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Hello again members of the ole RR and welcome to this month’s Damian Wayne session of our club. So what happens when the Son of Batman meets the Son of Superman…complete and total chaos that’s what. So let’s see what these two sons of the World’s Finest get up to shall we members of the @RenegadeRobins crew!

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Did you know that this is not the first time that the sons of Batman and Superman have been a team? The original Super Duo, created by Bob Haney & Dick Dillin, first appeared together in World’s Finest #215 back in 1973.

Here’s a link with all the details if you’re interested in more information.

What to Read

Discussion Questions

  1. What did you think of the first meeting between Jon Kent and Damian Wayne?

  2. Did you enjoy their dynamic?

  3. The Super Sons vs Kid Amazo. What did you all think of the fight here?

  4. What was your favorite panel in these issues?

And that is all for this month. Next month a get back to Damian’s Teen Titans starring in the Lazarus Contract crossover. See you then.


Dare I say these are some of DC’s best stories since Flashpoint?


Yes they are.

Sorry but I’ve been having login issues all week. Hoping they will be resolved soonish.

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