Who Would You Pick For A New Trinity

Inspired by this topic by @EDT

Let’s do a scenario where Superman, Batman, and Wonder-woman would be in a crisis level battle and they would be “killed off.” The Justice League just lost the most important leaders they have and seek guidance and leadership from someone new.

In this case which trio would you imagine to guide the team in their absence. It can be anyone already established in the league or it can someone entirely new, get creative with it. Just imagine your preferred characters in a leadership role like this and how there dynamic with each other might play out.


I am not being killed off.

Martian Manhunter just died?

Why does it have to be a trio? This sounds like a marketing gimmick.

The answer is nobody. Let everybody do their thing and grieve. Nobody needs to pretend to be somebody they are not. We have so many heroes the world will be fine.


Hm… off the top of my head:

Martian Manhunter. He’s been around, he’s qualified. I kind of see him in the Wonder Woman role.

Mr Terrific. Hear me out. I like his character and he’s smart and a good team leader. I see him in the Batman position.

Flash (Barry Allen). He mean’s hope, he’s experienced. I put him in the Superman role.

Feel like I could do better given a minute but off the top of my head, these are known figures in the superhero community and they could fill the roles well. I’m just going with the general idea of who would be the top three JLA members not actually forming a new Trinity. GA and GL do there own thing most of the time or they would rank.





The Question, Dr. Fate and Power Girl.

Would like to hear your opinions on my picks.


Of course! Nobody kills Batman.
But I don’t know if you saw my comment throughly…
There are quotations between killed off

I think we know enough about comics to know that unless your death is integral to a character origin that you will likely come back in the foreseeable future.

On the trinity being a marketing gimmick I think a trinity is very much of value to the DCU. Whether as a group or by themselves, Wonder-woman, Batman, and Superman carry such a great deal of respect and influence on the universe and the league that it wouldn’t be the same without them.


Hitman, Catwoman, Etrigan


So you are saying we cannot really die, this replacements are unnecessary.


Han, Leia, and Luke


Oh my god, someone is inspired by me! :smiley:

But man, this really is a tough one. If I’m taking this seriously that means i shouldn’t just simply nominate my top 3 favorite heroes. Partly because that includes one of the trinity but also i should pick heroes that do represent DC in the same way the OG trinity does. So with that in mind, here are my picks…

Nightwing - One of the reasons I love DC is their focus on legacy. Of how so many heroes are actually inspired by those that came before and have established themselves as their own legends. In addition, Nightwing is a truly inspiring hero. He has the skills and strategic mind of Batman but has the common sense to not be so brooding and a loner. He does a lot to help both regualr people and younger heroes to become they best they can be. Dick is probably more like Superman than Batman in that respect.

Captain Marvel/Shazam - While on the topic of being inspired by heroes, I have to nominate the Champion of Magic. It doesn’t matter if its Billy or Mary shouting the magic word. Captain Marvel is a true of symbol of how anyone can become a hero. A heart full of good and a spirit wanting to help others, the Captain is often overlooked. But this is a stark reminder of how truly great the hero is.

Zatanna - The Mistress of Magic needs to be recognized. Not only is she a true powerhouse, but she makes being a hero seem…well, full of wonder and excitement. She has proven strong leadership with JLD and we have seen just how much trust other heroes give her. She needs to be in this new trinity as a symbol of how high one can soar as well as a symbol of trust between heroes and the people they have sworn to protect.

…looking at my own picks, I’ll admit my preference for the magic side of DC might have influenced my picks. But i still stand by all of them as new picks that showcase the true meaning DC stands for both within their universe and in a meta sense.


I am not a loner. Clark is a loner.


OK. By the way, how are your 4 former Robins? And how are the 3 Batgirls doing? Oh, and Batwoman. I’m assuming Catwoman is still in the picture. And you seem to be good allies with Harley Quinn as well

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I have way more than 4. There are over 9000.


I’m sticking to main continuity, not including any of the elseworlds stories

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I am main continuity. I am Batman


Hear me out: Team Wolfman/Pérez.

The Batman is Cyborg.
The Superman is Starfire.
The Wonder Woman is Raven.


If I can get past my standard annoyance at the use of the word “Trinity” for three completely autonomous superheroes who work together on occasion…

If Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman fell into a hole and couldn’t get out, then I’d fill their roles with Nightwing, Supergirl, and Wonder Girl (or Troia or whatever she wants to call herself this week). Yes, it’s the lazy answer, but these three characters have the most legitimate claim to the positions. Dick has been around almost as long as Bruce himself, Kara deserves some recognition and respect after Superman stuck her in an orphanage and her magic horse got all creepy with her, and Donna has suffered so many origin stories at this point that she needs all the validation she can get. So yes, I’m going with the obvious. Deal with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like for some weird thing to happen where Cheetah temporarily came in to sub for Wonder Woman. Think it would make for a great story.

Not sure who would sub in for everyone else. Based on my limited reading experience, I feel unqualified to make such a decision. :grin:

Meanwhile the Trinity are doing amazing things in another dimension, soon to return. What will Diana’s reaction be to seeing Barbara Minerva taking her place? Man, this story practically writes itself!


Well obviously Batgod can never die but Bruce Wayne. Yep, he’s totally six feet under being devoured by bats. But otherwise we agree that a trinity replacement is just a marketing gimmick.

@TheTerrificToyman I don’t support child labor. I do support a magic user so a thumbs up for Zee.

@Bullcan Well, if you can do that, I vote for Christoper Kent (the non-Jurgen’s infected, pre-Rebirth version), Connor Kent (only the 2010 version written by Leimire) and teenage Clark Kent (the one stuck away in the pocket dimension).

@EDT too much magic, too much magic!

@MatthewHecht Correct - you’re a Petty Loner.
World of difference!

@HubCityQuestion Yes, yes, yes, we know Wolfman came up with that New Teen Titans thing and for some people it was very formative.

And since it is just a marketing gimmick, I abstain.

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