DC History Club & Harley’s Crew present 📺 BATMAN RETURNS 💥 MONDAY 12/13 @ 6pm PST/9pm EST

:loud_sound: Please fasten your seatbelts, cats and kittens, for we’ll be embarking on a perilous trip through both time & space to the charmingly creepy and mischievous land known as Tim Burton’s Gotham City! :tada: :bat: :catwoman_hv_1: :penguin:

Details below…

Batman Returns (1992): It’s the holiday season​:christmas_tree:but in Gotham it comes w/ more than just snow and lights… it comes w/ black mail, theft, puns, penguins, murder, mystical cats, splosions, :boom: and mysterious new rogues!! Batman must protect the city from the sewers to the rooftops - Will he save the day (and realize he just met his future wife)?! Gotta tune in to find out. :popcorn: Hope to see you here!


:boom: Scavenger Hunt: #cobbsquad4lyfe :0_catwoman:

:boom: Club Collab: (Aka polls n’ other rad stuff, starting w/ movie trivia after the WAL) Please see below.:point_down: And, as always, everyone’s invited! :tada:

You’ll need your own access to the movie. It’s available on HBOMax or you can rent it right :arrow_right: HERE.

Be ready to hit PLAY at the moment of truth and if you get lost, we got you—just ask and we’ll get you on track.
Rated: PG-13, Runtime: 126 minutes

:dc_history_club: :harleys_crew: Contact @Razzzcat or @msgtv below if you have any questions.



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:00_dc_2016: And from our library: :closed_book:

:that_black_label_life: Batman/Catwoman 1-4

:tophat: Penguin Triumphant 1

:catwoman_hv_5: Catwoman (1988) 1-4

:boom: Batman Returns Comic Adaptation

And here’s some other stuff™️

And this…for holiday atmosphere! :snowman_with_snow: :dancer:t2: (I triple dog dare anyone :eyes: not to enjoy this festive cover on some level).


got my snacks!



High fiber. I approve. :wink:


Setting the mood:


Excellent :notes::dancer:t2: …the Catladies like Siouxsie. We approve of that too.
Look how happy they are!


Nifty, and in advance of the 30th anniversary next year!

Now, I find that my interest in Watch-Alongs is slowly coming back. If I attend, can I bring some toys?

To ever so slightly paraphrase a line of Penguin’s from the flick, the above Catwoman from Mattel is most definitely “Just the ***** you’ve been looking for.” :smirk: :full_moon_with_face: :wink:

SN: If anyone’s watching the 4K edition, I might be further influenced to attend, so as to compare notes/thoughts on the transfer.


I have such a fondness for this movie, so I’m totally down :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


My favorite Xmas movie and, maybe, my favorite Batman movie!


I’ll be here! :batman_hv_2: :catwoman_hv_3: :00_batman_1992:


Goofball me forgot that the Cardinals play next Monday night, so…I’ll have to bow out for this one, unfortunately. Like Puddy said on Seinfeld, “Gotta support the team!”

notes that in his support of his team, that he will never paint his chest as Puddy did

I’m going to put this in my WAL chair though, so I’ll kind-of be here, via a toy that I had for one day in 1992:



I’m loving all these post! In the last couple of years I’ve been watching this movie alot on DC Universe, DVD & HBO Max.
I enjoy every bit of the film. At the time when the movie first came out, I didn’t like it and Danny Devito ruin The Penguin for me.
It would be years later that I started to like the movie and gain respect for it. I’m still thankful that I’ve got a McDonald’s kid’s meal toy of The Penguin before it was removed!:grin:
Beside Burgess Meredith, I do like to imitate Danny Devito’s Penguin.
(Thanks to The Batman 2004), I became a fan of the Penguin once again and this time for good! Can’t wait for The Batman (2022) next year! Already I like to imitate Colin Ferrell’s Penguin! :penguin_starehqtas:
As for Catwoman, she’s totally awesome! She was far different and (Dare I say) better then the Batman (1966) TV Show Catwoman! :catwoman_hv_5:
As for Batman… we see him alot more of being a Detective then a crime fighter, which I like that. All in all was a great film, ahead of it’s time. :batman_hv_1:

This movie did help to make way for my all time favorite animated series, which came out later in the fall of September.


Dude, if you’re able, check out the 4K release of Batman Returns.

Once you do, you’ll likely quote the Ice Princess (whom I had a childhood crush on) and say “How about that?”.

SN: Just where is the Ice Princess action figure? Don’t tell me kids wouldn’t buy a figure of this lovely lady…


…because by Kane and by Finger, this kid would have, and this adult at heart most certainly will, should said lovely lady’s figure come to be.

sits back and imagines the Kenner Ice Princess figure that never was, then smiles and sighs happily

Your Penguin impression is aces! I hope we can hear it again, sometime. :slight_smile:

IDK if I should go into details as to what a latex-clad Michelle Pfeiffer did for my then 9 year-old mind when I was in the theater in 1992, but…yeah, she’s awesome, alright. :star_struck:

Prior to the release of Batman Returns, I was already a huge fan of Catwoman (thanks to Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether and Eartha Kitt), but Ms. Pfeiffer just ramped up that fandom to a whole new level.

X-Men, right? :wink:


I will take any opportunity to spam penguins :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: especially with rockets!! :boom:

This image reminds me of that drinking game where you use a hat on the corner of the tv and take a drink whenever someone on screen “wears” the hat. I happen to have a festive hat. I happen to have a screen. Let’s do this :sunglasses:


slides a “I highly enjoy the idea behind your drinking game, and would like to participate in it at a time where the Cardinals don’t temporarily out-prioritize DCUI.” note under @iJest’s door

My birthday’s in January, so…glasses up, then? :clinking_glasses:


There will always be more time for drinking games! :tumbler_glass:

-sends a letter via snail mail. gotta give the snails a job, and there’s plenty of time if we have until January- What do you wanna watch? Let us know~ I can bring the hats


Woo! :batparrot: :superman_hv_4:

notes that he’s ever so very eager to cut loose, albeit in a responsible way

Responsible until at least 10. Then the Dr. Pepper comes out. :clark_hv_5:

taps chin in thought as he looks outside

Dunno, but I’ll LYK. I’m not going to host a birthday gig for myself (that’d be a little odd), but if a WAL of interest should happen at that time, I’ll LYK to bring the hooch and DC-themed shot glasses to it. :grin:

Would you happen to also have wee, teeny-tiny hats? Maybe wee, teeny-tiny sammies as well? Asking for a…friend. :smirk: :full_moon_with_face: :shushing_face:


Now I’ll have to stalk your posts to see if there’s a reference to which day in January, lol.

:thinking: Y’know, I don’t have any tiny hats. Looks like I should do some shopping… Maybe a fez? I’m sure that obtaining a cat-sized hat won’t cause any trouble in my household, nope, not at all. plz check on me in a few weeks and if no response ask Figaro where he hid the body

Oh so you’re one of those people who love miniature things, right? xD I’ll see what I can do.


Or…just wait until the day you see a birthday cake above my posts. :wink:

I would totally rock a fez while downing a shot in a Power Girl shot glass (replete with Adam Hughes art). Just sayin’…

Well, I have shelves full of miniature people (“action figures” as they’re known), so yeah, I guess I dig tiny things. :nerd_face:

OTOH, there are some big things that I love and-

is yanked off-stage, then replaced by Bette Midler

What? A guy is about to profess his love for big slices of pizza, and then you just pull him off-stage?

Showbiz, feh!

blows raspberry, then heads to the Cobalt Club


:thinking:This give me an idea…Can’t wait til January!:grinning: