Young Justice: Phantoms Spoilers Discussion

Yeah it’s got to be Todd. In an episode from season 3 when Batman’s team is leaving the island he says, “Gray-son”, and Ra’s says, “you’re starting to remember.”


This episode…wow! That fight in the dark was amazing. Loved the intrudes in Smallville where they tried to explain death to Jon.

This was an outstanding arc.


This was one hell of an episode! I hope Jade’s road to redemption is one that will actually happen, I need her and Will to get back together and to raise their baby girl together.

Zatanna Zatarra, here we come!


Great take on Clark in this episode. Shows his vulnerable, human side. Not just his talk with Jon, but also listening to his Mom.

Still not convinced Kon is dead, though.

Now, as someone that will always prefer Cassandra Cain’s original origin (which honestly has begun to feel underrated and underappreciated in the past several years), I will say that this is a good take, as well. While it does involve other characters, takes a few twists, the still felt like it was on Cass, not a lesser character that needed to be shoehorned in. Even running Shiva through wasn’t really too far for the character, because she could be brutal if she wanted, or felt it was necessary, though she would always stop shy of lethality (like cutting her half-sister’s Achilles Tendon in Redemption Road). Now, the apparent temptation to end Shiva is, in this case, understandable, since what turned her wasn’t killing someone, but hitting the wrong target because of someone’s sacrifice play.

A little uncertain about the kinder, gentler Ra’s al Ghul Rehab Clinic, and leads one to believe “Red-Hooded Ninja” won’t be quite so aggressive as his comics counterpart. Potentially, at least.


I always viewed Ra’s as more a Char Aznable character, willing to end the earth and most of humanity yes, but not all of it. a charismatic and caring leader is how you make true fanatic loyalty.


This episode was particularly good with the animation and action sequences. It was a great arc altogether. I’m loving the self-contained spread of 4 episodes that they’ve been doing. I want them all to come out together so I can binge.


I can’t help but notice at the end of the episode that Talia did not seem to look pleased with the direction Ra’s has taken the family’s business…or she just does not like Jade for the comments she made about Damian.
wait…I wonder if the UN in the episode beforehand was meant to represent when Jason died.


Oof, what an episode.

I’m not convinced that Kon is dead. But that scene with Clark, Jon, Lois and Martha was beautiful. They are really trying to sell Kon’s death. I hope he really isn’t though.

That fight scene was gorgeous. It was everything I wanted. Shiva is such a great character. Seeing Cassandra struggle with herself was very well done too.

I’m not too sure about the situation on Infinity Island though. Seems a bit suspicious to me. “Oh yeah, we totally brainwashed you” really wasn’t the way I thought Sensei was gonna go. Ra’s didn’t seem like himself either. He smiled? Does he know how to do that? That can’t be right.

The credit scene was another reminder of Wally. I really am hoping they bring him back. But Kon and Wally coming back might be too much to ask for. I can dream though.

Overall, great episode. Can’t wait to see what’s next.


Oh yeah, totally. Except for the kid’s voice which has been an ongoing issue with the show since they have adults playing the children. But Clark’s explanation about death and his emotional turmoil was quite touching. I didn’t expect the feels I got from it.


I don’t know about that. Todd had his memorial shown in the Team’s base in Season 2, and Orphan didn’t show up until Season 3.

Therein lies the trouble, doesn’t it? On one hand, many of us would prefer him to be alive. On the other hand, they’ve put so much effort into making it clear, that if they backtrack, it kind of makes his sacrifice feel rather pointless.

I mean, when he has the upper hand or doing his megalomaniac thing, yeah.
But maybe he had some revelation in between seasons. Quit the Light, left the Shadows to Shiva, apparently–

–wait, is Ra’s having a midlife crisis?!


Oh, that’s right I Forgot about that it’s been a while since I watched season 2.

I also just realized the Shiva Cassandra scene was inspired by the scene from Return of the Jedi where Luke takes Vaders hand then refused to kill him.


Overall, great episode and a good ending to the arc, while leaving things open for a followup in the second half of the season.

I am somewhat unconvinced that Lady Shiva could have survived that wound, but whatever.


No son, you cannot dream. You have to accept that the dead stay dead except for Hawkman, Jason, Hawkman, yourself, Hawkman, Hawkman’s son, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, Hawkman, Hourman, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Dick, Hawkman, myself, Hawkman, Superman, Hawkman, Superboy, Hawkman, Barry, Hawkman, J’onn, Hawkman, Jim Corrigan, Hawkman…


Another arc ended.

Very awesome™:+1: episode.

First The Kent home. A very sweet and sad moment of Supes explaining death John and then him after still hurt. Very sad stuff. Do still think Con will be back though.

Then the fight. The plans revealed and the awesomest™:+1: shadow fight ever ensues. The team escapes because of Shade. Alway a gent now repaying the favor and is gone. The Shiva and Cass go one more time. For that epic conclusion.

The the Crocks think thing are good the big revelation with Jade. Great stuff. Now Ra’s is rehabilitating shadows. Interesting turn for him. Probably his way of sticking it to them after leaving them and the light.

Who’s next for there adventure? Will Conner return? Or is he dead for good? All this and more Same Whelmed Time Same Whelmed Channel


Young Justice is setting an awesome example of how any show -in its genre- should be…
Full of interesting characters that develop throughout the season, a worthy plot of their glory and a mystery that unfolds episode by episode.
This show is so underrated. :relaxed:


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I agree that Young Justice has some great themes and does a great job with it’s plot lines. I’m real excited for the rest of the season.


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Not to mention the focus on the OG Team is making the season all much better, instead of focusing on a million new characters.


I’m still waiting for…

Hopefully, tomorrow. But, I’ll be up tonight at 3am EST to find out. She looked great in the intro, but, no appearances yet? Loving it tho btw. Hoping for more LOSH characters as well. Seen a few peeks, but their hiding out. Watching over & waiting for some type of event to occur?…


BB sure seems to be borderline suicidal. Maybe that’s how they’re getting rid of him. Nit: you can’t purchase real sleeping pills over the counter.You need a prescription.

Liked Zee’s squad, though Klarion was kicking their butts at the end. Was expecting Mary to say Shazam…