DC History Club June 2021: Supergirl Being Super and Her Creators


Can Supergirl be too sweet?


But it sold many dolls
Excuse me
Action Figures
But with much
More wardrobe.

Super Heroes Girls
Version 1.0


I’ve always liked the character in its many iterations. (Although I’d have loved to have seen the silver age SG tell Clark to pound sand.)

I think she’s at here best in iterations where she is actually more powerful than Superman. Usually because she “metabolizes” yellow sun radiation more efficiently.

I also have liked the trend that was established in the late Bronze Age & JLU of putting her in the “juniors fashion” & hairstyles of the period. It seems so on point. Although, I must confess, I’m a sucker for any suit incarnation that includes a skirt. It’s a very simple way for her to separate herself from Superman.

If you haven’t read Crisis on Infinite Earths (COIE) I strongly recommend it. It really shows off how truly heroic and what a total badass the character can be. She’s the only “super” that is really capable of doing the anti-monitor damage. And Kara and Barry going out in back to back issues. What a gut punch combo.

My only gripe with DCSHG the series, is that they should have left her as Power Girl. Her personality in that series fits PG better than SG.


Thanks very much for your input.

We already covered Supergirl’s costumes so I decided to see how Linda Lee Danvers looked.

I found that
Mike Sekowsky
Didn’t use Linda
Very much in her
Adventure Comics run

A typical image is

Carmine Infantino
Made her as fashionable
As he made Iris West

I was amased that
Carmine was her artist
For a while
He was one of the top
Artists at the time

It was mainly
The stories
That let Kara Down

Until 1982
She shared page counts
With other characters
And there was no continuity even
After she finally got
Her own title

Both boyfriends
And female friends
After being introduced in one issue.

The only standout issues was the
Supergirl and Krypto
In space arc recently

It started out strong
But was ruined
When it had
To integrate
With the Bendis mess of
Crazy Jor el
And misused Jon Kent and Lois Lane.

Power Girl at least had her Amanda Conner issues.

The greatest Supergirl title was by Peter David
But that was not
Kara Zor el


Some links
From Clubs and individuals


I’d disagree on the greatest run being Peter David’s. I prefer the Daring New Adventures of Supergirl (Kupperberg & Infanto) which changed to just Supergirl after the first 12 issues.

It was near the end of the Bronze Age, which I find the best Age of comics to date. The blend of serious & grounded characters that still had a bit of absurdist flavor. Comics are slightly absurd to begin with. Just roll with it.

I’m in total agreement on the Conner PG run. As it used comedy, especially sardonic humor. At a time (2009) when female character design was under attack. They leaned into the idea rather than away from it.
Random character: You just saved me from falling off that skyscraper. How can I ever thank you!
Power Girl: How about looking me in the eyes when you talk to me. They’re up here.

So on point. It even touches on why her suit has the “boob window” and her explanation is quite an emotionally loaded answer. Karen Starr takes no $**t.

Supergirl never appeared on Earth-2. PG was the Supergirl of Earth-2. Even going so far as to start her off as thinking she was Superman’s cousin. Superman thought so as well.


This is Worlds Finest 0

PG is Supergirl on Earth 2

Just as Huntress is Robin

Kara calls Superman
Cuz on this page

Also in Earth 2 Issue 27
She is the Adopted Daughter of
Clark and Lois Kent



Super Heroes Girls
Version 2.0


Earth-2 did have a Dick Grayson Robin. He had grown and went off on his own. Kinda like a way more heroic and far less annoying version of Nightwing. (I have never been a Nightwing fan)
Also, Earth-2 Robin had a grey costume, which is the best Robin costume ever.

The way they handled Earth-2 variants, especially PG and Robin was very good counter point to Earth-1 Supergirl and Robin. And, especially in Supergirl’s case, it set her apart as a unique character in the DC Mythos.


We are talking

Silver Age Earth 2 Robin, first seen in a JLA / JSA teamup

All Star Comics 58 and up Earth 2 Power Girl


New 52 Earth 2 Supergirl
Who uses Power Girl name on Main Earth

New 52 Earth Robin, daughter of Batman and Catwoman, uses Huntress name on main Earth

Two different versions

Neither exist any more

Helena Wayne will be Batwoman in future

As for PG,
Seen in Background shots
But not yet spoken
In Rebirth or later
(Except maybe Harley / PG which I have not read)

Of course
Now ‘everything happened’

So who knows?


There have been so many “reboots” since COIE, it is hard to keep track. It took DC 35 years to “reboot” with COIE. In the last 35 years there been 5 or 6 crisis level events. I hope the rebirth continuity finally sticks.

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There is probably a ‘just turning into teen ager’ Dick Grayson Robin in the Earth where Batman from Detective 27 is still fighting criminal more than 80 years later, barely aged at all


I do think that is one of the things about Supergirl I’ve always liked. She’s always a heroes journey and “coming of age” and trying to step out of Superman long cast shadow wrapped into one. There are so many ways to do an arc like that, but doing it well, not simple.

I gotta admit that the STAS-JLU arc is one of the best I’ve seen. It hits all the points and merges them as a seamless arc. Gotta give Timm mad props on that.


Supergirl 1984 movie




Supergirl tv show


Until you said it

I didn’t realize how
was a complete
Hero’s Journey
Many years

I didn’t even consider
Such episodes
As the one with
Green Arrow and Question
Or the conflict between
Kara and her PG lookalike clone

Interesting that the last season of JLU
Happened accidently

The Legion story,
Which connected
The advanced technology of Krypton
To the tech of the 31st Century
Made the end of
Kara’s journey obvious
(That and, of course, the boy)

Kara was 21
And made the best decision for her.

I wouldn’t have minded
That Legion series either.


Of all the issues
That Supergirl
Was in since
Action 252 in 1959

What were your favorites?

Any titles
That I should add
From what
I already mentioned?