Wonder Woman: Encyclopedia of Villains

Name: Henry Roberts
First Appearance: Wonder Woman tv series SE03 EP04
Portrayed by: Roddy Mcdowell
Abilities: Neuro scientist. Can turn people into statues, frozen in time until he restores them.

Backstory: A talented neuro scientist with villainous ambitions, Henry Roberts would come to invent a wearable device which could produce a specialized electric current which would metamorph the human body into a statue.

Not needing to breath, unable to think, never aging, they would remain in this state until Henry produced a remote counter signal to reverse the effects.

Telling his friend the famous art critic Moreux about his invention, the two of them would concoct a plan to a life of crime. Thus they would hire henchmen who would be frozen into statues, with Moreux using his influence to hype up the art, with Henry assuming the identity of a talented sculptor. Then under the cover of night the statues would come to life, emptying museums of their most expensive treasures.

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Name: Lloyd Moreux
First Appearance: Wonder Woman tv series SE03 EP04
Portrayed by: Micheal Mcquire
Abilities: Professional art critic. Criminal mastermind.

Backstory: World renowned art critic and the true mastermind of a scheme in which Henry Roberts ‘turn people into statues’ technology was used for criminal larceny, Moreux was a villain with grand ambitions.

Coming to the conclusion that Wonder Woman was the greatest threat to crime itself and confident in the knowledge that many criminals would pay a fortune to see her out of the picture, Moreux plotted from the start to carry out their crimes with a focus on getting rid of Wonder Woman.

Thus focusing on stealing things based on the zodiac, Moreux was plotting to lure Wonder Woman into a trap so that she herself could become a statue to be sold to the highest bidder! To be sold off to the criminal underworld for a fortune greater than anything himself and Roberts could have made through museum heists.



Name: Nicholas Carbone
First Appearance: Wonder Woman TV series SE03 EP05
Portrayed by: Micheal Delano
Abilities: Posesses the power of telepathy. Has the ability to erase the memories of those whose minds he reads, retaining any knowledge they lose. Can return memories he has stolen on a whim.

Backstory: Powerful psychic with a penchant for villainy, Nicholas had trained for years at the psychic institute to unlock his unique psychic power. Discovering that it was an ability which allowed him to read minds and steal memories from others, he realized this was an ability which was uniquely useful in committing crimes.

Thus faking his death to avoid detection as his abilities had been a part of government record, Nicholas would change his name to Nick Moreno and enter into a life of crime.

Having no grand ambitions or desires to use his powers for elaborate schemes, Nicholas fancied himself a contract villain and would play mercenary for hire. Going from criminal organization to criminal organization where he would revel in being well cared and catered for in exchange for erasing peoples memories and obtaining needed information…For a price.

Capable of taking days, weeks, even decades of someones memory with but a thought, Nicholas was a force to be reckoned with.


Name: Angelique Mckenna
First Appearance: Wonder Woman TV series SE03 EP05
Portrayed by: Ellen Weston
Abilities: Disco dancing. Commands a disco themed crime cartel. Information broker. Business management.

Backstory: Owner of ‘The Sticks’ the biggest disco club in all of Washington DC, Angelique was famous for her business savvy, with her finger on the pulse of what was cool and hip.

Fostering a reputation for her disco club to serve only exclusive clientelle which would lead to people with influence in politics and the military frequenting her place of business, she would have her more chariasmatic minions reach out to members of the scientific community and lure them in on dates.

In reality, Angelique Mckenna was one of the greatest information brokers in the world. Her staff all trained in making marks feel calm and at ease. None the wiser as they revealed secrets which they shouldn’t have. Secrets which would be then sold to the highest bidder.

Employing Nicholas Carbone and using his abilities to steal scientific secrets from the minds of scientists who wouldnt be aware they even knew of such things, Angelique could in a sense sell secrets that not even those who thought them up would be aware of.

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Name: Thackery
First Appearance: Wonder Woman tv series SE03 EP11
Portrayed by: Brian Davies
Abilities: The mannerisms and nature of an English lord. Commands a trained attack dog capable of defeating whole troops of mercenaries single handed. Servants willing to die to do his bidding.

Backstory: A self proclaimed man of culture, Thackery was a modern day English lord who had a battery of servants to do his bidding and a well kept manor house from which he operated a masterwork in counterfeiting operations.

Having a reputation for his talent in creating flawless printing presses for any currency and selling them to those willing to pay, Thackery lived a life of luxury, safe and secure as could be.

In large part this was due to his pet dog Rasputin. A trained super canine which was a master of martial arts, capable of defeating dozens of gun wielding goons without a scratch and carrying out complex missions to his master Thackery. Be it traveling across continents to deliver printing plates, to collecting money while losing tails, to phoning in regularly to recieve further instructions.

With a wealth made in forgery and stolen leprechaun gold, Thackery was a refined criminal of great self importance.

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Name: Vladamir Zukov
First Appearance: Wonder Woman TV series SE03 EP13
Portrayed by: Bo Brudin
Abilities: Expert spymaster. Ties to the black markets information network.

Backstory: Part of a secret branch within the Soviet Unions spy operations, Vladamir Zukov was a high ranking spymaster within their ranks.

Carrying out and organizing off the book espionage missions in order to weaken rival nations, Vladamir was a highly trusted operative within his government who had very little oversight, allowing him to do whatever he wished.

However Vladamir was not motivated by patriotism and rather by a love of money. Thus having made contact with the black market, Vladamir would sell any covert information he discovered for a pretty penny be it pertaining to an opposing nation, or his own. This would include munitions and even nuclear weaponry. Not hesitating to use his position and authority in order to line his own pockets.


Name: Sheldon Komo
First Appearance: Wonder Woman TV series SE03 EP13
Portrayed by: Hari Rhodes
Abilities: Genius scientist. Laser gun haver. Possesses a stealth atomic submarine. Possession of a ‘hologrophy device’ which allows him to project illusions into the sky from miles away. Ownership of ‘Captain Louies’ theme park.

Backstory: Genius scientist and well credited mind who was considered the greatest of his generation. Sheldon Komo was a brilliant mind who had a talent for inventing incredibly advanced inventions which would change the world.

The very nature of his work marking him as a matter of public security, Sheldon Komo would be placed under military supervision. His every action tracked, he would be under constant guard and everything he invented would be forcefully claimed by the American government who would reimburse him for a fraction of his inventions true worth.

Fed up with this, Sheldon would arrange for his own falsified kidnapping and vanish into the criminal underworld. Laying low as he slowly built a criminal empire of his own devising.

Basing himself out of 'Captain Louies, a world famous theme park of his own invention and run by his henchman ‘Captain Louie’. Sheldon would become a sort of criminal auctioneer. Inviting the wealthy and powerful to as he auctioned off inventions of his own creation and treasures salvaged from ships and planes which he had plundered.

His inventions capable of putting the world in ones hands, Sheldon cared little for such things, preferring to get paid and live a life of freedom and luxury.

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Name: Abner Smith
First Appearance: Wonder Woman (1974)
Portrayed by: Ricardo Montalban
Abilities: Greatest spymaster in all the world. Master of organization and agency construction. Talented teacher in the ways of espionage and covert operations. Incredible charisma.

Backstory: The greatest spymaster in all the world. Abner Smith was a man who always hungered for a challenge. Taking over and overhauling the spy agency of his native country until its was the greatest in the world, he would eventually grow bored and defect, becoming the spymaster of a rival nation, building up its abilities in espionage so that it was unrivaled by all save the nation he initially worked at.

This to would eventually bore him and Abner continued, until over the years he had outmatched every spy agency of his own design and every major country in the world owed its intelligence operations to one mans design.

But with nothing else to do and driven by an insatiable need for a challenge, Abner Smith decided that with nothing better to do, he might as well proceed to conquer the world! Thus sending a a letter of challenge to every spy agency in the world, Abner plotted to challenge all the world in its entirety, intended to conquer it all for the sake of the challenge.


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abner smith


Name: Ahnjayla
First Appearance: Wonder Woman (1974)
Portrayed by: Anitra Ford
Abilities: Amazonian training in all forms of martial arts, language, and study. Immortality.

Backstory: Amazon hailing from Paradise island, Ahnjayla was viewed as a black sheep amongst the Amazons. Unlike the others who dedicated their immortal lives towards bettering themselves so they might in turn better the world, Ahnjayla was a devout hedonist who lived for pleasure and wished nothing less than to enjoy every day to the fullest.

Thus forsaking her dutys to remain on the island and further train and work towards bettering the world, Ahnjayla fled the island and travel the world, developing a love for fashions, riches, and exotic cuisine.

In order to finance her life of pleasure, Ahnjayla would become a mercenary for hire. Taking on any job so long as it paid well regardless of the morality of her actions.
Garnering a reputation within criminal circles as being as villainous as Wonder Woman was virtuous, Ahnjayla cared for nothing else so long as she lived every day to its fullest and discovered new experiences.


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Name: William Mayfield
First Appearance: Wonder Woman TV series SE03 EP19
Portrayed by: Raymond St Jaques
Abilities: Professional crime boss. Expert appraiser and collector. Commands a small army of professional thieves. Obsessed with probability and luck. Possesses Bonnie Murphy ‘the living jinx’.

Backstory: Stunningly successful criminal who started out as a small time thief who went on to forge an empire of professionals in gnabbing priceless treasures and works of art.

Convinced that they key to all of his success over the years was pure luck, William Mayfield put on his payroll a personal statician and a a luck scientist, whose jobs were soley to determine the viability of any hiests he wished to attempt. Cancelling months planned operations if even a hint of bad luck cropped up.

With numerous getaway drivers, safe crackers, and the like at his beck and call, William possessed a sophisticated criminal empire.

However the most impressive element under his control was ‘the living jinx’ for one of his henchmen Mark Reuben was dating a woman who had the uncanny ability to cause bad luck to occur to anyone around her whenever she felt heightened emotions such as stress or excitement.
Thus with Mark stringing her along, the living jinx’s powers would be weaponized to cause bad luck to Williams targets, making it all the easier to rob them.

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Name: Joseph Reichman
First Appearance: Wonder Woman TV series SE03 EP22
Portrayed by: Brian Davies
Abilities: Possession of millions of dollars. Molecular biologist. Specialist in a secret radiation treatment which bestows invulnerability in its subjects. Commands trained invulnerable animals such as dogs and lions.

Backstory: The reich man for the job of bringing back the nazi regime, Joseph Reichman was ‘one of the most menacing minds in the world’. A scientist whose forays into molecular biology was bent towards the effort of creating a race of invulnerable supermen.

Working with an unknowing Doctor Akers on an experimental radiation treatment, results produced invulnerability in its subjects. Making them entirely immune to all harm with no need to eat nor sleep. Capable of running for tens of miles without ever tiring or destroying steel walls by applying force which would have otherwise shattered the human body to attempt.

Having perfected this treatment in animals such as dogs, chimpanzees, and lions, Joseph Reichman wished to use this experimental treatment on humans in order to create an army which would restore the reich, allowing him to conquer the world!

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Name: Lawson Kolso
First Appearance: Wonder Woman TV series SE02 EP19
Portrayed by: Rick Jason
Abilities: Psychic power to use mental nudges so people ‘hear what they want to hear’. Can implant emotions and impulses into a person, driving them to do as he bids with their own subconscious justifying the action. Can implant emotions and impulses into an object or location, causing people to react with distress if they come in contact with something he imbued. Professional scam artist. Possession of his nephew the powerful psychic Charles Kolso

Backstory: Hailing from a family of powerful psychics which have been blessed with incredible abilities for hundreds of years. Lawson Kolso had been hand picked by the psychic institute for his unique abilities of mental suggestion and imbuing emotions to be trained by the Psychic Institute which wished to see his talents used to further the governments agendas.

However Lawson would be kicked out after a psych eval revealed that he intended to use these abilities purely for financial gain and had not a patriotic bone in his body.

Lawson would go on to marry professional scam artist Theodora Kolso and between the two of them they would craft a scam in which Theodora pretended to be the leader of the psychic institute with their business constantly on the move from rental building to building, working to scam people into thinking Lawsons power was to communicate with the dead, using this to convince people with Lawsons powers of suggestion and emotional manipulation on top of Theodoras talents as a skilled grifter to part marks with their money.

When Lawson discovered that his talentless brother had produced a son gifted with the ability to see and photograph dead people, Lawson would attempt to bring them in on the scam, only for his brother to refuse and threaten to contact the authorities, leading to Lawson Kolso murdering his brother and his wife and making it look like an accident.

Lawson would then claim custody of young Charles Kolso and use his powers in order to further draw people in. Unaware that his nephews powers were still developing and were far greater than he could have imagined.

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First Appearance: Justice League 1 (1987)
Creators: Keith Giffen, JM DeMattias, Kevin Maguire
Abilities: Tactician, spymaster and amoral business man with hyper-telepathic persuasion.

Backstory: Maxwell Lord IV may seem like just another greasy businessman, but he has come to be known as a master manipulator. As ringmaster of the Justice League and Checkmate, ultimately responsibile for numerous crimes, Lord is often an apocalyptic threat to both human and metahumankind, and has served as antagonist to an array of characters, including the Amazon Champion, Wonder Woman.

Like many of the most successful and powerful people in the DC Universe, Maxwell Lord was fortunate enough to be born into his affluence. His father was the CEO of a profitable yet morally questionable pharmaceutical company. He kill himself upon discovering that they were releasing carcinogenic products, but his surviving son resolved to put the family wealth and resources to better use, no matter who or what might get hurt or killed.

Lord took it upon himself, with the aid of an alien computer, to establish a new Justice League of metahumans and skilled vigilantes, one which would function internationally. Along the way he also discovered that he possessed the ability to manipulate the minds of others. Unfortunately, the use of these powers came with a deadly side effect that aggravated a brain tumor; However, after his subsequent death, The Kilgore downloaded his consciousness into a robot, Lord Havok.

During Infinite Crisis, Lord would return to his human form to take control of Brother Eye, and mind control Superman to destroy anyone who would stand in the way of his quest (and you all know how that infamous story ends). Lord would later be resurrected during Blackest Night/Brightest Day, to seek revenge against Diana, and to pick up where he left off.

After the events of Flashpoint, Maxwell Lord was reset to the position of Black King of Checkmate until a tousle with longtime rival Amanda Waller unsurprisingly rendered him her prisoner. In a high tech customized cell designed to kill him should he use his powers without Waller’s command, an imprisoned Max Lord waits. And undoubtedly schemes.

Justice League International 12

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 26 (2009)
Creators: Gail Simone
Abilities: A golem with the power to emotionally manipulate, who also possesses superstrength, durability, speed, healing, teleportation and for a time, the Lasso of Truth.

Backstory: Genocide is a sadistic super-weapon created by some of the world’s darkest scientists, using both science and magic, in order to destroy Wonder Woman at the behest of none other than Ares, the God of War. Like other proxies of Ares, Genocide can project anger, fear and despair to weaken her enemies, and as a magical construct, she is nearly indestructible and can heal any damage her body receives.

Far in the future, Ares steals Wonder Woman’s dead body, and travels back in time to manipulate Dr. Barbara Minerva (Cheetah), at the Secret Society of Super Villains to proceed with an experiment. They call upon Dr. Ivo to acquire ashen remains from various locations on earth where the worst acts of genocide in history had taken place: Rwanda, Poland, Croatia, Sudan, Cambodia. They then used this dust and an unknown power source from Felix Faust to animate a golem. Using Diana’s dead body, they infuse her with this cocktail of evil energy, and the result is the a savage monster that calls itself Genocide.

With Wonder Woman and the Amazon’s destruction their ultimate goal, they set Genocide loose at a shopping mall in downtown Washington D.C. to draw the Justice League’s attention. The Department of Metahuman Affairs dispatches a team of agents to investigate the disturbance, which includes Agent Diana Prince. After Diana changed into her super alter ego, Wonder Woman, Genocide brutally murdered a woman in cold blood, so Diana furiously attacked. But Genocide began to feed off of Diana’s rage, and using it to paralyze her, Genocide would beat her nearly to the point of death and stole the Lasso of Truth.

The lasso is then surgically grafted onto Genocide’s body and it allows her to
create explosions of negative psychic energy. Genocide uses the blast to destroy the Department of Metahuman Affairs building killing the majority of personnel, and leaving the few survivors to suffer from psychosis and a lingering sense of dread.

After learning that Genocide was a weapon created by Ares to ultimately destroy the gods, Diana finds and attacks Genocide, ripping the lasso from her body and leaving her to drown in the sea; However, Genocide’s body is retrieved by Euphemus, and brought to Ares, who preserves Genocide’s soul in clay and entrusts it to rogue Amazon warrior, Alkyone, who is determined to destroy Diana.

More recently, Genocide was retconned as a golem of unknown origin who was buried on the Island of the Gargareans in the Tyrrhenian Sea after Diana defeated the destructive creature. Genocide is later unearthed by Warmaster (aka: Paula Von Gunther) in a blood ritual and recruited to the Four Horsemwomen to help bring about the destruction of the Amazons.

Rise of the Olympian


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Name: Doctor Heinrich Von Klemper
First Appearance: Wonder Woman TV Series SE02 EP02
Portrayed by: Leon Charles
Abilities: Advanced scientific knowledge on the subject of ‘science’ Possesses a ‘regeneration ray’ of his own creation which can restore a subject to perfect health from just the tiniest sample of DNA. Commands a modern day nazi army. Commands the nazi scientist youths. Possession of clone hitlers.

Backstory: Scientist who had been active during World War 2 on the side of nazi Germany, Heinrich was a specialist in regenerating lost tissue. Convinced that if he could perfect his technique, then he could bring soldiers who fell from battle back to life to continue unending, ensuring their success through attrition.

However the war being lost before he could perfect this tecnique, Heinrich Von Klemper instead fled to avoid persecution for the horrific experiments he performed on innocents in an effort to perfect his technique.

With the aid of a high ranking official in the nazis information bureau by the name of Fritz Gerling, Von Klemper would flee to San Rapheal, Peru with an army of nazis and a hoard of nazi gold wherin they would purchase a mountain and spend decades preparing and plotting.

Von Klemper would master regrowing lost limbs for people while Fritz worked on aquiring modern advanced weaponry and traveling the world to recruit those who were sympathetic to their cause.

This all coming to a head when Heinrich mastered the tecnique to regenerate people from death and carried out his master plan to bring back hitler which would garantee the success of their undying nazi army as they would attempt to CONQUER THE WORLD!

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Name: Erich Ludendorff
First Appearance: Wonder Woman the movie (2017)
Portrayed by: Danny Huston
Abilities: Command of the German army. Possession of a poisonous gas which is proof against any form of neutralization. Drug enhanced speed and strength.

Backstory: General for German forces during World War 1, Erich Ludendorff was a man willing to pay any price and spend any number of lives for the sake of victory.

Delighting in the wanton death toll and destruction, Erich would employ the efforts of Doctor ‘Poison’ Maru, in creating poisons which would shatter and destroy enemy forces, leaving vast swaths of death in his wake.

Slaying others within Germanys military command so that he may possess absolute power with none to question him, Erich wished to wipe out whole cities, ending the war by ensuring even the civilians on the enemy side were naught but corpses.

Erich Ludendorff would also be granted a conoction of Doctor Poisons invention which would enhance ones physical capabilities. Allowing him to perform feats of strength which were far beyond what mortal man was thought capable of.


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Name: Phaethon
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #53 (1953)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Commands a planet of worshippers. Control over gravity to the scale of moving suns.

Backstory: Greek god of joy riding, Phaethon was the son of the titan Helios, whose very chariot was the sun itself. Obsessed with a desire to be seen with the same awe as his father, Phaethon convinced him to let him drive the sun, only to let it go to his head, nearly dooming the Earth itself.

Exiled to a distant icy planet in the furthest reaches of the universe where no sun provided light nor warmth for his crimes, Phaethon would discover the local inhabitants and have them create for him a palace made from the ice which covered the world.

Phaethon would then spend thousands of years mastering a means of manipulating the gravity of that planetary prison, until he was freely able to move celestial bodies to his will regardless of size or mass.

His objective? Have his revenge by stealing the sun itself to warm the world which he had been imprisoned upon at the Earths expense!

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phaethon 4


Name: The Shattered God
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #189 (2003)
Creators: Walter Simonson and Jerry Ordway
Abilities: Embodies all of the universe. Capable of possessing every living thing, destroying them in the process. Can destroy the entire universe. Capable of sealing away gods.

Backstory: At the beginning of everything there was a god which existed in the void of nothingness. This god bored of having nothing around tried using its power to create a universe, only to unintentionally explode himself, causing the big bang which would create the universe.

For hundreds of billions of years the Shattered god would slowly work to pull itself together. Drawing in and gathering its scattered conciousness which made up the universe in its entirity. Unaware that while it slept, countless gods old and new came to populate the universe which was made up of its scattered self.

The gods of the universe united in their efforts, would battle the efforts of the shattered god who sought to reconstitue and reform, destroying the universe in the process of returning to its original form.

Capable of forcing its will upon any living being in the universe as they themselves were made from parts of the Shattered god, this entity would seek to find an unwilling host capable of surviving the posession long enough to aid it in destroying the universe.

Allying itself with demon kind and traitorous gods in an effort to unmake everything, becoming its full form once more.

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shattered 2


Name: The Mask
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #24 (1947)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Gun haver. Possesses pistol which fires spider threads which can entrap people. Ace pilot. Possession of the invisible plane. Keeps on hand a large number of acid trapped masks which will kill the wearer if they remove them incorrectly. Commands vast wealth and an army of hired henchmen.

Backstory: Wife to phony adventurer Brutus Close who was obsessed with his own image, Nina Close suffered constant abuse at her husbands hands while he busily went out of his way trying to promote himself as a great explorer and big game hunter.

In reality, Brutus would hire the services of actual explorer and ace pilot Fancy Framer, and then use his millions to promote those feats as his own doing. All the whole subjecting his wife to abuse of the verbal, physical, and emotional variety. Spending millions to make the world love him while rarely providing even basic necessities for his wife who he forbid to ever leave her home.

This eventually driving Nina to snap, she would don the identity of ‘The Mask’ using a mastery of aviation and trick ‘masks’ to force people to do her bidding least they die a horrible death ingesting hydrocyanic acid.

Framing Fancy Framer whose skills matched those of the Mask, Nina Close would steal the Invisible Plane and go on a campaign to destroy the empire her husband built and make him suffer as she had suffered for all those years.

In post crisis continuity, the Mask still suffered terrible abuse at the hands of her horrible husband. However she would eventually turn the tables and kill him, using his fortune to fight back against abusers and those who would empower them. Willing to commit to commit any crime if it meant closure for their victims.

In the post-post crisis continuity, The Mask was born with the name Nina Solorzano and changed her name to Natalia Close following her career as a social media star and her marriage to billionaire CEO Brutus Close, leading to them having a son by the named of Theodore.

In reality however, Nina lived a false life. Raised by her mother who pushed for her to bleach her skin to look white, dye her hair blond and pushed for her to become involved in social media, to live a life of fame to ‘have the life she never could.’

Forced to drop out of school to focus on her social media career, Nina was coached to always be all smiles and play the part of a bubbly pretty face regardless of how she felt or how others treated her. Treated like a product by her mother and then a walking talking commercial to promote the business by her husband, who wished to bring attention to false claims of the company going green and helping the world when in reality their pesticides were strong enough to melt paint and would poison any crops they were used upon.

Eventually snapping after a life of being a door mat and feeling like little more than an empty image to be passed around for pay checks by those who pretended to care about her, Nina would cast aside her old identity to take up the moniker of ‘The Mask’ Donning a mask as she sought revenge on a world which made her into little more than a false mask herself.

mask 1

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mask 3

mask 10


Name: Queen of Fables
First Appearance: JLA #47 (2000)
Creators: Mark Waid and Bryan Hitch
Abilities: Imbued with the knowledge of every story, fairy tale, myth, legend, fiction, and fable. Ability to alter reality to her will, changing people, objects, and the surrounding area to her narrative will. Can create worlds within stories in which to entrap people for all of eternity or to freely come and go. Absolute immortality to always exist so long as someone in existence tells a story containing a villain. Possesses access all the powers and abilities of every villain in fiction. Can freely alter her body to suit the narrative. Can travel and communicate through dreams. Ability to grant wishes, growing in power for every wish granted. increases in power for every story. Ability to manifest an infinite number of story characters to serve as her minions.

Backstory: Formerly Queen Tsaritsa, an ancient queen from medevil Europe whose powerful mastery of sorcery allowed her to freely reshape reality to her will and turn the world into her dark twisted kingdom.

In order to end her reign of terror, Tsaritsas sister would use a magic book to trap Tsaritsa within a realm of fiction. Erasing her reign of terror from history and making it naught but a story contained within a book.

Not realizing that the very nature of this changed Tsaritsas very nature and as her very existence became nothing but a fable, she in turn became every fable.

Across all of reality stories are told about great heroes overcoming terrible villains, wicked queens, and evil witches. With Tsaritsa becoming the a part of each and every one of them. Every story ever told, every variation, every story told through every possible medium.

Every story that had a villain, that villain was now an aspect of Tsaritsa. This very change in her nature made her the Queen of Fables. Posessing a twisted mind and memories born of countless stories from countless worlds dating back to the dawn of creativity itself.

Convinced that Wonder Woman is the Snow White to her evil queen, Queen of Fables would concentrate her efforts on having her revenge for every story villain who has ever lost.

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queen of fables 12