Wonder Woman: Encyclopedia of Villains

Name: Valerie Beaudry
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #15 (1988)
Creators: George Perez and Len Wein
Abilities: Flight, capable of producing a sonic scream which can be projected as a concentrated blast or a large wave of force. With increasing force and potency in proportion with its increase of radius. Can project around her person a shield made up of sonic sound by humming, rendering her immune to harm.

Backstory: Born with mild metahuman sound based abilities and a disfigured appearance due to radiation exposure, Valerie Beaudry would catch the attention of Henry Cobb Armbuster, the owner of a munitions company who wished to branch out by weaponizing metahumans to turn into weapons of mass destruction.

Seducing Valerie whom he considered the most ugly and unlikable creature in all of existence, he convinced her to unconditionally do anything he told her, no matter how horribly he treated her through word or violence.

Thus she agreed to be experimented on, and Henry would proceed to have scientists remake her body on a molecular level, changing her so that her appearance was more pleasing to his base standards for beauty, while also greatly increasing the power of her metahuman abilities so that she could be used like a gun to point at any problem he needed resolved. Regardless of the risk to her life such experimentation would pose.

Thus Valerie would carry out Henry Armbusters demands as his enforcer. Utterly unaware that she was little more than an unloved pawn in his schemes.

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