DCU "Poison Ivy" Release Notes: May, 2020

The DC Universe “Poison Ivy” update refers to what happens when you mix unstoppable ingenuity with an undying passion to save the Earth. The Floral Femme Fatale uses her own natural pheromones to control whomever she wants.

Her ability to control the floral life around her gives her an instant army against anyone who tries to stop her and foolishly get in her way. She’s not a two-dimensional criminal in the traditional sense and has proven herself compassionate time and time again as one of Batman’s most conflicted and complex villains.

Read one of our favorite Poison Ivy titles, POISON IVY: A CYCLE OF LIFE & DEATH on DC Universe, and take these updates for a spin!


  • DC Universe Rewards are now available to all members of DC Universe, on all platforms! Find out how you can earn tokens and redeem them for exclusive prizes over in our announcement, Welcome to the Grand Opening of the DC UNIVERSE REWARDS PROGRAM!

  • We’ve rebuilt the Offline Experience! Take a minute to download a Comic and/or Video, go offline and explore our new Downloads section. (Android)

  • We’ve put the Progress Bar in more places for Comics. At a glance, easily track your place in a Comic Series or Collection. This is the first in our ongoing efforts to help you mark comics as ‘read’! (Android)

  • We fixed the “blank screen” issue for our End Of Book experience. (iOS)

  • We fixed the “out of space” error messaging for Downloads. (iOS)

  • We fixed the broken “Download” menu option in My DC history. (iOS)

  • (Now on mobile!) We’ve introduced the ability to filter comic collections! Find your next favorite storyline by filtering based on:

    • Discoverability
    • Genre
    • Art Style
    • Length

Forgot where to find comic browse? Just head on over the comics hub and scroll down to the first row. From there you can browse through our various collections: Storylines, Get To Know, and Showcase. We’ll frequently be introducing new collections, so make sure to check back! (Mobile)

As you can see, our latest contribution to the DCU experience includes a healthy mix of new features and improved performance. Will you be growing your own garden of joy by joining the DC Universe Rewards program? Let us know in the comments below!


Wait: where’s the part where you betray us in this update?


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Maybe need to update that phrasing.


We have a few more villain-themed updates coming, but the idea is they’re in HONOR of the villains, not necessarily that we’re trying to EMBODY them. Not necessarily.


Thank you for making the DC Universe experience better and better each time! I know the crew works very hard to make it the best experience they can! Awesome job!


I keep hoping when I see these updates that I’ll see a note that sorting by eras/oldest has actually been fixed, or better yet that publication date has made it in.

But this is a “known issue”…


Loving the new rewards system!


What does “fixed out of space” error mean?

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Some folks received an “out of space” error message when trying to download comics on iOS devices- but no more!

It is a known issue, so never fear! We continue to work on it- it’s a complex challenge, but one that we’re up to the task for :slight_smile: Keep hope alive :blue_heart:


Okay. Thanks for clearing it up.

Makes me wonder what The Joker update would be like :thinking::thinking:


Y’all are doing the good lords work :pray:t4::fist:t4:

Can confirm! This plagued me whenever I was reading a series on my iPhone. No longer! Thanks, Poison Ivy!

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Still not seeing these. All I’m getting is:

Can you please report this to our technical support team at yourdcu.com/submit? Thank you!

Will do.

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Appreciate the Progress Bar as a stopgap while awaiting ‘read’ indicators. Another shining example of how you care about our wants enough that you’ll provide temporary fixes while we wait for the permanent solutions. Hats off once again to DCU’s customer service!


I think @DeSade-acolyte can appreciate the update names.

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