:superman: Superman & Lois Season 3 Discussion Thread :superman:

:rotating_light:SPOILER WARNING​:rotating_light:

This thread it to chat about the new season of Superman and Lois. Chat Watch and Enjoy​:+1:


Wondering how they’re gonna explain the recasting for Jonathan, if at all. :thinking:


It is probably for the best that they ignore it. Do not bring attention to it.


Plot hole!


“You know, Jonathan, since we created that new Fortress of Solitude, there’s something different about you.”

I’ve seen Lois attempt to drive, she’s not any better at it than Clark. Come to think of it, is anyone in the JLA a safe driver?

Mannheim is going to show up at Lana’s door asking “where’s da money?” isn’t he?

This may be the last season, so I’ll enjoy it as much as I can.


Pretty good season premiere. I’m very curious to see where things go w/ Bruno Mannheim and Intergang now that we know there’s a shady conspiracy going on and especially w/ the live-action debut of Onomatopoeia! Really didn’t see him coming at all but it’s a really cool reveal that should be a big boost to the story

I’m also definitely worried about Lois. I guess I should’ve known the potential pregnancy wouldn’t pan out, but now she might have a major health scare to worry about? That’s gonna be brutal if we have to see her and the family suffer through that the entire season

That said, it seems like there was also a pretty big VFX error at one point. During the fight w/ Henry Miller, it looked like the green screen background wasn’t filled in. I’m not sure what else this would’ve been, but it’s just hard to wrap my head around them missing something so blatant like this


I enjoyed it. It’ll definitely take a while to get used to the new Jonathan, but that’s not a knock. Looking forward to more Intergang.

Also, the choice of opponents for Jordan to spar with…nice!


Peak Clark and Lois cuteness that I’ll enjoy as long as it lasts :partying_face:

I’m surprised just how well the new actor for Jonathan fits right in. Great pick imo

Love the first look at the new mysterious baddie with the spiral face thing (my tv was on auto dim mode so it was even harder to see the night scenes lol).

Everyone got some highlight this ep. Thought Beppo’s was especially hilarious.

Feel like I got some residual muscle spasms with Superman casually walking away from the truck explosion. Was worried they were about to fall into the trappings/failings of having him destroy the city in a fight BUT thankfully he acknowledged the citizens there and took the fight elsewhere. AND MAN what an action sequence !


A cool season premiere. Everyone had a moment to shine.

Lois and Jonathan driving was hysterical. I’m happy he passed his test.

Poor Jordan. He just wants to save the world and buy his friend presents along the way. He’ll figure it out eventually.

I really like how much Lana has grown in this series. I’m sure that money for the school will somehow relate directly to Manheim. Because why wouldn’t Smallville be giving money to a illegal arms dealer?

I hope Lois is okay. I didn’t think she was actually pregnant but I wonder what it is. I can’t see them killing off a title character in this show. But it might be the final season, so who knows. I’m sure she won’t slow herself down regardless.

Nat and ‘Granddad’ was sad. Hopefully, the second try goes better because I think they both need friends.

Thank you for saying this! I thought that is who it was but I wasn’t sure. They didn’t speak so I couldn’t confirm it in the episode. This should be cool to see this season.

Overall, a great season premiere. I’m curious for what this season will bring.



Awesome™:+1: premier

About a month later and things seem to be going well.

John passing his test today as. The practice was great :laughing:.

Jordan cool does list in the training. Trying to help but getting told no. And struggling with Sarah as a friend.

Steel dealing with intergang. Fun scene at the shop. And Nat and Sam trying to make things work. Hopefully that goes well.

Lana busy mayoring. Definitely think that moneybags ties to intergang.

Lois might be pregnant but no. Now worried. Is it cancer or something unknown from being on bizzaro world :thinking:.

Supes things are going well then a fight with an old foes. Awesome™:+1: fight. Then onomatopoeia. Very cool to see them. Great adaptation with the mask. And Bruno at the end.

What is intergangs plan? What’s wrong with Lois? What’s with those hidden funds? All this and more Same :superman:uper Time Same :superman:uper Channel

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Usually when they don’t want to make it obvious, they easily just have a moment where the camera sits on the character for a couple more seconds compared to other characters to let people know that the actor has been recast. If you look at the re-introduction scene of everybody, especially Jonathan, you’ll notice the camera sits focused on him about a second or two longer compared to Jordan or the rest of the cast. Subtle, but enough for people to know immediately that he’s been recast before the his scene moves any further.


Do you think the release schedule will be broken up this season (like last season) or will it air every week from beginning to end?


Looking back at the last two seasons, and The Flash’s schedule. I think the network is going to give S&L a break and the second half of the season will air probably after The Flash is over. Don’t want to steal The Flash’s spotlight


Last season was insane. You’d get two or three episodes, then a long break.

I live in NY and it’s the worst when there’s a game on and I don’t get to see an episode. That happened with the first season finale. I had to find it online because it got preempted for a game.


I hated that. I think they actually took two breaks


I stopped watching it live after the first break. It got too confusing for me to know whether the episode was going to air that day or not. I eventually caught up on all the episodes when they dropped on HBO Max.


This episode hit me hard when Lois said she had stage three breast cancer
The reason it hit hard is because my sister is going through the same thing. She was recently diagnosed All the credit in the world to Bitsie Tulloch for the incredible job she did selling that moment. I mentioned on Twitter the similarities and she was kind enough to reply. Small things like that mean the world.


So is nobody going to talk about the fact that Nat’s queer identity from the comics was just erased? She certainly wasn’t straight there, but it does seem like she is on the show. I’m not saying she has to be w/ another girl to prove this, but to start giving her a male love interest w/out any acknowledgement of her queerness is very much erasure. I’m definitely pissed about this, though sadly not all that surprised


First & most importantly:
@superby1 Thoughts & prayers to your sister for a safe & healthy recovery.

Second… the show… I can’t say enough how much I love it. From the acting to the writing to the production values. I just love everything about it.

  • Bitsie was amazing, and this episode was very much her show. She got to me with a portrayal that exuded both strength and vulnerability. The rooftop scene when she finally cracked… man.
  • Hoechlin continues to impress me as Superman, with this episode not only displaying the character’s signature stoicism, but also his emotion. The look on his face when Lois cracked. He didn’t need to say anything.
  • Loved Chad Coleman as Mannheim. He stole the scene with Supes. I can tell I will enjoy watching him as one of the villains.
  • Speaking of villains, the special effects for weird mask villain (what was his name again), were very well done.
  • The overall aerial shots of Metropolis looked great, reminiscent of the comics.
  • The score was another highlight of this episode. It just fit perfectly with the drama. Speaking of which, only season 1 is available on iTunes. When do we get the season 2 soundtrack?

Great job all around. Lois and her family will get through this, and I’ll be here watching.

Aaaand… this is gonna turn into a weekly gushing post for me isn’t it?


The more the merrier. Nice to see someone else posting in this thread