Wonder Woman: Encyclopedia of Villains

Name: Rama Khan
First Appearance: JLA #62 (2002)
Creators: Joe Kelley and Doug Mahnke
Abilities: Powerful magical abilities allowing him to teleport, fly, and interpret psychic communication among other things. Tied to the land of Jarhanpur, allowing him to control the land to do his bidding, change to his will, and transform his own body to become a part of it.

Backstory: Latest in a long line of absolute rulers of the living land of Jarhanpur. Rama Khan rules a secret magical kingdom where the land is alive and chooses those it bonds with. Knowing the peoples needs and reacting accordingly.

The Rama Khan is an inherited title given to whoever is favored by the land. For every generation of the populace has one amongst them who would be blessed with a special connection to the land and be gifted with magical might to shape the land to his will.

A perfect utopia which is free of hunger, crime, and inequality. Populated by a people raised to believe they are better than all others, having thrived in secret for five thousand years.

A utopia which exists only on the condition that once every generation, a toddler would be ripped away from his family, losing his name, identity, and become but the latest Rama Khan, with his family done away with so as not to distract from the ruling of Jarhanpur.

Willing to commit any atrocity in the name of the land of Jarhanpur heedless of what the land itself wants, Rama Khan would not rest to act in the name of his kingdom.

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Name: RedBlacks Gang
First Appearance: Legends of the DC Universe #4
Creators: William Messner Loebs and Mike Deodoto Jr
Abilities: Possession of mechanical super suit which grants the capabilities of flight and super strength. Oversized laser rifles.

Backstory: An all women street gang operating out of Boston Massachusetts. As eager to rob fellow criminals as rob a bank, they were close knit band of criminals who took on monikers such as ‘Pepe’, ‘Big J’, ‘Morgue’ and 'Carla in order to hide their true identities from the law.
Names such as Pepes true identity of Travishaa Mcarthur.
Or Morgues of Darrelle Cummings.

Things would take a startling turn for them however when they would be approached by a contact who boasting technology from Star Labs, was able to outfit them with advanced weaponry and technology which took them from small time outfits to amongst the most dangerous crooks in all the city.

Thus taking advantage of their new firepower and bringing in new members to handle their new super suits, the RedBlacks would make their mark on the city. Ready to make their fortune and take on any criminals who had crossed them in the past.

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Hmmm, odd. I find nothing here about Ludendorff creating the ‘stab-in-the-back’ theory, joining Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party, participating in the Beer Hall Putsch, becoming a member of the Reichstag and would go on to run for president in 1925. Oh wait, Wonder Woman killed him so yeaaaaaaaah


Name: Sally Marsden
First Appearance: Legends of the DC Universe #4 (1998)
Creators: William Messner Loeb and Mike Deodoto Jr
Abilities: Police training. Possession of a machine gun which can release hundreds of bullets in seconds. Possession of a power suit which grants her enhances strength, and flight. Laser canons.

Backstory: Police officer for the Boston Police Department. Sally was someone drunk on the sense of entitlement and privilege that her position as an officer of the law allowed her. Taking it for granted that she could do anything without consequence in the pursuit of justice.

Be it firing into crowds, killing dozens of innocents in an effort to take down a single criminal amongst them. Assaulting children for not respecting and worshipping her. Setting homes aflame and waiting for families to perish in the burning blaze all in the effort of smoking out a suspect.

Sally believed that her job had nothing to do with keeping the peace or helping the city. Her job was to be actively at WAR with the criminal element and this meant using any tactic available to her no matter how heinous so long as it meant the enemy would die.

Not caring who was caught in the crossfire for if you were not a cop, then you were just a future criminal to be culled in her eyes.

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Name: Officer Jensen
First Appearance: Legends of the DC Universe #4 (1998)
Creators: William Messner Loeb and Mike Deodoto Jr
Abilities: Police training. Connection into Star Labs through which she operates a black market weapon shop for the criminal element.

Backstory: Police Officer for the Boston Police Department. Jensen was a blood thirsty police officer who was obsessed with the desire to see the police be given bigger and better weaponry on par with military for only then could the city be made safe.

Viewing any effort to deescalate violence and talk down the criminals with contempt. Jensen would rather see bodies on the ground regardless of crime or circumstance. For she would use any tactic for the war on crime.

Enraged that higher ups refused to grant the police department power suits which would allow them to walk through a barrage of bullets and crush people like tomatoes with a single slap, Jensen decided to take matter into her own hands.

Thus Jensen nurturing a contact within Star Labs who would help her smuggle defective power suits out of the building which she would then proceed to give away to the criminal element of the city for the same price as your standard hand gun.

For only once the city saw the criminals as a big threat who needed to be brought down with excessive force would they give the police excessive force to match.

And once the criminals weaponry broke down, the police would be unopposed to purge the city of any undesirables they wished.

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Name: Lya
First Appearance: Comic Cavalcade #26 (1948)
Creators: H. G Peter and
Abilities: Ability to create false bodies out of ectoplasm which she can project herself into, possessing them as disguises. Commands an army of flamethrower wielding minions. Possesses a fortress based out of the Earths diamond core. Mastermind of deceptive tactics.

Backstory: Daughter of the Duke of Deception, ruler of Mars. Lya had been trained by her father in the ways of trickery and falsehood. All so that she could aid him in fooling the people to be his willing unknowing slaves, convinced that he had only their interests at heart.

In reality however Lya coveted that power for herself and orchestrated a coup to conquer the planet of Mars for all of a day before her father outwitted her, leading to Lya being marooned on the Earth.

Thus desiring to obtain that fleeting short lived power and authority which she craved, Lya would hide herself away deep at the center of the Earth. Plotting and orchestrating great deceptions in an effort to best her father, the Duke of Deception himself.

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Name: Altuum the Survivor
First Appearance: Wonder Woman 2021 annual (2021)
Creators: Becky Cloonan, Micheal Conrad, and Andy Macdonald.
Abilities: Super strength, invulnerability, possession of a multitude of explosives. Control of a well armed stealth submarine.

Backstory: Millennia before the creation of the Amazons, the island now known as Themyscira was the home of the mother of monsters Echidna and her countless monsterious children.

The gods seeing this as a great and terrible threat, offered a second life to those most vicious of lost souls damned to Tartarus till the end of their days, granting them a second life in exchange for cleansing the island. Stepping through a doorway created by the gods which led directly to Tartarus itself.

Many would fall but eventually they would succeed in their mission. Only for the gods to reward their victory with one final betrayal, slaughtering their champions.

All but one, Altuum who through cunning and suspicion, hid away when the gods granted their final ‘reward’ surviving to see the gods going on to create the Amazons, and their eventual charge of guarding Dooms Doorway from which the children of Echidna would otherwise escape to cause untold devastation.

Swearing revenge upon the Amazons and the gods for taking the island and his people from him, Altuum would spend millenia plotting and lying in wait. Preparing for the chance to avenge his fallen brothers in arms.

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Name: Red Star, White Star, and Blue Star
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #176 (1968)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Mike Esposito
Abilities: Super Strength, speed, and the weird ability to finish eachothers sentences.

Backstory: The star triplets were three brothers named Joey, Jackie, and Johnny who were head over heels for Wonder Woman, convinced that they would force her to marry them and retire from crime fighting.

Bribing a starving genius scientist for a sauna treatment which would bestow them with super strength in exchange for a sandwich, the Star siblings would don costumes and proceed to try and force Wonder Woman to marry them by attempting to out do and replace her!

The only flaw in the plan of the Star triplets was that only one of them could marry Wonder Woman and they would fight eachother to be the one to claim Wonder Woman as their own like some sort of trophy.

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Name: Cybernaut
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #213 (1974)
Creators: Cary Bates and Irv Novick
Abilities: Ability to project a planet wide ‘pacifying ray’ that renders all higher thinking lifeforms incapable of harming any living thing. Super strength. The ability to project laser blasts from its mouth.

Backstory: Created by a noble and well meaning scientist from a distant world whose population had been lost to nuclear warfare, the Cybernaut was invented so that it may journey the galaxy, forcefully spreading peace in an effort to avert wars until a planet was fully pacified.

However the inventor while operating on the best of intentions, overlooked the harmful affect pure pacifism would have upon people. For they were now incapable of fending off locusts and pests which would eat their crops. Not that they would be able to bear harvesting the crops in any case, as killing a plant, much less an animal became something impossible for anyone to comprehend or carry out.

Thus peoples would become easy prey to animals which they were now incapable of defending themselves against, and unable to consume anything if it meant taking a life of even a blade of grass.

Thus for all the good intention that went into the Cybernaut as a creation meant for peace, it was a great a threat to the survival of civilization as any war.

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Name: Henry Tudor
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #214 (1974)
Creators: Elliot Maggin and Curt Swan
Abilities: Restaurant management. Knowledge of English Cuisine. Possesses a magic amulet which grants the wishes of its bearer in as harmful a manner to others as possible. The amulet also has the unintended side effect of rendering inert Green Lantern technology in its entirety while the wishes are being granted.

Backstory: Owner of ‘Hanks Pub’ an eatery in New York City that caters to English cuisine and their house special called a ‘CockALeekie-Soup to Nuts’
The establishment would have a ‘Court of Henry the Eighth’ theme to play off of his actual name of Henry Tudor.

Stumbling across a magic amulet filled with celtic magic which he was warned ‘would grant the wishes of the owner whenever it was near a sister charm owned by someone else’ while looking for props to hold up his image, Henry would quickly discover it to actually contain great magical power.

Its sister charm being the star within the tiara owned by Wonder Woman, Henry noticed it worked only when Diana Prince was near and contrived ways to get her to his pub and make wishes. Allowing him to also see his wishes granted, turning his pub into a great success.

Seeking to abuse this magic for his own gain, Henry Tudor was utterly unaware of the harm he was causing to others around the world.

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Name: Diogenes Diamandopoulos
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #216 (1974)
Creators: Elliot Maggin and John Rosenberger
Abilities: Vast seemingly endless amounts of money. Command of thousands of trained mercenaries, guards, and soldiers. Ownership of advanced and terrible technology from flying saucers to hologram radio to invisible helicopters to doom walkers.

Backstory: A wealthy billionaire who graduated Summa Cun Laude from 'a major university, Diogenes boasts ownership of a major airline, the worlds leaders in his back pocket, on top of a list of other accomplishments.

Having charted his life from a young age based upon his bucket list, Diogenes Diamandopoulos had crossed off everything from the list he made as a child but with one exception! Setting foot upon Paradise Island!

Having heard so many tales about how doing so would be the doom of the Amazons and with every other goal in his life achieved, Diogenes would pour his entire fortune to hire the best of the best in an attempt to take Paradise Island through sheer numbers using the most advanced technologies of the time! All to sate a passing fancy of his youth.

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Name: Mchsm
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #219 (1975)
Creators: Martin Pasko and Curt Swan
Abilities: Command of an entire planet with an entire military industrial complex at his beck and call. The means of traveling and sending people between dimensions.

Backstory: The High Consul and ruler of the world of Xro, Mchsm was a misogynistic tyrant who ruled his world with an iron fist which existed in a dimension opposite Earths own.

Viewing all women as inferior to men and existing only to be enslaved by them, Mchsm sought to spread his beliefs across dimensional planes.

When women of the planet Xro discovered the existence of the dimension of Earth and discovered a means of traveling to it, they would bring back the ways of feminism and rebellion, which Mchsm sought to crush.

By destroying feminism in its entirety on both dimensional planes in order to ensure misogyny would reign supreme.

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Name: Fly Wright the Human Fly
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #35 (1949)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: The ability to scale skyscrapers. Willingness to brave any danger for his goals without fear. Boating skills. The courage to wear a fly costume every day of his life.

Backstory: Leader of the ‘Nine Lives club’ a group consisting entirely of professional stuntmen who commit life threatening dangers for no greater reason than the thrill and accomplishment of success.

Plotting to use the talents he developed to aid him in crime, Fly Wright the Human Fly schemed and nominated Wonder Woman for membership to the club in secret, aware that the all male membership would balk at this and require Wonder Woman to best the clubs greatest members in their respective feats to prove herself.

All of which was according to Fly Wrights plan, as he would use these opportunities as covers for his crimes while distracting Wonder Woman in the process.

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