Video Changes As Of December 18th + TV Device Information


Change is never easy, even when that change is paving the way for a bright future. As previously announced, 2021 is bringing a whole new era to DC Universe - an Infinite era! However, to usher in this new phase and all the goodies it brings (stay tuned for big announcements of what you can expect from our comics library!), we needed to make some room on the shelves. Therefore, we must bid adieu to our video content.

As many of you know, we will be losing a large portion of our video library soon, on December 18th. (See the full list in the pulldown below), and we hope you’ll take this time to binge to your heart’s content!

Click here to read the full list of what’s leaving December 18th


  • Aquaman (TV Pilot)
  • Batman Beyond
  • Batman Tech
  • Batman: Assault on Arkham
  • Batman: Bad Blood
  • Batman: Gotham Knight
  • Batman: HUSH
  • Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
  • Batman: Ninja
  • Batman: The Animated Series A Retrospective
  • Batman: The Animated Series HD
  • Batman: Under The Red Hood
  • Batman: Year One
  • Bringing Back Young Justice with Whitney Moore
  • Dark Knight Unmasked: The Psychology of Batman
  • DC Nation Shorts
  • DCU Originals Sneak Peeks
  • DCYou: Unscripted
  • Death of Superman
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series
  • Justice League Dark: Apokolips War
  • Justice League Unlimited
  • Justice League vs The Fatal Five
  • Krypton: the Making of a Legend
  • Legends of the Superheroes
  • Legion of Super Heroes
  • Look, Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman
  • Reign of the Supermen
  • Science of Superman
  • Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics
  • Shazam!
  • Super Friends
  • Superboy
  • Superman
  • Superman Cartoons (Max Fleischer)
  • Superman II
  • Superman III
  • Superman IV: Quest For Peace
  • Superman Serials
  • Superman: Red Son
  • Superman: The Animated Serie
  • Swamp Thing: Absolute Binge Watch Edition
  • Teen Titans
  • The New Batman Adventures
  • The Spirit
  • Titans: Absolute Binge Watch Edition
  • Watchmen
  • Watchmen Motion Comics
  • Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter
  • Watchmen: Under the Hood
  • Wonder Woman (Movie)
  • Wonder Woman: Bloodlines
  • Young Justice (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • Young Justice Enhanced


  • Doom Patrol
  • Harley Quinn
  • Stargirl
  • Swamp Thing
  • Titans
  • Young Justice: Outsiders

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on HBO Max’s pages as they announce all the AAA DC content on their hub in the months to come.


If you are watching your binge list on the big screen, your subscriptions will automatically end on December 17th as those providers will no longer be supported. Make sure you sign back up through our website on December 18th, to ensure you don’t miss a single minute of DC content!

These television devices include: Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon TV and tablet, and Xbox apps. As some of our Community family members have mentioned, using a Chromecast might be a secret option to being able to read comics on the big screen still.

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For refund & billing questions, please reach out to our very own Justice League, our Customer Support Team.

Will you be making a binge list this week? Let us know what you’re watching in the comments below!


I noticed that the Wonder Woman tv show was not on the list…is it safe to assume it will disappear on the 18th @Applejack


Batman The Animated Series
Superman The Animated Series
Justice League
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart @DC_Community, for having these shows on here for 2 years, they will be miss.:pensive:


I don’t remember seeing Static Shock on the list either, is that leaving on the 18th as well? :thinking:


Plot twist: They are never leaving :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Young Justice Enhanced

Hate to see the amazing commentary of these episodes disappear for good. Hoping they wind up on HBO Max or somewhere for fans to revisit!


The Wonder Woman TV Show will stay on until January, so you have a bit more time to catch up :slight_smile: If you don’t see it listed above, it will stay till January.


Static Shock will be staying a bit longer, as well :slight_smile:


Oh ok great!!! :grin::grin:


I have a quick question, is the 1997 The New Adventures Of Batman staying or leaving? Thankyou.:slightly_smiling_face:




Okay thank you!!!


Batman Beyond for me.


I hope all these shows are going to port over to HBOMAX. It’ll be a shame for these shows and movies to go back to the vault, what a waste.


Hey @Reaganfan78, were you just asking if they’ll be removed at this time? We’ll soon be posting a thread detailing which titles will be removed in January, so when it comes to content that isn’t on the list for December 18th removal, you’ll be updated on which titles you’ll have more time with soon. :slight_smile:


The 1977 and 1997 The New Adventures Of Batman almost has the same title were it confused me a bit. I was wondering if both were going and if one of them staying til January. Sorry to make things confusing!:thinking:


Am I reading this correctly that the app will no longer be available via Roku after the 17th?


Is there going to be no animated shows or content on the new dc infinite?? I’m confused and not sure why this is happening at all

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DC Universe is becoming DC Infinite, a comics-only service, in January as WarnerMedia makes HBO Max its exclusive platform for streaming media.

It’s unclear at the present time what will happen to/with the vast majority of DC Universe’s video content library, but hopefully most of the non-original ‘legacy material’ will eventually end up on HBO Max.


That is correct, all TV devices will no longer be accessible. You will still be able to watch the shows that remain on your mobile devices or desktop computer.