What's New on DCUI: July 2021

Turns the final page of a stack of comics roughly 50 issues high…

“Whew! I didn’t think I’d be able to finish all those great comics on DCUI in June, but I’ve done it! Now to relax and catch up on some housework. But first, I think I’ll check the DC Community!”

Clicks to the best place on the Internet, sees announcement for the enormous amount of amazing titles coming in July 2021.


Just when you thought it was safe to go in the housework…DC UNIVERSE INFINITE is staying true to its word and bringing you an infinite amount of comics, including:

  • The next installments of the DCUI Exclusive THE JOKER PRESENTS: A PUZZLEBOX!

  • The beginning of not one, not two, but EIGHTEEN new FUTURE STATE series!

  • A whole batch of RWBY/JUSTICE LEAGUE!

  • More tales from the vault, like old school MILESTONE COMICS (1993-1997), STRANGE ADVENTURES (1950-1973), WASTELAND, and WHO’S WHO from the 1980’s!

Not to mention the very final issue of the BATMAN/FORTNITE: ZERO POINT saga, which will earn you a rare unlockable :batparrot:

But don’t take our word for it- read on to see each and every morsel of comic-y goodness in July! :fireworks:


:+1: =Issue #1
:old_key: = From the archives vault
:sparkles: = 6 months from release
:minidisc: = Digital early release
:1st_place_medal: = DCUI early access

Series Issue Type Date
Sensational Wonder Woman 12 :minidisc: 7/1/2021
Challenge of the Super Sons 10 :minidisc: 7/2/2021
Sensational Wonder Woman 12 :minidisc: 7/1/2021
Challenge of the Super Sons 10 :minidisc: 7/2/2021
The Next Batman: Second Son 6 :minidisc: 7/5/2021
The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox Director’s Cut 3 :1st_place_medal: 7/5/2021
Inferior Five 5 :minidisc: 7/6/2021
RWBY/Justice League :+1: 1 :minidisc: 7/6/2021
RWBY/Justice League 2 :minidisc: 7/6/2021
RWBY/Justice League 3 :minidisc: 7/6/2021
RWBY/Justice League 4 :minidisc: 7/6/2021
Batman Annual 5 :sparkles: 7/6/2021
Dark Nights: Death Metal The Last 52: War of the Multiverses :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/6/2021
Jinny Hex Special :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/6/2021
Justice League: Endless Winter 2 :sparkles: 7/6/2021
Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Dark Nights Metal :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/6/2021
Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point 6 :1st_place_medal: 7/6/2021
Blood Syndicate (1993-1995) 9 :old_key: 7/6/2021
Hardware (1993-1997) 15 :old_key: 7/6/2021
Strange Adventures (1950-1973) 3 :old_key: 7/6/2021
Wasteland (1987-1989) 16 :old_key: 7/6/2021
Wasteland (1987-1989) 17 :old_key: 7/6/2021
Wasteland (1987-1989) 18 :old_key: 7/6/2021
Who’s Who Update 1988 :+1: 1 :old_key: 7/6/2021
Legends of the Dark Knight :+1: 1 :minidisc: 7/7/2021
Sensational Wonder Woman 13 :minidisc: 7/8/2021
Challenge of the Super Sons 11 :minidisc: 7/9/2021
The Next Batman: Second Son 7 :minidisc: 7/12/2021
RWBY/Justice League 5 :minidisc: 7/13/2021
Dark Nights: Death Metal 7 :sparkles: 7/13/2021
Future State: Superman of Metropolis :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/13/2021
Future State: The Next Batman :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/13/2021
Generations Shattered :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/13/2021
Future State: Harley Quinn :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/13/2021
Future State: Swamp Thing :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/13/2021
Future State: The Flash :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/13/2021
The Dreaming: Waking Hours 6 :sparkles: 7/13/2021
Future State: Wonder Woman :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/13/2021
Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis (2006-2007) 46 :old_key: 7/13/2021
Batman 214 :old_key: 7/13/2021
Icon (1993-1997) 15 :old_key: 7/13/2021
Static (1993-1997) 16 :old_key: 7/13/2021
Strange Adventures (1950-1973) 4 :old_key: 7/13/2021
Who’s Who Update 1988 2 :old_key: 7/13/2021
Legends of the Dark Knight 2 :minidisc: 7/14/2021
Sensational Wonder Woman 14 :minidisc: 7/15/2021
Challenge of the Super Sons 12 :minidisc: 7/16/2021
The Next Batman: Second Son 8 :minidisc: 7/19/2021
The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox Director’s Cut 4 :1st_place_medal: 7/19/2021
American Vampire 1976 4 :sparkles: 7/20/2021
Future State: Dark Detective :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/20/2021
Future State: Justice League :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/20/2021
Future State: Robin Eternal :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/20/2021
Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/20/2021
Future State: Green Lantern :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/20/2021
Future State: Kara Zor-El, Superwoman :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/20/2021
Future State: Teen Titans :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/20/2021
Sweet Tooth: The Return 3 :sparkles: 7/20/2021
RWBY/Justice League 6 :minidisc: 7/20/2021
Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis (2006-2007) 47 :old_key: 7/20/2021
Batman 215 :old_key: 7/20/2021
Blood Syndicate (1993-1995) 10 :old_key: 7/20/2021
Hardware (1993-1997) 16 :old_key: 7/20/2021
Strange Adventures (1950-1973) 5 :old_key: 7/20/2021
Who’s Who Update 1988 3 :old_key: 7/20/2021
Legends of the Dark Knight 3 :minidisc: 7/21/2021
Infinite Frontier: Secret Files :+1: 1 :minidisc: 7/22/2021
Challenge of the Super Sons 13 :minidisc: 7/23/2021
The Next Batman: Second Son 9 :minidisc: 7/26/2021
Batman/Catwoman 2 :sparkles: 7/27/2021
DCeased: Dead Planet 7 :sparkles: 7/27/2021
Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/27/2021
Future State: Shazam! :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/27/2021
Future State: The Next Batman 2 :sparkles: 7/27/2021
Future State: Catwoman :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/27/2021
Future State: Nightwing :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/27/2021
Future State: Superman: Worlds of War :+1: 1 :sparkles: 7/27/2021
Legion of Super-Heroes 12 :sparkles: 7/27/2021
Batman: Curse of the White Knight 4 :sparkles: 7/27/2021
Rorschach 4 :sparkles: 7/27/2021
Static (Season One) 2 :1st_place_medal: 7/27/2021
DC Connect 15 :sparkles: 7/27/2021
Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis (2006-2007) 48 :old_key: 7/27/2021
Batman 218 :old_key: 7/27/2021
Icon (1993-1997) 16 :old_key: 7/27/2021
Static (1993-1997) 17 :old_key: 7/27/2021
Strange Adventures (1950-1973) 6 :old_key: 7/27/2021
Who’s Who Update 1988 4 :old_key: 7/27/2021
Icon & Rocket: Season One :+1: 1 :1st_place_medal: 7/27/2021
RWBY/Justice League 7 :minidisc: 7/27/2021
Legends of the Dark Knight 4 :minidisc: 7/28/2021
Challenge of the Super Sons 14 :minidisc: 7/30/2021

Tell us- what are you most excited to read? What else are you hoping to see in the future (state)? Tell all in the comments below!:point_down:


I’m excited to read Future State: Wonder Woman. I want to see Yara Flor,


Glad to see that some already-digitized-but-previously-available-only-in-a-collection issues of Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis will be coming, and that Who’s Who will indeed be continuing with the 1988 series. :+1:

(And I hope that the issue that’s holding up Wasteland #6, whatever it may be, is resolved soon.)


YURS!!! :purple_heart:


Oh wow! Been a minute since we saw this series start digitizing! Maybe we’re getting more focus on Aquaman’s archive in preparation for the movie sequel.

Hey! Been a while since we’ve seen a White Knight issue here!


Awesome™:+1: can’t wait to read future State. And the conclusion to Death Metal (the whole thing in general still have to read that :sweat_smile:).
And RWBY/JL awesome™:+1:. Just got into that show and really enjoying it.
I think they had a comic series before made by DC right? Is that on here? I should check.


In July we are missing the last god, it seems. Oh, well, there’s enough meat there to last out the month. I was kind of expecting us to get at least some American vampire after we got the original run of sweet tooth to read now that the return is here, but I guess that was just for the netflix release…

Thanks for the great work, though, guys. I appreciate all these comics I’m getting.


I read most of the FUTURE STATE titles as they were dropping, but exited to re-read some of them like SUPERMAN: WORLDS OF WAR and FS: WONDER WOMAN starring Yara Flor.

I also want to check out the JINNY HEX SPECIAL and ICON & ROCKET: SEASON ONE 1


Looking forward to seeing more old comics like Batman, get to see more issues of the classic series.I can’t wait for more Joker puzzle mystery and I’m curious, what’s a RWBY/Justice League? Another Crossover? Can’t wait to see!
There’s so many books to mention but can’t get to them all, can’t wait for July! :smiley:


JOKER’S PUZZLEBOX was surprisingly fun. Excited to read the next one!


Yessss! Loved Static #1 and can’t wait for this and Hardware, and hopefully more titles to be announced before this first wave wraps up.

Is there a reading order for FUTURE STATE anywhere? Anything beyond DC NATION PRESENTS DC: FUTURE STATE #1 recommended before diving in to all these #1s?


I am skimming for Hawkman, Hawkman, and Hawkman. :00_hawkman:


We have a support group here on DC Community if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all these new DC Universe Infinite titles in July, and would just like to have a steady guiding lighthouse to help you weekly navigate through this overwhelming amount of entertainment, as well as to have a free place to discuss the stories in a safe place.



RWBY/ Justice League is a crossover with an animated series that I think is on the Roosterteeth web site. I haven’t watched it, but I get a kind of Sailor Moon meets fantasy war vibe, I hear good things about it.


Sword of Atlantis! Nice!


Heya keath! We do have a Future State reading order suggestion here by none other than Nathan.Payson:

You can also see a brief discussion here that notes because of the varying timelines (for example, TurokSoneofStone1950 notes Swamp Thing is way in the future), a dedicated reading order before diving in isn’t fully necessary.

Hope this helps!


Poor Vicki Vale!
Let’s face it, she scream alot!

I don’t hear Catwoman scream…


Ok, you got me! LOL!:grin:


Looking forward to those, Aquaman: Sword of Atlantas was an interesting little series. Not sure I will read it again, but glad some who likely missed it will get a chance. And glad to be able to check out the Future state series I missed

Also looking forward to the final issue of Batman/Fortnight. Which has been a surpringly enjoyable read.


Time for my monthly request already?


Haha thank you for the request. I love looking at these. Very creative way of putting your request in! Hopefully your wish will be answered!