DC UNIVERSE Is Becoming DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, Your New Premiere Comic Subscription Service, January 2021!

:superhero: :globe_with_meridians: :woman_supervillain:DC UNIVERSE INFINITE: JANUARY 2021! :superhero: :globe_with_meridians: :woman_supervillain:

DC Universe Infinite represents the next stage in DC comic fans digital readership, bringing you even MORE titles, sooner, and at no extra cost to current subscribers. DC Universe Infinite will also be hitting virtual newsstands around the world starting Summer 2021, bringing global fans to our beloved community!

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:newspaper: This News Article That Tells All: Number Six Will Shock You!
:rotating_light: Frequently Asked Questions like "How does it work?" “What’s the cost?” And more!

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:grey_question:Where can I find more information on the HBO Max deal?

Please visit our HBO Max + DC Universe Deal site to learn about pricing, eligibility, and more.

:grey_question: "I have a request for HBO Max, like Roku or specific content!"

Please contact HBO Max directly with any requests regarding their platform.

:grey_question:How can I learn more about the DC Universe Infinite payment requirements?

If your question is not answered in our Frequently Asked Questions, please contact our Help Center.

:grey_question: “What will happen to all of the legacy shows like B:TAS, Wonder Woman, and more?”

We do not have details on the status of your favorite classics, but please stay tuned over the next few months for more information.

:grey_question: Will [insert comic series name here] be added?

We will be announcing our content line-up closer to the date of DCUI’s launch, but do tell us what you’d like to see in the comments below!

:grey_question: “Will my annual renewal’s promotional price still be valid?”

For any information regarding billing, please contact our Help Center.

:grey_question: “What about the video content available on DCU now? Will more be added? When can we expect it to start being removed? Will it happen all at once?”

Please keep an eye on the Watchtower for future information about content rotations. We generally post a “Coming Soon & Last Chance” alert around the 15th of every month.

:grey_question: “Will I lose my lists, badges, or anything else related to the community during the transition?”

None of your account information will be lost! You will still have all of your comment history, your lists, and the badges you’ve earned available to you.

:grey_question: “Since I can use Roku and other devices here that I can’t on HBO Max, can you convince them to add those other devices?”

The best place to share this request is with HBO Max at their Help Center.

:grey_question: “This isn’t what I signed up for, and I don’t like what’s in store for DC Universe. Where should I go to cancel or request a refund?”

While we are sorry to see you go, please contact our Help Center for a refund. Remember, the Community is free for DC fans from all walks of life- you’re welcome back anytime!


We’ll be releasing more information about titles closer to the release date, so don’t touch that dial!

But enough about US - What issues do YOU want to see hit the service first? Will you be dimension-hopping with us into the future of DC Universe? Anything we didn’t answer in the FAQ? Tell us everything in the comments below!

And in more big news, Harley Quinn Season 3 has just been announced as renewed! What a time to be alive :harleyquinn_hqas: :poisonivy_hqas:




I love it! One question…will there be a big dump in January to catch up to only 6 months behind?


We’ll be announcing more details about the release schedule closer to launch date :slight_smile: Keep your eye on the Watchtower!



I’ll miss the occasional video content, but the idea of more recent comics is nice.


I’m here for the comics. This is exactly what I was hoping for.


Starting in October 2020, DC UNIVERSE subscribers will be able to confirm that they would like to continue their account to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE when it launches. Confirming your account will provide uninterrupted access through the transition from DC UNIVERSE


Very glad to hear this service isn’t going away!! Love the community and the comics…now if HBO Max and Roku can get everything figured out before the new seasons of the shows come out… :slight_smile:


Black Label and Select Graphic Novel Titles will also join the service, so some content that we weren’t allowed to access will now be available!!!


Very Awesome™:+1:. Can’t wait til January.


Hoping the community won’t change!


Will any of the older stuff from the Golden Age be here?
How much of it will be from DC’s acquisitions (like Fawcett and Quality)?

And, if it isn’t too dicey, will we still have some DC shows, at least some of the serials and old cartoons?


Ok…all I’m seeing are the DC Universe programs going to Max. Where are all the classic TV shows going? I don’t see them on the list. Wonder Woman? Adventures of Superman? all the Superfriends cartoons? Aquaman (which has already left for somewhere unknown)…etc.


I’m trying to find it but it was mentioned all video catelogue going in another article piece


How do I go about taking advantage of that $5 max deal? I can’t seem to figure that out.


love this, thank you so much!!! :heart_eyes:


DC UNIVERSE currently carries all titles that have been digitized from the Golden Age, but DC continues to restore these beautiful artifacts every month! You’ll see the most impact from labels and imprints not yet represented, as well as more currency from titles in the past year.

Stay tuned for more details on which publications you’ll see!

Please check out our FAQ for full details on all the video content questions :slight_smile:


This rules! I already succumbed to losing the original programming to HBO and I was so worried but I love this service for the comics and seeing that it’s just getting better for comic books is great news.


Does this means the Missing issues like The Batman Adventures will be added? And how much is for the service each month?:slightly_smiling_face:
This Community board will still exist will it?:frowning: