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It's a 2 week birthday celebration for your Modern Age Superman Club leader @Vroom!

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Grab your gift bag from the snack table and head on over to the party room!

To celebrate @Vroom's birthday we are reading his birthday pick:

Superman: For Tomorrow!


How does Superman cope with losing millions of people in a mysterious cataclysm? And how far is he willing to go to bring them back?

Writer Pelciler Inker Cover Artists
Brian Azzarello Jim Lee Scott Williams Alex Sinclair, Jim Lee, Scott Williams

This week we read the first 6 issues: #204-209

and next week we start the second half: #210-215

  • Tell us what you think in the comments below.
  • Wish Vroom a very happy birthday!
  • Grab some cake before you go! :birthday:


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I love this idea! I Have an idea what to make, hope he’ll like it. :smiley:


@Vroom I’m glad you exist!

I hope the actual day that marks your entry into this plane of existence is a pleasant one.


Happy Birthday @Vroom !!!


Happy Birthday @Vroom, I’ve made this for you, hope you like it. :partying_face::birthday::tada::confetti_ball:


Happy birthday @Vroom! :partying_face: :birthday: I hope you have a great one - thanks for being part of the Community. :fireworks:



Iconic cover. I remember being SO amped that Jim Lee was drawing 12 issues of Superman, and it was being written by Brian Azzarello, whom I had inense respect for as well. Seeing the issue on shelves was exciting.

I remember feeling the scope of the story I was about to start, seeing the priest looking up in the church as Superman floated down to speak with him.

I love scenes like this, that happen throughout the story. Even in the midst of feeling the grief that he does, Superman constantly breaks the tension with a joke or a smile.

Of all my years reading Superman, I don’t remember ever seeing anyone showing him casually burning upon reentering our atmosphere. Jim Lee is amazing.

The sorrow in his eyes in that last panel. If I wasn’t already hooked, this page definitely grabbed my attention.


Speaking of iconic covers :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I remember reading this preview in Wizard Magazine and hoping that we were going to see a Superman vs Parasite bit. That didn’t happen, but in my head canon- this monster is or has something to do with Parasite :man_shrugging:

Love this conversation.

This story, more than any other, drove home how awful the Phantom Zone could be, and why it’s a perfect prison for Superman’s villains.

Can’t help but think the choice of fruit here is alluding to the Lois moment later in the story.

Nice foreshadowing for the moment that happens later this issue.

This moment. The dissapointed look in Superman’s face here always stuck with me.


Well said @TheTerrificToyman! I felt the same things when reading this! I also love that it’s not all about his loss of Lois either. It would have diminished the fact that so many others were gone too. Azzarello did an incredible job balancing all the emotions in a real and believable way that simultaneously made Clark feel more human than ever, yet so far beyond us simultaneously. I’m always in awe of this story!

I like your foreshadowing catches! I didn’t notice that the first time!


Love the thinking man style pose here.

Wonder Woman foreshadowing in the background…? :thinking:

General Nox, stating “We will stand over a king on his knees”.

General _ o _

Kneel before me.

He’d gone unused for so long, this foreshadowing went right over my head when I first read this. Didn’t see it coming…

Hell of a debut for Equus.

Love these Superman moments.


Look at this cool thing!


First of, happy belated birthday for @Vroom!

Second, this is a story I remember reading and enjoying YEARS ago, around when I was first getting into comics, but haven’t really touched it since. Looking forward to rereading it and seeing how it holds up. :slight_smile:


Ditto @Jay_Kay! Somehow I forgot just how beautiful it was and now I’m thinking I need a physical copy on my ever growing bookshelf…


The Hulk got more Claws then Wolverine! I sure wouldn’t want to meet him!:fearful:

Cool looking statue by the way.:grinning:


^ Fantastic opening. If that doesn’t get you hooked, nothing will.

I don’t think anyone does the heat vision eyes/ angry Superman as well as Jim Lee.

More foreshadowing.

Love this narration. Azzarello has always had such a way with words.

In hindsight, can’t believe I didn’t realize this was a Phantom zone projector :man_facepalming:

Great portrayal of Supermans X-Ray vision.


You read comics like I do! I always take clips while I’m reading to point out the little details I noticed or the things it made me feel! It would be so fun to have a comment feature on a comic to share with a group like this! I would love to read everyone’s thoughts as I’m re-re-reading! Or even a way to “quote” a panel of the comic to link directly to from the community. @moderators on a scale of 5 being it’s happening tomorrow, and 1 being never in a million years, how likely could implementing something like that be? My ignorance of platforms gives me the impression something like that would be massively difficult.


I’m gonna say a fair 1.5: “I don’t know enough about the platform to debate the possibility of such a feature” mixed with “things take time either way”. :sweat_smile: Great idea, though! I’d be happy to write it down as a feature request.

Additionally …

HAPPY VROOMDAY! :heart: :yellow_heart: :blue_heart: I’ve actually never read this one before, so I’d be happy to peek into it too.

As Vroom (presumably) once said (at some point or another) …

“It is my birthday.”


I remember being SO excited for this issue- this was the first time Jim Lee would be drawing the Justice League!! I knew it would be just a taste of things to come, because he had to have a run on that book at some point (which of course later he did).

I feel pretty indifferent to Mr. Orr- don’t hate him, but I’m not overly excited to see him. I feel he served his purpose well though (the first hint at a shadow group controlling things behind the scenes).

Jim Lee drawing the Big 7. Life is good…

Huge fan of instances where Aquaman is treated with respect. This was great to see :slightly_smiling_face:

Loved Halcyon and wish she’d have been used more after this story.


I always nit-pick ocean stuff (I’m a marine biologist) and I have to hand it to Lee, his critters look great! Granted the bar is pretty low! :sweat_smile:


At least they put effort in! These are the least egregious ones I’ve seen!


What would you say are some of the best?

I always thought Jim Calafiore and Patrick Gleason drew great ocean animals, but I have no idea if they’re actually accurate or not.