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Love that idea @Sean-Malloy! Hope it would happen someday.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @Jitsu :batman_hv_1:,
It’s your friendly neighborhood Reaganfan78! Hope you’re doing well. :slightly_smiling_face:
My question is, will we see a February comic books release this week? Thankyou for your time as always. :nerd_face::books::books::books::books:


Heya Jitsu! I got a random question for you. What’s your favorite live-action iteration of Penguin? I feel like some are extremely different than others.


Hi @Jitsu , since the new year is well underway, what upcoming DCUI events should we be on the lookout for?


Also @Jitsu , inquiring minds want to know, not including current BatFamily members, which DC Character would you like to be Batman for awhile, if he and all Batfamily members disappeared for a time.


I appreciate the answer. I think community does make a huge impact. As mentioned I’m not big into DC Comics - I don’t even know where to start. I almost didn’t jump on DCI either - but tbh the community aspect sold me. Now if another company had a similar offer but lacked the community aspect I’d be more reluctant for sure.


This is magnificent. :100:


Well, we’re glad you’re here!

If you’re ever interested in getting some starting points to get into DC Comics, let us know. We have lots of folks around here that would gladly give you some recommendations!


Before Batman '66 met the Man from U.N.C.L.E. in a six issue mini-series back in 2016, both had something else in common. Or, more precisely, someone. Beginning with a juvenile graphic novel (ala Whitman publications of that time) in 1965. Then following up with a story in Detective Comics # 500, published in 1981. Renowned Shadow author Walter B. Gibson would write his first and only Batman adventure for that Anniversary issue. Sixteen years earlier, a prose Man from UNCLE gn (w/illustrations) appeared on the newsstands without fanfare of any kind. It was titled “The Coin of El Diablo Affair.” This too would be a one 'n done “affair” (pun intended). Memorable stuff, for fans and collectors of all three! Thus endeth today’s Trivia Corner!

Well, 'til Damian Wayne meets Wednesday Addams …

Stay safe, be well.


@Jitsu any thoughts on Brendan Fraser’s Oscar nomination?


Question for @Jitsu this week - any discussions at all about the Exclusive DC Universe Infinite Original titles and when we might see them land on here? That was something that was promised to us back in 2020 when they announced the change from video to just comics (screenshots below) and is something we have yet to see. I get that comics take a long time to create but as we’re now over two years into DC Universe Infinite I was wondering if that’s still in the works. I really hope it is as that was a big factor in my decision to continue my subscription back then.


Hey, Jitsu! I’ve noticed that for the past couple weeks, the main page for DCUI hasn’t been updating with the new releases at midnight EST as they used to. Has there been a change in schedule?


I think that sounds rad! Hopefully something like this can exist in the future. Now my question for you is: in a perfect world, who’s voicing all the heroes? :thinking:


Two of Siegel and Shuster’s DC creations appeared briefly in other companies’ comic books: Dr. Occult’s name was altered, but since 4 of 5 chapters of the story arc ran in New Fun Comics, the one chapter appearing elsewhere was definitely the Occult character. And Bart Regan (of the Detective Comics’ feature “Spy”) had his initial appearance for a different company (and no name change even attempted there).
Do you know of other instances where DC and another company were sharing the same character at approximately the same time?


Hey there!

Love this question. I think my current favorite has to be Colin Farrell’s portrayal from last year’s The Batman. Grounding the character in more of a real, gritty mobster felt super genuine to me–I can absolutely see a real-life crime boss in his image.

Contrast that with Danny Devito’s portrayal from 1992’s Batman Returns (my second all-time favorite), it’s pretty amazing to see the evolution of the character.

Fortunately for us, there’s plenty of Penguin content to come! Which is your favorite of the live-action Penguins?



That’s correct! New releases lists will go out on Tuesday mornings going forward.


Great question! Yes and yes–lot’s to look forward to, starting next month! Here’s a peak and what’s to come:

  • February Q&A (just announced!): Celebrating Milestone’s 30th anniversary with Leon Chills

  • February Book Club: I wasn’t planning to announce this for another few days, but since you asked–we’ll be reading Icon & Rocket Season One, #1 and #2! Keep an eye out for more details soon.

  • New Fanworks Window: Reopening the official DC Fanworks submissions in just a few days!

  • Giveaways: Starting within the next month or so, we’re going to start doing regularly scheduled giveaways. These could be things like signed books, or even vouchers to the DC Shop! We’re tying up a few more details, but we’ll have some info to share soon.

Lot’s more coming, but these are some exciting highlights I figured I’d share. Lot’s to look forward to!


I haven’t been made aware of any specific plans around DCUI originals, but I’ll certainly ask and see what the deal is there. DCUI was announced before my time at DC started, but it definitely seems like an awesome opportunity!


Hmmmm :thinking:

Lots to choose from here…

I think I’d be interested in seeing John Constantine don the cowl for a bit. His stature and appearance seems about comparable to Bruce, and he certainly has the brains for it in my opinion. I think he would have to change up his fighting style, since so much of his work would be taking out all levels of street thugs in close quarters combat–but it would be cool to see him also use some of his magic as Batman too. Throw in a modified (but still tactical and awesome) Batsuit, and I think we have ourselves a pretty fun crossover.

Who would you pick?


The only thought I have about it is “WOOOOO!!”.

I think Brendan Frasier is just so incredibly talented, and deserves all the recognition for his phenomenal work. From Doom Patrol to The Mummy, the films that he’s been involved in have been better for it. I still haven’t seen The Whale, but I have plans to watch it soon!