The New Comics Coming Tuesday Jan 3rd to LCS’s and the Recommended Order To Read Them

Tuesday is a HUGE day for DC Comics. Rebirth comes to an end and Future State begins. On top of that, Generations begins with plans to bridge the gap, so there’s a lot going on.

I recommend reading next weeks comics in the following order:
End of Rebirth:
Death Metal #7

Bridging the gap:
Generations: Shattered #1

Read the rest of the sections in any order
Setting up Gotham: (Batman should be first because it will set up Gotham’s status quo)
Future State: The Next Batman #1
Future State: Harley Quinn #1

Yara Flor first appearance (Expect heavy speculation here):
Future State: Wonder Woman #1

Phillip Kennedy Johnson begins Superman
Future State: Superman of Metropolis

Ram V begins Swamp Thing
Future State: Swamp Thing #1

Brandon Vietti’s Flash
Future State: Flash #1

Out of Continuity:
Batman: The Adventure Continues #8
Hellblazer: The Rise and Fall #3

Big Non-DC Comics
Star Wars: High Republic #1
Hellions #8
Crossover #3
Venom #32
Eternals #1


Was Future State originally based on Dan Diddo’s idea of Generation X or whatever it was called before he got fire?

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Initially I thought Future State was Didio’s 5G. I’m now pretty sure it’s not. Future State is basically a set of tone and hype pieces for Infinite Frontier. A lot of Future State will have a “This is a plotline to watch happen” or a “After what Damian did…”, where we won’t know what Damian did, but we will know to look out for it and expect it.

Didio’s Generations was basically 5 issues that will reveal everything that happened in the DC Universe. Think of it like the mega timeline that “fixed” all the continuity issues. Generations was designed to establish the exact timeline and leave surprise moments in there that would be incoming plot threads for 5G.

Generations Shattered will have some of that stuff in there, but will mostly serve to build off Death Metal (If I had a guess).

Infinite Frontier is what 5G was going to be, but done in a more natural way. The endgoal of Infinite Frontier from what I could gather is to keep a lot of the 5G individual story ideas and take time to get there. 5G was supposed to be a somewhat jarring skip in the story. Future State would have been further in the future than 5G would have been. The best example I have from interviews is that Geoffrey Thorne pitched a very unique green lantern story (I think the story was if the Green Lantern Corps all lost their rings, but I’m not certain) and DiDio said “yeah let’s do it!!” So the story was going to be about a ringless corps, but then 5G was cancelled and Jim Lee was like “We still want your story about a ringless corps, but can you take time to get to the ringless corps. (Like 2+ years or so).” Future State is saying “Hey, here’s what the ringless corps story would be like if it continued for 5 years”.

So Future State is 5G ideas in the future of the 5G stories.



Thankyou, that does sound interesting, I’m looking forward to reading future stats.:slightly_smiling_face:


R.I.P. Rebirth. You went too young.


Rebirth was ready to end. The last 2 years of continuity has been rough.


Yes, @Nathan.Payson, the continuity started to unravel a bit, but another reboot, reset whatever? It just speaks to the lack of a quality editorial staff by letting creators go off on different tangents (Snyder, Johns, Bendis, et al) and only further mucking up the continuity. One has to wonder if, over the last decade, DC Comics knows the meaning of a game plan.