Young Justice: Phantoms Spoilers Discussion

I didn’t see a thread for this already so I figured I’d start one.

I know the first two episodes just dropped but has anyone else watched yet? What did you guys think?


I just finished the two episodes and…I really hope this storyline doesn’t drag on too long. We’ve got at least one more on Mars. I don’t know, having this at the start of the season just seems off; like this could’ve waited for the middle of the season.

I wasn’t a fan of the latter-half of the third season, so I’m grateful we’re away from the Outsiders for a while, but I was hoping we’d get back to stories with the original team. Having Superboy, Miss Martian and Gar on Mars alright, but I miss the rest of the team. They got sidelined last season for new characters and Gar’s Outsiders which didn’t work for me.

I feel bad for being so negative. But it’s still early and maybe this is setting something up for later down the line. I just saw how last season took a turn in the wrong direction and I’m worried we’ll never get what made those first two seasons so enjoyable again.


I liked the first two episodes. I enjoyed seeing the small group in the beginning of the first episode. Harper and Cullen!! But I didn’t expect to spend so much time on Mars.

Usually, this show has been good about switching between multiple storylines at once and I always liked that. I realize now how much I actually liked that. I love Connor, Gar and Megann. But after being used to flipping between a lot for 3 seasons, 2 straight episodes of the same was a little tough. But I do like the direction they are heading.

I am liking the Legion/Apokolips storyline that seems to be growing. Should be really interesting to see how that connects to Earth and whatever is happening there.

I liked the credit scenes. The first one with Violet and the second one with Gar and Perdita. They add a lot to the episodes and characters.

I am still holding out hope for a return of Wally somehow. But I know that is probably not going to happen. But I can dream, right? :sob:


I hope we get off Mars soon. I really do.

I’m intrigued to see the Legion. I’m really looking forward to where that is going.

My hopes for this season are we get more of the original team, we ditch the Outsiders and we get back to a more focused narrative…and, of course, Wally.


Kari Wahlgren once again reprising Saturn Girl!


Just finished them and I was not expecting to spend almost the entirety of both episodes on Mars. I don’t mind it but It’s not my favorite either. I can’t fully get into all the Mars stuff. I thought we would still be switching to other storylines like usual but I do remember that they said we were going to focus on a smaller group this season (the original group) so I can only assume that the other members of the original group will have the same amout of time focused on their stories as well.

This is still interesting and I’m still excited and surprised it’s even here already. I was expecting maybe an announcement of a release date not “go watch it now!” :grinning:


Yeah, when the trailer was just “Streaming now” I almost didn’t understand. :laughing: I was still looking for the release date.


Yea when I saw streaming now it’s like my brain froze. I think that may have been the best part of Fandome.


I was not expecting to see J’emm and Ma’alefa’ak! If the comics are any indication, things are about to get really interesting on Mars.


Spoilery stuffs follow:

YJ Spoilers

For a long, long time now, I’ve theorized that the creators of Young Justice wanted to tip their hats to the OG Mars IP: Barsoom ( i. e. John Carter of Mars). From the Green/White/Red races to the naming conventions, they’ve always strongly hinted at this inspiration, and these episodes just reinforce my suspicions.

In addition, in my own personal headcanon, I’ve always thought that the red people of Saturn might have a genetic root in the red people of Mars. And then in 402, the YJ folks gotta go and name the Martian prince like that …

…you know, J’emm, son of Saturn.

Mind blown.


M’arzz isn’t bothering me-- it’s focusing on three characters so intently that’s thrown me a bit. Quality is high, but the opening titles seem to suggest some major return to the original Young Justice Team last together at the end of the first season.

And… why is Phantom Girl blue?

Oh, and @Don-El-- the Legion has returned to animation…


Oh, and I feel like these episodes got released a couple weeks early!


I saw the rings but not the rest so I’m gonna close my eyes



One like the opening theme is back. That’s great.

Kicks off with the wedding of Miss M and Superboy. Very sweet with a lot of nice moments at the lake and such.

Very cool seeing Mars. Always enjoy seeing more of it. And looking at the city cultures colors are great. As Race seem to still be a large issue among Mars in many adaptations for DC.

Cool to see the family and such. Interesting with the Zeta Tube. Was scared for a sec when Manhunter “died”.

Beast boy dealing with a lot. Missing his team and Girlfriend. The responsibility getting to him. His Puffy thing was great though.

The Legion appears. As it seems it’s Saturn Girl Phantom Girl and Chameleon Boy.

The end credits talks are cool. Very interesting.

And Darksied continues to play his game. Interesting.

Is this the end of Mars? Can they discover the murderer of the former King? Will The marriage happen? All this and more Same Whelmed Time Same Whelmed Channel


I put it in another post, but I hope we get off Mars soon. Im not sure this was the strongest way to start off the season.

I think I saw somewhere this seasons is gonna be twenty-plus episodes, and it might be one of those split season deals. If that is indeed the case, burning up three episodes on this Mars storyline kind of rubs me the wrong way. But then again they might be laying the ground work for things that may pay off down the line. So we’ll see.


There I finally got to finish the two episodes I can open my eyes again.

Nice to see the Legion Espionage Squad in action!


I know very little about the Legion so all of this is new to me. But I am excited to learn.

From the teaser at Fandome and the first two episodes it looks like Gar isn’t reacting well to the psychic energy of Mars… I hope he will be okay.

The writers also aren’t holding back on their metaphors for racism and such this season. But DC TV kinda stopped doing that a couple seasons ago. Should be interesting to see where they go with that.


I guess I’m getting confused I’ thought miss Martian Was a white martian and I thought all the green ones were dead or it’s not happening in Young Justice

I was really hoping they would quit this light story was gone and do something new 3 seasons of the same storyline very little different it’s gotten old


This is what’s known as a retcon-- in may have gotten a light hint, in earlier seasons, but now it allows Uncle J’Onn to really be Uncle J’Onn, wjile M’Gann remains a white Martian. 27 children-- 25 of them look green, 2 of them look white-- and on Earth Young Justice, Jemm Son of Saturn becomes a Prince of M’Arrz, a really nice continuity touch… and change. Jemm always looked a lot like a DCU Martian anyway.


I know a lot of people have already said it but they need to get off Mars. I really like this show in general but the first 2 episodes have been almost unwatchable.

I found myself fast forwarding hoping to get to something interesting but it never comes.