:renegade_robins: [Spoiler 15] Steph's Retcon-urrection (December 16-30)

Robin 174 Steph

The Renegade Robins Club had you fooled, didn’t we? Ha ha! You should’ve seen the look on your face! Stephanie never died at all, you silly reader! And it was totally planned from the start, you know. It’s not as if DC editorial made a bad decision and had to undo it later. (I mean, when has that ever happened, right?)

Oh, and as a stocking stuffer, there’s also another story featuring Cass and Ghost Steph! So warm by the fire and say goodbye to the War Games lump of coal!

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This Month's Issues

I. Blood Matters (December 16-22)

II. Violet (December 23-30)

Discussion Question: Is the explanation for Spoiler’s return satisfying, or does it ring false for you?

Poll Question:

Are we sure this is really Steph?
  • Yeah. They wouldn’t fool us twice.
  • I mean, maybe it’s her twin sister…
  • Plastic surgery! It’s really a villain!
  • Did someone say Robin Clone Saga?

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Thanks for stopping by! See you next time for more Spoilers from the late 2000s, @RenegadeRobinsClub! (Prepare to go Underground for a miniseries that ran concurrently with these Robin issues!) Oh, and go celebrate Christmas with Damian in the meantime!


I love the Robin Clone Saga answer. :slight_smile:

I have to say, though I do like the appearance of Ghost Steph in Batgirl, I was let down by the arc as a whole.

Can’t wait to chat about Steph’s Return! (And also once again asking for the Robin/Spoiler Special issue to be added to DCU…)

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I’m just happy that she returned.


As should we all be! :slight_smile:

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Also, totally forgot that I got my trade of Robin: Violent Tendencies signed by cover artist Freddie Williams!