Trinity Bash! (Dark Edition)


Signing Up:

  • Before the game starts. One of the players can create a wiki post like this:

:batman: (Red Hood) player 1, player 2
:wonderwoman: (Artemis) player 3, player 4
:superman: (Bizarro) player 5, player 6
waiting list: (put your name here if the game is full but you want to play next time. Game turnaround time seems to be a day or two)

If the game is full you can check the other game thread

  • Two players on each team. First come first serve. Put your own name down.
  • Only one player can roll per turn. So decide how you want to switch off. First come first serve, alternate, etc.
  • Once we have 6 players, clear the scoreboard and start the game

Game Instructions:

  • Defeat enemies to collect the most points
  • Each enemy has a point value, “hit points” as depicted by checkboxes, and marked checkboxes for who gets credit for the “kill” (see 2nd post, editable by players. Edit by clicking. Editing post directly is not necessary)
  • Points go to whoever makes the final blow which maxes out hit points. Points do not carry over
  • Turns will be taken in the order of Red Hood, Artemis, Bizarro, repeat…

See table below for attacks. The standard attack can always be used. The special attack can only be used twice per character per game.

Attack Examples

Target(s) must be declared before the roll

Standard attack (applies to 1 enemy):

Red Hood, Artemis, or Bizarro:
Poison Ivy, Kelex roll 1d5
Kelex says 4
(check 4 of Poison Ivy’s boxes)

Fire Breath special attack (applies to 1d5 enemies, always 2pts):

Bizarro (special):
Kelex roll 1d5
Kelex says 3
Poison Ivy and Ninja 1 and Ninja 2 (Bizarro declares targets after roll, only exception)
(check 2 boxes for each target)

Dual-Weilding special attack (applies to 2 enemies):

Red Hood (special):
Captain Cold, Lex Luthor, Kelex roll 1d5
Kelex says 3
(check 3 boxes for each target)

To Me, Mistress special attack (applies to 1 enemy):

Artemis (special):
Darkseid, Kelex roll 2d5
Kelex says 4,5
(check 9 boxes for target)


:batman: (Red Hood)

:wonderwoman: (Artemis)

:superman: (Bizarro)

Checkbox Tutorial:

Click here :arrow_right:

Player Special Effect Uses
Standard Attack N/A roll 1d5, apply damage to 1 enemy N/A
:batman: Dual-Weilding roll 1d5, apply rolled damage to 2 enemies
:wonderwoman: To Me, Mistress roll 2d5, apply combined rolled damage to 1 enemy
:superman: Fire Breath roll 1d5, apply 2pts damage to number of enemies from roll

:0_darkseid: (10pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:0_lc_sinestro: (10pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:0_lex_luthor: (10pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:0_poison_ivy_tas: (5pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:joker_smilehqtas: (5pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:00_deathstroke: (5pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:scarecrowlaughhqtas: (5pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:banehappyhqtas: (5pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:two_facehappyhqtas: (5pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:00_captain_cold: (3pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:riddlerhqtas: (3pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:penguin_starehqtas: (3pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:0_harley_quinn: (3pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:0_kite_man: (3pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:0_catwoman: (3pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:ninja:1 (2pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:ninja:2 (2pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:ninja:3 (2pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:clown_face:1 (2pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:clown_face:2 (2pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

:clown_face:3 (2pts :batman: | :wonderwoman: | :superman:)

Send your overflow damage points to Kelex. Stress releif purposes only. Doesn’t affect the game.



Sign up sheet:

:batman: (Red Hood) @brvciewayne, @Analyst9998
:wonderwoman: (Artemis) @DreamingGirlWonder , @CKComics
:superman: (Bizarro) @ALFRED.1943 , @Jurisdiction

waiting list: @BatMike-ThePunisher


I will play for team Artemis


I will play for Red Hood


Imma play for Hood if that’s ok.


@DreamingGirlWonder @ALFRED.1943 @Analyst9998

Ok you all can enter your names in the wiki. Don’t wait for me once you have 6. Go ahead and start when ready!

We already have 1 for RH so only one more.


@Analyst9998 You can take Red Hood I’ll play for bizzarro


I’ll play but I am somewhat confused at how to play.


Nevermind I found the rules at the top.

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I’ll go ahead and throw you on team Artemis, last spot. A few people here have played already, including your partner. I think you’ll pick it up quick. Just remember to keep your own score after you make your move (checkboxes).

@brvciewayne or @Analyst9998, looks like you can kick things off with team Red Hood!

FYI, the special attacks in this game are the same as the other–but apply to different characters. Artemis has Superman’s (big attack on one enemy), Red Hood has WW’s (medium attack on two enemies), Bizarro has Batman’s (small attack on up to 5 enemies).


@CKComics you can roll first for team Artemis since you haven’t done one of these yet!



@Kelex roll 1d5

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:game_die: 1

Its not our turn yet is it? :blush: :melting_face:

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Harley Quinn Red Hood is coming for you

@Kelex roll 1d5


:game_die: 3


It is now! Go ahead and do a new roll. The turn order is always the same. RH, Artemis, Biz

Also, declare a target before or during your roll. Part of the game is not knowing if you’ll get the kill or not on a higher HP enemy


So for Bizzaro it said that you say your target after, is that only for the special ones

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Good question.

Bizarro’s special (and Batman’s in the other game) are the only exceptions where you say the targets after.

The 1d5 roll decides how many enemies you hit and the damage is fixed at 2. So it felt like a lot of work to declare all 5 enemies (just in case you got a 5) but in reality you’d probably end up with less. In which case you’d have to choose which of the 5 you’d want to apply the attack too.

Hope that makes sense.