WATCH-ALONG! DC Universe All-Star Games PREMIERE Watch-Along! FRIDAY, FEB 28th @6PM PST/9PM EST

Join Us For The Premiere WATCH-ALONG of DC Universe All-Star Games! Tonight @6PM PST/9PM EST

Join us for the PREMIERE episode of our brand new series, DC Universe All-Star Games! Join our Game Master, Sam Witwer, and our cast of players, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Clare Grant, Vanessa Marshall, and WWE Star Xavier Woods as the play DC Heroes Classic 80s, The Breakfast League!

We’ll laugh, we’ll cry (not really), but we will have an amazing time!

Please read on below to prepare yourself for how this works:

:white_check_mark:THE DEETS​:white_check_mark:

Who: You, silly!

What: DC Universe All-Star Games, Season 1, Episode 1

Where : Right here on the forums! In this thread! In the comments below! Maybe on your phone! But also, you’ll be watching DC Universe All-Star Games on a big screen. So there, too.

When:: Friday, February 28th, at 6p PST/9p EST

Why: Because the community that geeks out together, stays together.

How: Great question- read below!

  1. CAN’T WIN IF YOU DON’T PLAY – You must have a subscription to DC Universe to access DC Universe All-Star Games.

  2. DUAL-WIELDING – Watch-Alongs are best experienced on two devices; Your phone for comments, and your big screen for viewing.

  3. 2, 1 LET’S JAM – Have your clicking finger on the “play” button and ready for action- we’ll be starting at the stroke of the hour.

  4. A WRINKLE IN TIME – If you get lost in the time, you can calculate where the audience is by checking the minute- For example, if it’s 6:15 pm PST, then we are 15 minutes into the show. Or, just check with us in the comments and we’ll happily let you know what we’re watching.

We’re so excited to hang out in the proverbial living room with you all and watch the events of this character-studded show unfold!


I might cry.


Hmm :thinking:… I’ve not attended a lot of watch alongs but I don’t think that’s what you’re suppose to do at these things.


Cry with laughter! :joy: <— (Us at the WAL)


:grin:It’s gonna be ‘A New Day’ to have fun watching the new game show starring ‘WWE’ Tag team champion Xavier Wood! Good luck facing or teaming up with Doomsday, you’re on your own pal!
My only complain is I think this show should be a hour long, but I’m looking forward to it!:grinning:


I’ll try to make it. If I can remember.


I’m there, but what is it? :rofl:


I’m pretty sure it’s famous people playing a DC RPG.

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Interesting? Any predictions on the “celebrities” at all?


Should be trailer for the show in the movie section. I am not good with names.

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No need for predictions on our players, we’ll have our Game Master, Sam Witwer along with Freddie Prinze, Jr., Clare Grant, Vanessa Marshall, and the WWE’s Xavier Woods!

You can watch the trailer and get all the details here!


I hope this goes for a second season and Sarah Michelle Gellar joins :smiley:


@nu52, Right?! Here’s to hoping! :crossed_fingers:


I Wonder if Xavier Wood would serve any :pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes: Pancakes like the new day does!:slightly_smiling_face: He also has a video games channel on YouTube called Up Up Down Down.


@Pretty.Poison.Bombshell I have a question, will the cast play a same game each week or will it be a different games each week? I was just curious.


Hey @Penguinfan78!

They’ll be playing the RPG tabletop game, DC Heroes, Classic 80s edition using their version called The Breakfast League.

As it is an RPG, it is a long-running game and we’ll get to see it all - complete with role-playing, hilarious moments, and maybe even some mystery!


I really hope to be here for this! I’ll try my best!


It’s happening!

But sadly we won’t be able to eat breakfast with it.


I watch it, it’s a High School RPG! It must be based on Beverly Hills 90210! My only question is why does it say TV-MA? It was more like TV-PG to me! :slightly_smiling_face: