In Justice League Dark, Detective Chimp inherits the Oblivion Bar from Jim Rook, the Nightmaster. Who tends bar?
  • Beppo
  • Traci13
  • Magical Elves
  • Blue Demon
  • Jimmy Olsen

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  1. You, Jimmy Olsen, and a duck walk into a bar. There in the corner, nursing a Zima is a primate who debuted in Adventure Comics #295. Who have you, Jimmy and the duck met?
  • Titano
  • The Kookie Super-Ape
  • Karmak

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  1. What color Kryptonite vision can The Kookie Super-Ape shoot from his eyes?
  • Red
  • Rainbow
  • Blue
  • Jimmy Olsen

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Bonus Question: 11. @msgtv insists that monkeys arrived in South America 100 million years after the continent split from Africa via what route?

  • Land Bridge from North America
  • Land Bridge from Antartica
  • Surfing
  • Jimmy Olsen

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Answer Key:

1. Rex the Wonder Dog
2. 1950s
3. Kookie Super-Ape
4. Karmak
5. Who are Hawkman and Hawkgirl
6. Proboscis Monkey
7. Jimmy Olsen
8. Traci13
9. Kookie Super-Ape
10. Blue
Bonus 11. Surfing on a vegetation matt blown from Africa during a storm

1-3. You’re a bushbaby with giant eyes you can use to read more comics
4-6. You’re a lemur, but not the one on PBS.
7-9. You’re a chimp with some detective skills
10+. You’re a giant gorilla with telepathy, z-ray lazer eyes and hip slang.


Reading lists provided by @TheRealDetectiveChimp

Congorilla Reading List

Justice League Of America vol 1 #144
Secret Origins #40
Justice League of America vol 2 #41-60

Grodd Reading List

The Flash #106
The Flash #107
The Flash #108
The Flash #115
The Flash #127
The Flash #155
The Flash #330
The Flash #331
The Flash vol 2 #45
The Flash vol 2 #46
The Flash vol 2 #47
Green Lantern vol 3 #30
The Flash vol 2 #69
Green Lantern vol 3 #31
The Flash vol 2 #70
Supergirl #3
Supergirl #4
Salvation run #4
Action comics #893
The Flash #9 (New 52)
The Flash #13 (New 52)
The Flash #14 (New 52)
The Flash #15 (New 52)
The Flash #16 (New 52)
The Flash #17 (New 52)
Justice League #1-7 (Rebirth)

Gleek Reading List

Super Friends #7-38
Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1-6 (Wonder Twins side comic)
Wonder Twins #2-12

(He was also in a couple issues of Young Justice Rebirth but not a lot major happened)

Primate Warning Selected Issues Wiki

Title Issue Character Note
Action Comics (38) 799 Monkey monkey mayhem’
Action Comics (38) 854 Titano Jimmy Olsen, as Mister Action, first ape who had been enlarged by Kryptonite Man, talks him down instead of punching
Adventures of Superman (13) 22 Titano
Aquaman Annual (95) 5 Ape King of the Seas Underwater Apes?!
Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Manga 10-12 Karmak Karmak the Professor Gorilla
Detective Comics (37) 339 Karmak Super Smart gorilla goes on crime spree
Flash (59 106 Grodd Starts here but it’s always with the Grodd
Hawkman (64) 6 & 16 Flying Gorillas Gorillas with wings
Human Defense Corps 2 Gorilla A gorilla in a lab coat cannot be trusted
Infinity Inc (84) 1, 2, + Ultra Humanite Big White Ape
Justice League (60) 45, 104, 186, 195 Shaggy Man technically not an ape, but who is he trying to fool
Justice League (60) 195 Ultra Humanite JSA/JLA fight Big White Ape and evil friends
Justice League Unlimited 29 Gorilla Gorilla punches Supes
Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth (72) 1-40 Apes everywhere
Lobo (93) 6 Bim Bim the Space Gorilla
Nightwing 23 Paper Monkey I don’t know, a monkey made of paper?
Nightwing (96) 45 Gorilla City Nightwing searches for Oracle in Gorilla City?!
Nightwing/Magilla Gorilla Special 2 Magilla Gorilla Not your friend
Scooby-Doo Team-Up 84 Titano, Mallah Double Ape Danger
Scooby-Doo Team-Up 94 Magilla Gorilla Not your friend
Secret Origins (86) 40 Grodd, Congorilla, Det Chimp Three apes in one
Strange Adventures (50) 201 Mod Gorilla Boss Gorilla in pinstrips grabs Animal Man
Super Friends (08) 5 JLA JLA goes full ape
Super Friends (76) 19 Orangutan Wonder Twin turns Ape
Superman Family Adventures 4 Titano, Beppo
The Brave and the Bold (55) 65 Mallah Doom Patrol and Flash vs Brotherhood of Evil
The Brave and the Bold (55) 140 Educated Ape Henchmen Wonder Woman and Batman fight Dimitrios and his educated apes
Tiny Titans 28 Titano, Beppo Two Apes
Wonder Woman Annual (17) 1 Gorilla City A city full of gorillas
Young Justice (13) 18 Gorilla City Gorillas Attack!

Potential Primate Perpetuators Wiki
We’ve attempted to list many of apes, chimps, gorillas, monkeys, and lemurs that could threaten our DCU community. If we’ve missed one, click on the wiki pencil to the right and add them.

Name and Note
Beppo: Debuted in Superboy #76, 1959 he was Jor El’s test monkey before he stowed away on Kal El’s ship. You know he’s carrying a grudge

Bim the Space Gorilla: Debuted and died in Lobo #6, 1994. He was a gorilla in space and he died

Brotherhood of the Monkey Fist: Debuted in Green Arrow #134 1998. Apparently a cult of monkeys or something. I don’t know haven’t read the stories.

Detective Chimp: Debuted in the Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #4, 1952, drinks too much and not actually associated with a law enforcement agency

Chandu: Debuted in Adventure Comics 219, 1955. Gorilla that drank kryptonite water and became super powered. Really just another bad guy for Superboy to punch.

Colosso, Giant Ape: Debuted in Superman #20 in 1940ish, punched in the tummy by fake hero named Herman

Congorilla/The Golden Gorilla/Congo Bill: Debuted Action Comics #248 1959. Dude turns into a Golden Gorilla. Only known specimen of Golden Gorilla. Not as interesting as James Robinson thinks it is.

Flying Gorillas: Debuted in Hawkman #6 1965, winged gorillas from the dimension of Illoral

Frankie the Monkey: Debuted in May 2008 in Justice Society of America #14. Has wings and has to be getting mighty tired of Cyclone’s wind – watch out.

Gleek: Debuted in All New Super Friends Hour in 1977 (First comic appearance was Super Friends #7, 1977). The Wonder Twins’ pet blue monkey

George (Gorilla Boss) – Debuted during February 1953 in Batman #75. Is a literal mobster’s brain in a gorilla’s body, can weld any weapon, and has already escaped death at least twice.

Gorilla Witch: Debuted Strange Adventures #166 in 1966. Other than a stylish eye patch that’s all we know.

Grodd: Deputed in Flash #106, 1959. Really why don’t the just retitle the series Flash and Grodd?

Jackanapes: Debuted in Batman: The Joker 23.1, died in Batman: The Joker 23.1. Thinks of the Joker as his papa

Karmak: Debuted Detective Comics #339 1965, genius gorilla straps bomb to his chest, does the same thing in a manga

Kookie SuperApe: aka Bizzaro Titano Debuted Adventures Comics #295 1962. Last appearance Adventure Comics #295 1962. Bizzaro ape with rad hair.

Lena the Lemur: Debuted in Showcase #48 1964 and resurfaced in Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye in 2017. It’s a lemur named Lena.

Lex Lemur: Debuted in Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew #14. Lex Luthor becomes even more diabolic by evolving on Madagascar separated from other primates.

Lorix aka Space Ape: Debuted during December 2016 in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #7. Was part of the Sinestro Corps and could always go back; looks real good in yellow.

Man-Ape aka Super Ape: Debuted Strange Adventures #32 in 1953. Genius gorilla with telepathic powers. That seems to be going around…

Mod Gorilla Boss: Debuted Strange Adventures #201 1967. Pinstrip suit wearing organized crime gorilla fights Animal Man. Just like the Sopranos.

Mogo Bat-Ape: Debuted Batman #114, 1958. Electrocuted into a frenzy he distracts from real thief. Vowing vengeance he becomes Bat-Ape.

Monsieur Mallah: Debuted Doom Patrol #86 1964. Great ape experimented on by scientist. Dates the Brain and wears a beret.

Robo-Octo-Ape: Debuted Superman #689 in 2009. Name is self-explanatory.

Sam Simeon: Debuted in Showcase #77, 1968. Represent perhaps the most dangerous of villains, the comic book artist. Does detective work as a side gig, I hear.

Sgt Gorilla: Debuted Star Spangled War Stories #126, escaped from USO show to be a leatherneck.

Shaggy Man: Debuted Justice League of America 1966. Technically he’s a shaggy synthetic man, but look at him. He’s not fooling anyone

Silverback: Debuted in Blue Beetle #3 in January 2012. Part gorilla, part robot. Probably ready to take over the world at a moment’s notice.

Solovar: Debuted in The Flash #106 in May 1959. Literal king of gorillas. Could wipe any mind he wanted. (He’s a little hurt that he wasn’t already on this list tbh).

Titano: Debuted in Superman #127 159. Originally a space test monkey who shot kryptonite lasers from his eyes.

Ultra-Humanite: Debuted in Action Comics #13, 1939. Ultra has been a man, a woman, I seem to remember a spider-bottomed person, but loves being a giant bald white ape.


Primates in Comics
Got a good resource on the history and appeal of primates in comics? Click the wiki pencil to the right and add below.

Why Apes?

Apes in comics


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Star Spangled War Stories #126 had Sgt. Gorilla: