:superman: Superman & Lois Season 3 Discussion Thread :superman:

CW still not making a decision on this or Gotham Knights.


Maybe they’re waiting until the full season ratings come out for BOTH shows to make a decision. Don’t want to cut a higher rater show in favor of a lower rated show. Or vice versa.


I think it’s a given that they’re going to put Gotham Knights on the chopping block


Superman & Lois probably has a higher cost per episode and they may care about that. They may also be using all of this to argue and negotiate more favorable rates with WB Television Studios and Berlanti over the costs of the licensing of the shows for broadcast. Because S&L is clearly the higher rated show which makes a decision easy.

@MidknightSon20 I don’t think so, necessarily. It would be cheap to continue.


S3 E9

Hug. It. Out.

I’ll keep this short and spoiler-free.

I don’t believe a man can fly. Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch would not be my first casting choices for Superman & Lois, respectively. But darn it all to heck, they sell this show. It hits me in the feels every time.

The whole cast sells the emotional beats perfectly.

Great episode. Good show.

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Loved the episode. It’s weird seeing John Henry going this route, especially with what happened with Miller.

Loved the flashbacks at the Planet and the limo ride. That ending was amazing.

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Great episode.

The kids help nat with Mateo. They work things out. And so do the Kent brothers. Nice group hug.

John is not taking Manheim well. Going darker and aggressive. Pushing people. The fear of loss has a hood on him I think. Hopefully he can come back from it.

Clark and Lois have nice flashback scenes. While he deals with Bruno and John lip deals with her surgery. Nice stuff there and a very sweet ending.

What’s Bruno doing with Bizarro? What’s John’s next move? What’s Clark’s? All this and more Same :superman:uper Time Same :superman:uper Channel