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I thought this was just a cool looking image of Superman using his heat vision. Didn’t occur to me that it was a spoiler… (I would blur the image, but I feel like 18 years is enough time for this to be ok.)

One of my favorite moments from the series. It’s like Superman playing bad cop with the world :slightly_smiling_face:

I remember being shocked for a moment, then thinking about it and realizing that this is exactly what Diana would do and it’s what sets her apart from every other hero. “Make a hawk a dove, Stop a war with love”.

One of my favorite Wonder Woman moments of all time.


Haven’t read all the issues for this week yet, but I’m definitely enjoying this story so far. It’s interesting to read this now, because from what I understand, not only was this story very influential to how Superman was portrayed in the DCEU, but it’s actually Henry Cavill’s favorite Superman story.

I think you can definitely tell, from how it plays with how Superman affecting world events would realistically pan out, to the stuff with Superman and the priest. I feel like the scene in Man of Steel where Clark talks to the pastor in Smallville was an intentional nod to that story.



I didn’t know that! How cool!!!


Yep. He apparently talked about it a few years back on his Instagram:

And he also talked about how it’s a story that he would love to do for a future Superman movie.


Wanted to show this off – much like Lee’s previous large story in Batman: Hush, there was a two page story by Lee with Azzarello showing the basics of Superman’s origin, and much like Hush, it’s shown in the first pages of the trade collection of the story.


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I’ll chime in with my thoughts on the story soon enough, but I’m so glad everyone is enjoying it, thus far!

For Tomorrow truly is one of the best 21st century Superman tales, as well as being one of the best Superman stories in his overall modern oeuvre.

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