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Modern Age? Is that like 1970-1985?



:notes: “Now, this looks like a job for me, so everybody else just let me be!” :notes:

bobs his head like Rapman in the Rapmobile

@CaptainYesterday It is indeed a bad outfit, Jim! “Whoa!” :superman:


The Week 2 Watch-Along is ready for any and all to take flight into!

If you missed our Week 1 Watch-Along, you can check it out here.


“Up, Up, and Away!” celebrates its 15th anniversary in Week 2.


It’s September 2021, so let’s go back to the then-future of the DC Universe in September of 2011 via Week 3, as we celebrate Superman’s debut during The New 52.

On the Watch-Along side of things, we’ll be checking this out.

Our next WAL thread is live! Check it out, lest you risk the ire of President Luthor. :00_lex_luthor:

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The Week 4 reads are live!

This week, the focus is on the New 52 Iteration of Superboy.

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Superman Returns WAL for 9/19.

The Week 5 reads are alive, Johnny 5!


Superman: Brainiac Attacks celebrates its 15th anniversary via this Watch-Along. :clinking_glasses: :fireworks: :partying_face:

The 10th anniversary review of the New 52 Wave 1 Superman titles concludes, as the spotlight shines on George Perez’s brief, but fun, run on Superman.

The first live-action Supergirl on the big screen takes flight in our next WAL, of which you can soar into right here!


The Search for Kryptonite begins right here!

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Our next Watch-Along is ready for action!

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Join in the fun of celebrating Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner’s legacy by checking out this Watch-Along.

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The Week 8 reads are live, and are a bizarrely good time in all the best ways. :smiling_imp:

Week 9 is full of creepy-crawler fun!

The weekly Superman & Lois season 1 watch-along takes flight right here!

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I keep learning from you, I really like how you put all the upcoming events and updates here! :bulb: :smallville_fan_club:

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