Amazons Attack (2023) | Book Discussion | Spoilers Ahead

After #5 debuts on Ultra :notes: “in the not-too-distant future” :notes: and I’ve read it, I’ll send you a telegram, my good, fellow Zealot-loving, buddy!


Once I read it, I will send Hoppy post haste! That’s right, I said post haste! You KNOW that means I’m serious


My likening of your use of “post-haste” (which was the bee’s knees) arrived toot sweet and then some. :+1:t2:




Those raccoons are full of Pep and moxie (and probably piss and vinegar, depending on how long they can hold it and on how much vinegar they can safely consume), no doubt!


Ive been really enjoying this book title aside. A title which im assuming was chosen in an effort to try and eclipse the other book and replace it in search results…Which might have worked if this was more than just a six issue miniseries.

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I feel like that is an accurate mindset for Amazons of the Bana-Mighdall. They are well aware of how harsh and cruel the world can be. But I also like Nubia’s response and how she views the role of Themyscira and how she hopes to present the Amazons to the rest of the world.

This is also a reminder of why I’m annoyed they canceled the last Wonder Girl book. I want to know more about the South American Amazons and get a good handle of hoe exactly they differ philosophy-wise from the other tribes. We got hints and such, but I want to spend more time with them.

I’m also surprised that issue 6 is gonna be the final one. I could have seorn this was billed as an ongoing book. But I swear, if anything happens to my babies (Yara, Cassie & Mary) then I’m destroying everyone!


Sigh, likewise. Even when it ended it was never stated to be a miniseries.
I like the nice callback to an older villain. Spiffying her up with a new name and coat of paint

#5 is new to Ultra and will be my first read this week…after Power Girl #6.


Final issue is here. Which is weird because I could have sworn this was initially announced as an ongoing title. But regardless, here it is

Pretty good, I do like the villain and their backstory. Apparently, this is supposed to give the Themyscirans a “new” origin. But…it really isn’t. Post-Crisis, the origin of the Amazons was that the souls of women of Hades were given new physical forms, crafted by the goddesses. This origin in Amazons Attack doesn’t change that. I could be missing something, but this isn’t a “new” origin

Regardless, I ended up enjoying this Amazon focused book and enjoyed the interactions between everybody.

I like this shot of the WGs and Mary wearing the same shirt

And I guess Hoppy is staying with the Bana-Mighdal? I don’t care, this panel is still amusing

I really enjoyed this mini and wished it was not only a mini.
Gimme more Amazon stuff~