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Happy Saturday, @ModernAgeSupermanClub! :superman_hv_3:

You’ve heard this week’s news about Supergirl’s next live-action movie adventure (it only took nearly 40 years for a new Supergirl movie to come along, but better than nothing, right? :superman_hv_4:), now experience the source material, so that you can be ready to go when the Woman of Tomorrow’s new big-screen adventure makes its debut :notes: “in the not-too-distant future.” :notes:

Have you read Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow? Is it new to you because of the DC Studios news?

Either way, the power is yours in Tom King’s and Bilquis Evely’s Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow!



Coool! Such a great series. Hope the movie adaptation is a good one.

I wonder if it will find some fun ways to reference the two film adaptations of True Grit.


best Supergirl story ever.


Hate to admit that i haven’t read it yet! I’m a bad Supergirl fan :frowning:

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I haven’t read this one either. I have way too much to read. :joy:

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That would be cool. I wonder if maybe there’s a role that Jeff Bridges could play? :thinking:

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The Dude definitely needs to be in a DC movie, be it Supergirl’s next gig or something else.