Create Your Own Justice League - Dark Crisis Version

I’m sure you’ve seen this challenge before. But with a new event comic starting up, let’s do a version based on what has been established.

For this version of create your own Justice League, you can’t use the following heroes: Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Diana, John Stewart, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, Barry Allen, Zatanna and Hawkgirl. You need to fill 7 slots with anyone else besides those heroes. Aside from that, you can be as creative as you can with your team. Let me kick things off with my picks.

Swamp Thing - One of the most powerful beings on Earth, and one of the hardest to kill. As long as their is plant life, he will remain. While he is known as The Guardian of The Green, he has shown time and again that he does seek to maintain a balance between The Green and Civilization as opposed to annihilating the human race. Power with wisdom is exactly what’s needed.

Tim Drake - The third one to take the Robin mantle, he has a strategic mind that rivals even Bruce’s. And his experience with technology - and working with a team - are essential for the most legendary superhero team.

Big Barda - One of the New Gods themselves, Big Barda is a warrior of raw strength. But she is also aware of how to maintain order while distinguishing between right and wrong. Which is partly what fueled her rebellion against Granny Goodness and Darkseid.

Black Adam - The first champion of magic has shown a willingness to be hero. While initially just for the people of his country, he sees the importance of the Justice League and brings new ideas that can prove to be beneficial.

Stargirl - One of the most famous legacy heroes. While younger than most of the others, she is a character that will remain determined and positive even in grave danger.

Jessica Cruz - While she initially tried to deny the power due to her own fears, she found the strength in herself to rise up and become one of the most well known Green Lanterns in the universe.

Static - While the least experienced, this is a hero with a lot of heart and a willingness to do good for his community and for people who need a hero like him.












to round out the team Hawkman

My team is perfect.


I was actually thinking about this the other day.

  • Dick Grayson (Nightwing)
  • Wally West (Flash)
  • Supergirl (Not the bad version)
  • Swamp Thing
  • Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern)
  • Hal Jordon (Green Lantern)
  • Yara Flor (Wonder Woman)
  1. Nightwing
  2. Wally West (Flash)
  3. Shazam
  4. Cyborg
  5. Doctor Fate
  6. Big Barda
  7. Ryan Choi (Atom)

new justice league team
1 batgirl
2 raven
3 aqualad
4 dreamer-nia
5 blue beetle
7 robin-damian wayne
8 superboy
9 miss martian
10 robotman


Okay, I feel like the spirit of this exercise is to create a Justice League without the usual big guns. Therefore, I added another stipulation to hand-cuff my choices. I also decided to not pick anyone who said no to Jon or was otherwise preoccupied in Dark Crisis #1. In essence, much like the Justice League International, this will be a team of whatever is left over. Here’s who I picked:

Jon Supes

  1. Superman (Jon Kent)- Because, as I mentioned in a post earlier this week, he’s my boy. He can step in for his father and prove to everyone that he’s worthy of the mantle. Jon has been doing a great job so far.

Mary Marvel
2) Mary Marvel- Yes, I should be calling her Lady Shazam, but I don’t care. She’s Mary Marvel. Her power set makes her the perfect substitute for Wonder Woman. Also, she’s a pure and innocent soul.

The Question Ha Ha Ha
3) The Question- And by The Question, I mean- full-on Ditko-objectivist, “I don’t like the UN,” and has nothing resembling human empathy- The Question. I don’t like him, but, if I’m writing this team, I need a foil to counter my perspective. Also, he could do the Batman work.

4) Rocket- With her inertia belt, I believe Rocket could approximate a Green Lantern’s abilities. I also feel that Raquel has earned a shot at the big leagues at this point. She would bring power and her unique point of view to this team.

Quicksilver Quality
5) Max Mercury- At some point I realized that my team needed a speedster and that all the good ones were missing or busy in Dark Crisis #1. And so, I was left with the artist formerly known as Quicksilver. I kind of like this, though, because he has the speed but is a bit over-the-hill. I picture him struggling to replicate the feats that Barry and Wally pull off on the regular.

Harley Gotham City Justice
6) Harley Quinn- Yeah, I said it: Harley Quinn. She’s put in the work to become a hero recently and she could fill in for Black Canary. Plus, it would be soooooo funny to have her bother The Question through most of this team’s run.

When I got to my last pick, I realized that this team was not so bad. Kind of under-powered compared to the Big Seven, but not yet the group of misfits I was hoping for. And so, I decided to use my last pick on a REAL loser to complete the picture:

7) Chic Carter aka The Sword- Chic is a Quality Comics character from the Golden Age. He was a crime reporter and, in one of his stories, remembered that he was an Olympic fencer and used those skills to become a masked crime fighter. This is the loser who will complete my hobbled Justice League.

I both love and hate these kind of exercises because I think they are very fun, but I agonize over my choices. This team went through a few iterations and many great characters did not make the final cut.


Okay, here we go:
Jessica Cruz
Wally West
Ryan Choi


Have you considered…also Hawkman?

PS I read his title that began running after Dark Nights Metal. Really great series


Superwoman/Lana Lang
The Flash/Wally West
Green Lantern/Guy Gardner

Friends, foes, and Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts, I give you the Red-Headed League. :sweat_smile:

  1. Nightwing
  2. Wally West
  3. Donna Troy
  4. Black Lightning
  5. Hawkman
  6. Mera
  7. Mr. Terrific

Adam Strange
Black Lightning
Captain Atom
Jason Blood/Etrigan The Demon
Captain Marvel/Shazam
The Question

  1. Hourman of the 853rd Century

He helps me assemble the Justice League of Time and Space.

  1. Aquaman from JLA: Year One (or 60’s original League, same diff)

  2. Wally West Flash from Morrison’s JLA

  3. Guy Gardner Green Lantern from Giffen’s JLI

  4. Power Girl from Giffen’s Europe League

  5. Azrael from Odyssey League

  6. Madame Xanadu from Dark League


Awesome! I love a B list Justice league team that doesn’t have Batman in it. The only people I wish I had were Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter but I totally can make it work.
I’m going to use characters I feel would be composite members to the main Justice League.

To start I feel Black Lighting would be a great leader to the league

Seems practical as a teacher with the same suspicion about the power of superheroes in the world to guide them on the right path that Green Arrow has.

Besides being a excellent fighter with incredible powers, Vixen works really well in team books that she could easily take a role that Black Canary usually occupy and become the experienced member who co-leads alongside the main one or is team leader in battles.

Red Tornado:
Despite being sometimes a cold and logical machine, he has a reputation as being a hero with the a lot of humanity and a highly adaptive fighter. He will obviously take the role Martian Manhunter role of the group.

I love to see more of Nubia, but I feel her current position in Infinite frontier is somewhat limiting her in scope of where she can be in the dc universe. Putting her on the Justice league in a Wonder-woman role, seems like a good way to spotlight more Amazons and just a better impression on Nubia that we hardly see even in her own book.

Madame Xanadu:
For her, she is probably second to Dr. Fate on knowledge of the magic world and is surprisingly as illusive as another well-known magic user John Constantine. A sorceress like her can be a powerful member in the Justice League.

Jackson Hyde: The member I highly agree with Joshua Williamson including. Aqualad now Aquaman has abilities like Mera but with experience from his time with the Titans and mentoring under Arthur Curry to become a powerful Atlantean. His dad is also his greatest villain, what’s not to love there.

Jessica Cruz:
As much as I would love to include Green lanterns like Baz, Jessica Cruz is simply my go to Lantern for her alien and vibrant use of constructs. It’s also her somewhat unique experience in becoming the welder of dangerous and powerful weapons like the Ring of Volthoom, Omega beams in Justice League odyssey and now a yellow lantern ring that makes her my favorite to include on any team.

Shayera Hol: This one is fairly obvious. I don’t personally care much for Hawkman or Hawkgirl but Justice league unlimited made me fall in love with the Hawkwoman character. I just would love her back in the league any capacity.

Connor Kent Superboy: I have appreciated Superboy ever since young justice but I always thought the 90s version was better. Bendis bringing back that version in the young justice series was awesome. Thinking how Connor can evolve in the league the same way Bart Allen did when he became a titan is my comic dream.

For a wild card pick I would include one of these characters:




  1. Nightwing
  2. Flash (Wally)
  3. Green Lantern (Kyle)
  4. Black Lightning
  5. Power Girl
  6. Katana
  7. Raven

It has come to my attention, thanks to recent Dark Crisis issues, that Max Mercury is busy helping with the search for Barry. That pretty much means that there are no good speedsters available for my team. So… I guess I’m just going to sub in Plastic Man because I kind of wanted him on the team in the first place and who needs to run when you can disguise yourself as any common household object!


I like your choice of Tim and I feel like he would fit the Justice league a little better than Nightwing in some ways. The only thing is he’s a little young, but even then. So, I decided to start there
(This is probably going to end up being mostly favorites because of bias, but I have a good amount of favorites to choose from)

  1. Robin/Tim Drake
  2. Atom/Ryan Choi
  3. Green Lantern/Jessica Cruz
  4. Elongated Man
  5. Geoforce
  6. Aqua-man (Jackson Hyde)
  7. Amazing Man

Ooo~ A good question! Hmm…Well my knee jerk answer would be to just use Nubias [spoiler]

Ambassador team but in a superheroing capacity. Giving us

  1. Nubia (Queen)
  2. Bia (Oracle)
  3. Anahi (Techie)
  4. Bibi Dalair Kaur (mystic)
  5. Clio (Scribe)
    And to round out this group with a couple extra Amazons to get to seven…
  6. Mala (Rehabilitator)
  7. Charlie (Fresh perspective)


But failing that…Id probably make a team consisting of characters who have not really been given much attention and thus would possibly be outside of what the villains would be expecting.

  1. Akila the Shim’Tar Amazon of Bana Mighdall. Specifically the take on her as a tech expert who made her own power armor.

  2. Mayfly the reformed assassin with superspeed who once gunned down the Flash.

  3. Lagoon boy the less talked about hero of the seas

  4. Aya the android with the abilities of a Green Lantern.

  5. Elongated man the elastic detective.

  6. Beppo the super monkey from Krypton

  7. Djinn the genie superhero


:laughing: Yes!


Jaina Hudson.

Penny Dreadful.


Helena Rosa Bertinelli.

Phantom Lady.

Big Barda.

Arisia Rrabb.



Now this is certainly a list.

Honestly 1-3 might not be justice league material but it’s got the right idea going and I love it.