Welcome to the Grand Opening of the DC UNIVERSE REWARDS PROGRAM!

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “If I received tokens for reading comics, I could redeem those for even MORE DC stuff!” Well, wonder no more! Starting today, we are officially announcing the full release of our DC Universe Rewards program! Running from May 5th through the fall, the program is designed to reward you for doing what you already love - diving deep into your fandom. We’re giving ALL fans - not just paid subscribers - the opportunity to participate. The DC Universe Rewards program features “can’t-miss” items and exclusive releases, all at no cost.

“Tell me more, tell me more!”
In short, you can earn special tokens for ongoing engagement and participation on DC UNIVERSE, including this here Community section, editorial features, and watching DC Daily. These tokens are redeemable for an amazing set of rewards, from a 30-day premium subscription to DC UNIVERSE to ultra-exclusive collectibles such as a special, limited edition Harley Quinn Super-Villains pin set. DC Universe Rewards will offer new earn opportunities and rewards each week.

All you need to do is register for free right here on DC Universe and select a customized avatar. Then, you can start earning tokens redeemable for rewards by navigating to the rewards program in the MyDC section of DC UNIVERSE or clicking/tapping on REWARDS in the menu.

Below are prizes currently available with the official launch of DC Universe Rewards, with more continuously rolling out throughout the program:

• DC Universe 30-day Premium Subscription
• DCU Exclusive HARLEY QUINN Super-Villains Pin Set
• DC Universe Exclusive Harley Quinn Show Statue
• DC Artists Alley Batgirl (White & Gold) by Sho Murase Designer Vinyl
• Digital Movie Redemption via Movies Anywhere
• DC Universe Exclusive Limited Edition TITANS Poster
• DC Universe Exclusive Limited Edition DOOM PATROL Poster
• DC Universe Meta Madhouse Lex Luthor Masterminds T-shirt
• DC Universe Meta Madhouse Darkseid Invaders T-shirt
• DC Universe Meta Madhouse The Cheetah Beasts T-shirt
• DC Universe Exclusive Batcave Wallpapers
• DC Universe Exclusive Fortress of Solitude Wallpapers
• Shop DC $5 Off Purchase
• Shop DC $10 Off Purchase
• Shop DC $25 Off Purchase


Head right on over to the Rewards Program by clicking this link. For questions and more details, check out our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page and the HOW IT WORKS page.

As always, we here in the Community want to know what your experience is like. To share your thoughts, please visit the REWARDS FEEDBACK section of our Suggestion Box. Our friendly team is standing by!

Will you be joining us in our latest grand adventure? Let us know in the comments below!


We have a whole list of questions answered on our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page and the HOW IT WORKS page, but here are a couple of quick responses for questions being asked below:

  1. If you are not receiving tokens, please try the following:
  • Turn off your browser’s ad-blockers
  • Allow 24 hours for your tokens to populate
  • If you are still not receiving tokens, please contact our customer support team at yourdcu.com/submit.
  • When reporting to the forums, please provide what platform you are using (iOS, Desktop, Roku, etc.)
  1. “Why do some people have a high amount of points?”

There are a few reasons for this.

  • Some members joined early to help us test the system, and have earned anywhere from 250-500 more points than those who joined during the official release.
  • In a few rare cases, there is a bug that is causing a disproportionate amount of token increase, and will be resolved by the end of the week.
  1. “The cap is a little frustrating, I hope to see that change!”

For now we will be keeping the cap as not to impact unknown variables in the planned economy. However, if we find that this program was a success, we may look into adjusting the economy at a later date!


I can’t wait to go up the ranks and get more points. Good luck to everyone!


YES!! I got signed-up-to the Rewards a few days ago! And I’m VERY ENTHUSIASTICALLY STOKED about it!! …b/c this DCU has become My FAVOURITE Hangout — online OR otherwise! So I expect to be hitting it for ALL of My Comic-Related swag in the future, both near-&-far!!
One Q, thō:
Do We get any credit for PAST-Activity on the Service??



I just visited the FAQ’s, and received my Answer — “NO!”

So, I guess I’ll be re-visiting those older books & videos…



I’m saving up for that Doom Patrol poster ::robotman_dp::


Heya! So glad you’re excited to get started! Tokens will only accumulate for actions taken from the moment you sign up forward, because the system needs to “hook” you in. But I bet you’ll get maxed out in no time!


It’s soooo freaking cool!!


My answer was nicer :sunglasses:


I think it would be cool if they had a quiz after reading so many comics.

Like after reading so many Batgirl comics you had a chance to win bonus points by answering questions related or not related to the stuff you read.

It would also be cool to get prizes specific to what you are reading. Like after reading so many batgirl comics, you would get a poster, or comic, or something related to batgirl…

Overall it fun to get rewards for reading and watching, I look forward to it more when it’s had more fine tuning…


Ooooh, cool ideas! Thanks for sharing. Not exactly the same/related to Rewards, but we do have weekly trivia challenges every Tuesday, if you like testing your knowledge :flexmentallo_dp:


I can’t wait to see what items they have from the Harley Quinn show. My wife and I love that show.


neither can I, this is a great chance to promote things to read


I. Need . That . STATUE !


This is such a good idea. I can’t wait to go up the ranks by just doing what I was going to do anyways!


I am loving the rewards! Thanks for adding the rewards link to the top of the page in the drop down menu after clipping on my icon. That is a great addition! Excited that we have reached the official launch!


Awesome, can’t wait to grab the Harley Quinn pin set!


This is so dope. Gonna put this quarantine time to good use. That batgirl statue is calling my name!


So awesome!!


This looks great. Have to start reading more!


Happy to be here :smiley: